31460 Adiantum pedatum - Maidenhair Fern — (-40oF, USDA Zones 3-8) Deciduous. With lance shaped fronds that can get up to 14" long, this fern reaches 12-20" in height. These fronds reach out on glossy, dark brown to black stalks. A beautiful textural contrast to your other shade plants. Native to NE America. SOLD OUT

31420 Adiantum pedatum var. aleuticum - Aleutian Maidenhair Fern —  Semi-evergreen. This ferns fronds look almost like the palm of a hand with the fingers spread out. New fronds may be tinged with pink as they emerge. This fern, native to western North America & East Asia, will grow to about 30". SOLD OUT

30288 Adiantum venustum - Himalayan Maidenhair Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zone 5-10) Semi-evergreen. This plant is a native of the Himalayas, where it grows among rocks at high altitudes, thus making it cold hardy. The fronds are large and coarsely divided with prominently toothed segments, held on black stalks. New growth in late winter and early spring is a bright bronze-pink. It grows about 6" tall, with indefinite spread, growing by creeping rhizomes. SOLD OUT


30951 Arachniodes simplicior - Variegated Shield Fern — (-10oF, USDA Zones 6-9) Semi-evergreen. This is an attractive fern with its glossy green fronds which have a soft yellow band on each side of the midrib. Grows well in a shady location or in a container. Shows well in shade. SOLD OUT


30165 Asplenium scolopendrium - Hart’s Tongue Fern — (-10oF, USDA Zones 6-8) Syn. Phyllitis scolopendrium. Evergreen. Although naturally occurring in many areas, this medium sized fern prefers lime rich soil in moist sites. The uncut fronds are 8-28" in length and maintain a very dressy appearance for months. It is a good, solid filler for flower arrangements. 1 GAL $15.95, 2 GAL $19.95

31551 Asplenium scolopendrium ‘Cristatum’ — A very delicate fern with arching 24’’ fronds. The ends of each frond as well as many side segments split into divisions creating a lovely crested look. 1 GAL $21.95


30439 Athyrium filix-femina - Lady Fern — (-30oF, USDA Zones 4-9) Deciduous. This delicate lady creates a vertical effect with finely divided fronds that are narrow at the bottom and spreading on top. Although deciduous in most climates, fronds should be left on during the winter to protect new spring growth before being cut back in the spring. A wonderful plant for damp, shaded areas. Reaches about 4’ height, 2-3’ width. SOLD OUT

30948 Athyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorum — Syn. A. cyclosorum. The fronds can be a bit more fleshy and lighter green and larger than other types. Definitely one of the easiest and most reliable to grow. SOLD OUT

30950 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’ — The pinnae are reduced to rounded structures, giving the fronds the appearance of a necklace. SOLD OUT

32133 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Victoriae’ - Victorian Lady Fern — This most unusual fern, from the Victorian era, is very difficult to describe. It has narrow pinnae that are tufted at their terminal ends and each is held in its own space out from the stem. However described, it is a unique and beautiful addition to any shade area. SOLD OUT

30808 Athyrium nipponicum var. pictum - Japanese Painted Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Deciduous. This is a lovely fern for a shaded spot. Young fronds are a soft gray-green with burgundy ribs. As the plant matures to 18" tall, the fronds become attractively patterned with variegation of silvery blue and green. A deciduous, tough ground cover, native to SE Asia. SOLD OUT

32196 Athyrium nipponicum var. pictum ‘Applecourt’ — This is a crested form of the colorful Japanese painted fern. The crested fronds give the plant a lacy, fuller look than the species. It will be an outstanding addition to any garden. 1 GAL $15.95

30996 Athyrium otophorum — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Deciduous. Native to SE Asia, this fern has fairly broad, deltoid fronds with dark green segments and reddish to purplish stems. Prefers shady locations with humus rich soil. 2 GAL $29.95


31480 Blechnum spicant - Deer Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Evergreen. A native to the Northwest, occurring naturally in forests and on rock ledges. Produces sterile fronds that are narrow, spreading and 1-3’ tall, and fertile fronds that are stiff and upright with widely spaced leaflets. 1 GAL $14.95


32631 Cyrtomium falcatum - 2 GAL $15.95


Dryopteris affinis - Scaly Male Fern — (-30oF, USDA Zones 4-8) Syn. D. pseudomas. Semi-evergreen. The foliage is medium green with fronds that are densely decorated with coppery scales in the spring. Prefers cool climates but tolerates more sun and wind than other species. Compact growth to 2’ x 3’ wide. Native Europe to Himalayas.

30953 Dryopteris affinis ‘Crispa Gracilis’ — Syn. ‘Crispa Congesta’. This is an evergreen dwarf with dense fronds and pinnae twisted at the tips. Grow 1’ x 1’. SOLD OUT

31689 Dryopteris affinis ‘Cristata’ — Syn. ‘Cristata the King’. Has arching fronds, 4-6’’ across, with crested tips. This very handsome form adapts well to the mixed border. 2 GAL $24.95

31898 Dryopteris affinis ‘Stableri Crisped’ — This is a distinct, erect, 3' tall variety with short, wavy pinnae on long, thin fronds, giving a ‘Crisped’ or ruffled look. Stays especially nice with even moisture. 2 GAL $24.95

32574 Dryopteris x australis - Dixie Wood Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-10) Semi-evergreen. 2’ wide and upright to 4’. It is a natural hybrid (D. celsa x ludoviciana) found in wild populations from Louisiana to Virginia. SOLD OUT

32409 Dryopteris bissetiana — (-25oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Evergreen. This interesting green fern for shade has the look of embossing on the upper side of the fronds. It grows to 1 1/2’ high by about 1’ wide. 1 GAL $15.95

30594 Dryopteris cycadina - Shaggy Shield Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-10) Syn. D. atrata. Semi-evergreen. Prolific, long, slender black scales cover the stems and undersides of the stalks in this species. It grows 8-16" and prefers abundant moisture with well-drained soil and shady to partly sunny conditions. Native to SE Asia. 3 GAL $34.95

Dryopteris dilatata - Broad Buckler Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Syn. D. austriaca. Deciduous. Deep, dark green foliage. Broadly triangular, lance shaped fronds give it a delicate, finely textured appearance. Can reach 4-5’ height in favorable conditions. Native worldwide.

31005 Dryopteris dilatata 'Jimmy Dyce’ — Densely growing to 36" x 48" wide, evergreen or semi-evergreen. The overlapping fronds have a wavy, crumpled appearance. 3 GAL $34.95

30907 Dryopteris dilatata ‘Recurvata’ — Funnel shaped, this fern is usually deciduous, dying back with cooler weather. Fronds are broadly triangular to lance shaped and dark green. Midribs and stalks are covered in dark brown scales. SOLD OUT

30484 Dryopteris erythrosora - Autumn Fern — (-10oF, USDA Zones 6-9) Evergreen.Special for its autumn coloring, this fern will grow in almost any soil with good drainage. Preferring semi-shady conditions, it can grow in deep shade to sunny areas. Polished, loosely spreading, 18" blades, open to rich coppery-gold, orange or red shades and eventually turn deep green. Excellent border fern. Native to Japan. SOLD OUT

31168 Dryopteris filix-mas ‘Crispatissima’ — Compact growth to 12-15". Crested fronds crisscross one another for a different look. Medium green foliage. 2 GAL $34.95

30952 Dryopteris lepidopoda — (-30oF, USDA Zones 4-9) Semi-evergreen. This is a fern of mountainous areas with broad, lance shaped blades. The coiled, young fronds, or fiddleheads, are covered with small, dark brown or black scales. The young fronds emerge a coppery-bronze and mature to dark green, 12-24". Prefers loamy, acid soil and filtered light. SOLD OUT

32198 Dryopteris pseudo-filix-mas - Mexican Male Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-8) Semi-evergreen. Erect fronds to 4’ that was introduced by the New York Botanical Garden from Mexico. This fern is from high altitude areas where there is lots of moisture in Mexico.  2 GAL $24.95

30257 Dryopteris remota — (-30oF, USDA Zones 4-9) Semi-evergreen. Finely dissected, lacy fronds to 3’ wide have broad, pointed outlines with umber colored scales. Horizontally arching. Can self sow in good conditions. 2 GAL $37.95

32101 Dryopteris tokyoensis- Toyko Wood fern — (-30oF, USDA Zones 4-9) Deciduous. This native of Japan with its shiny, narrow fronds is an easy grower. A sword fern that makes a statement at 3 to 4’. 2 GAL $24.95

31172 Dryopteris x complexa "Stablerae’ - Stabler’s Wood fern — Finely textured medium green, arching fronds reach 2' high. This fern demands a closer look. 2 GAL $24.95


30437 Matteuccia struthiopteris - Ostrich Fern — (-40oF, USDA Zones 3-8) Syn. M. pennsylvanica. Deciduous. Spreading by means of vigorous rhizomes, the fronds rise from a crown to form a vase shape. In the center of the tall sterile fronds, shorter fertile fronds arise much darker in color, creating a vivid contrast. Easy to grow, requiring partial shade and sufficient moisture. Grows to 5’ high and 3’ wide. Native to N. America, Europe and Asia. 1 GAL $15.95

32575 Matteuccia struthiopteris ‘The King’ — (-40oF, USDA Zone 2 3-8)Deciduous. 4’ wide and 5’ high. This extremely hardy selection has a huge crown and fronds that are 50% larger than the native Ostrich fern. Will give that large, prehistoric, tropical look in the landscape. This cultivar is easy to grow, notably more heat tolerant.  2 GAL $24.95


32561 Onychium japonicum - Carrot Fern — This fern is native to Japan and the near east and is a fast growing, easy fern with dark green lacy (carrotlike) fronds. Need bright light. SOLD OUT


30745 Osmunda regalis - Royal Fern — (-50oF, USDA Zones 2-10) Deciduous. he name royal fits this fern perfectly. Planted where it gets ample water, it will grow 10-12’ tall with fronds 3’ wide. Regal! In poor conditions, it will grow to 2’ tall and still be a royal looking fern. The young, stout, orange-brown stems unfold early in the spring much like flowers. Sometimes called flowering fern. Native to temperate and subtropical regions. SOLD OUT


30435 Polystichum braunii - Holly Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-9) Semi-evergreen.Dark and leathery fronds mimic the appearance of holly leaves on this hardy plant. Rising to an upright height of 12-40", with a nearly equivalent spread, the young fronds catch the spring sun with a silvery sheen. Native to N. America, Europe and Asia. 1 GAL $15.95

32200 Polystichum makinoi - Makinoi’s Holly Fern — (-20oF, USDA Zones 5-9) Evergreen. Heavily toothed fronds of bright, shiny green can grow to 24" tall. Stalks are covered in chestnut colored scales. SOLD OUT

30208 Polystichum munitum - Western Sword Fern — (-40oF, USDA Zones 3-8) Evergreen. Stately in appearance, this native of western North America forms 2-4’, leathery fronds of rich green. Hardy and cold tolerant. Plant in humus-rich, acidic soil in partial to fully shaded locations. 1 GAL $11.95

30945 Polystichum neolobatum(-10°F, USDA Zones 6-9) Evergreen. Native to Northeast Asia, this fern is thick and the blade surface has a polished, glossy look that acquires a silvery tint as it matures. It grows 1-2'. SOLD OUT

30804 Polystichum polyblepharum - Japanese Tassel Fern — (-10oF, USDA Zones 6-9) Evergreen. Native to the Orient, this fern is easy to grow in the shade with plenty of humus. It will form a nice rosette of shiny dark green fronds with the younger ones paler in color. Grows 2-3’ tall with 3’ spread.  1 GAL $15.95, 2 GAL $24.95

30837 Polystichum setiferum - Soft Shield Fern — (-10oF, USDA Zones 6-9) Evergreen. This fern has soft, dark green fronds in a ‘shuttlecock’ arrangement. Lobes are toothed and stalked, angled to the point of attachment. Prefers semi-shade and moist soil. Grows to 4’ tall. Native to Europe. SOLD OUT

30462 Polystichum setiferum ‘Congestum Cristatum’— This upright dwarf form grows only 6-12" tall. Densely compressed leaf division provides a soft fluffy appearance to the fronds. Segments are overlapping and crested. The foliage color is gray-green. SOLD OUT

31603 Polystichum setiferum ‘Divisilobum’ — Gorgeous, with large, finely cut fronds looking like light green mossy feathers. Young fronds as they unfurl are dressed overall with silvery white scales. A happy, well established plant may get as large as 4-5’ across. Evergreen. SOLD OUT

30640 Polystichum tsus-simense - Korean Rock Fern — (-10°F, USDA Zones 6-9) Evergreen. Sometimes called Dwarf Holly Fern. Tough textured, dark green fronds have a rounded, triangular shape. When young, the dark green is blushed with a hint of purple. This plant makes an attractive, compact spreading rosette. Excellent as a container plant or grown among rocks on a shady hillside. Native to E. Asia. Grows to 20". SOLD OUT

30560 Woodwardia fimbriata - Giant Chain Fern (0°F, USDA Zones 7-10) Evergreen. Broad, triangular coarse fronds and airy upright habit. Great masses of dark green spring from a basal clump and grow to 5' or more. This fern needs plenty of room to grow. Prefers moist soil but doesn’t thrive in extremely wet conditions. May plant in full sun and it will create quite a show. Protect from high winds. 1 GAL $19.95

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