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We are offering a selection of the extremely fine Knap Hill (Exbury) Azaleas. They are a very colorful and beautiful group of plants, just waiting to put on a display for you. All listed azaleas are hardy to -25°F, grow well in the sun and really can be grown practically anywhere. Most will become medium to large shrubs, 4-10' high and 4-6' wide and a few have a dwarf spreading habit. often pleasantly fragrant, they flower freely on young plants and offer the bonus of good fall foliage color.

The Knap Hill group was originated with Anthony Waterer about 1870. This group was further developed by Knap Hill Nursery (Waterer), Goldsworth old Nursery (Slocock), and Exbury (Rothschild), from which the name Exbury was incorporated. These azaleas are hybrids ofR. molle, R. calendulaceum, R. occidentale, and R. arborescens.

PRICE: 4-8” — $12.95 
      8-12" — $17.95 
     12-18" — $25.95      
     18-24” — $35.95      
     24-30" — $46.95
     30-36" — $59.95

'Arneson Flame'

'Arneson Gem'

'Arneson Golden Solitare'

'Arneson Ruby'

'Cannon's Double'

'Cannon's Double'

'Cannon's Double'

'Cascade Pink'

'Cascade Pink'

'Cheerful Giant'

'Cheerful Giant'

'Cheerful Giant'

'Colin Kenrick'



'Fragrant Star'

'Gallipoli Red'

'George Reynolds'


'Golden Lights'

'Golden Lights'



'Irene Koster'

'Jolie Madame'


'Lace Valentine'

'Lemon Lights'

'Lilac Lights'


'Mandarin Lights'

'Mary Poppins'


'Molalla Red'

'Molalla Red'

'Moonlight Rose'

'Mount Saint Helens'

'My Mary'

'Northern Hi-Lights'

'Northern Hi-Lights'


'Orchid Lights'


'Pink and Sweet'

'Pink and Sweet'

'Red Sunset'

'Rosy Lights'

'Royal Command'

'Soir de Paris'

'Soir de Paris'



'Totally Awesome'


'Washington State Centennial'

'Western Lights'

'Weston's Innocence'

'Weston's Innocence'

'Weston's Lemon Drop'

'Weston's Lemon Drop'

'White Lights'

'White Lights'

'Whitney's Pontica'


40678 Azalea ‘Arneson Cameo’ — (Arneson) (Late Midseason) A hardy, disease resistant plant with large single pink flowers which are even produced on young plants. 8-12"

NEW 40680 Azalea ‘Arneson Flame’ — (Arneson Exbury-Mollis) (Early Midseason) Blooms red on an upright disease resistant plant. A great heavy blooming variety. 18-24"

40530 Azalea ‘Arneson Gem’ — (Arneson Exbury-Mollis) (Early Midseason) Warm, golden flowers are edged in brightly glowing orange. The beautiful large blooms make a prolific display, striking when in flower. Additionally, it’s a good compact grower, yet vigorous, a real gem! 8-12"

40682 Azalea ‘Arneson Golden Soitaire’ — (Arneson) (Midseason) I think I’m in love, the flowers on this variety are tremendous. The base color is lemon yellow and irregularly there are blushes of red, orange, and pink on these simple petals. If those colors weren’t enough for you it also has a tangerine blotch! A real delight! Hardy to -20°F. 8-12"

40696 Azalea ‘Arneson Ruby’ — (Arneson) (Midseason) A beautiful true red with white stamens. Ball shaped, wavy edged flowers to 5". Has excellent fall foliage. Grows 5’ x 3’ in 10 years. Blooms mid to late May. 8-12", 12-18"

40580 Azalea ‘Cannon’s Double’ — (Cannon) Scrumptuous double flowers of rich cream and pink create a large, ball truss of exceptional beauty. It is vigorous and easy to grow. Bronzy new growth makes it a delightful foliage plant, but when the flowers burst forth, you’ll know why you wanted this fabulous plant in your garden. 8-12", 24-30, 30-36"

40689 Azalea ‘Cascade Pink’ — (Arneson) Large pink flowers with wavy edges and yellow-orange centers cascade along the branches of this incredibly graceful azalea. 8-12", 12-18"

NEW 40599 Azalea ‘Colin Kendrick’ — (Knap Hill) A delightfully fragrant azalea with a pale pink, hose-in-hose flower. What is a hose-in-hose flower you might ask? It is a flower within a flower, giving it a double appearance. The full flower truss appears like a beautiful rounded ball of soft cheery pink with a light touch of delicate yellow on the upper petal. What a lovely plant; one we can easily recommend! 18-24"

NEW 40514 Azalea ‘Daviesi’ — (Ghent) Clusters of lovely cream flowers with a yellow flare on a May to June bloomer. Plant to about 4-6’ in an open upright habit. Deghtly fragrant. 24-30"

40574 Azalea ‘Fireball’ — (Knap Hill) Brilliant, fiery red flowers cover this beautiful azalea. It’s a somewhat upright growing plant and will make a fantastic background of brilliant color. It truly looks like a fireball. Outstanding. 8-12", 12-18"

40695 Azalea ‘Fragrant Star’ — (Briggs) (Early Midseason) Extremely fragrant, snowy white flowers top lovely blue foliage like stars in the sky. The Plant has a strong, upright habit and is very heat tolerant. A must have! FRAGRANT. 8-12", 12-18"

NEW 40546 Azalea ‘Gallipoli Red’ — (Exbury) Gloriously frilled, deep watermelon orange flowers appear in great numbers. Strong growing and excellent. 24-30"

NEW 40553 Azalea ‘George Reynolds’ — (Knap Hill) A delightful plant with enormous, buttery yellow flowers displaying a touch of green in the throat. The huge chrome yellow blotch on the upper lobe adds even more interest. A very popular choice. 18-24"

40545 Azalea ‘Golden Lights’ — (Northern Lights) This is another very hardy addition to the popular Northern Lights series developed by the University of Minnesota. Hardy to -40o F, this fragrant yellow azalea glows as it perfumes the garden when in bloom. FRAGRANT 8-12", 24-30"

40520 Azalea ‘Homebush’ — (Knap Hill) Semidouble, rose pink flowers in tight, ball shaped trusses that are most delightful. A little different and so attractive ‘Homebush’ is one of the most popular azaleas. When customers see it in flower, they want it immediately. It brings conversation to the garden! 8-12", 12-18"

40523 Azalea ‘Irene Koster’ — (Ghent, R. occidentale hybrid) Beautiful, later blooming, light rose-pink flowers have a showy yellow-gold flare on the upper petals. The buds are especially attractive with stripes of pink that run their length, providing contrast to the open flowers. Growth habit is a little broader and less tall than many deciduous azaleas. But the best part is a very sweet scent! Wow! FRAGRANT 8-12"

NEW 40525 Azalea ‘Jolie Madame’ — (R. viscosum) A recent introduction imported from Holland. A hybrid of (R. viscosum x ‘Koster’s Brilliant Red’) x ‘Satan’. Large, deep fuchsia pink, fragrant flowers will sweetly scent your garden. You are sure to enjoy this strong growing floriferous plant. WOW, what a sensation! 12-18", 24-30"

40527 Azalea ‘Klondyke’ — (Exbury) (Early Midseason) Buds are a vivid orange and yellow and burst open to brilliant, golden-yellow flowers. The color is unlike any other. And the new foliage is a scintillating bronze. FRAGRANT 8-12"

40620 Azalea ‘Lace Valentine’ — (Bovee, Knap Hill type) Light pink buds open to brilliant white flowers with a yellow blotch. Heavenly fragrance will fill the garden from this soft and showy white azalea. 30-36"

40697 Azalea ‘Lemon Lights’ — (Northern Lights) This fine introduction comes from the University of Minnesota and features an abundance of lush, lemon-yellow flowers. Though a little less vigorous than other Northern Lights cultivars, the color and perfume make it a very worthwhile selection anywhere you need to add a little lemonade. 8-12", 18-24"

NEW 40758 Azalea ‘Lilac Lights’ — (Northern Lights) Late-midseason. This is an improved form of ‘Orchid Lights’. It has a deeper lilac color that does not fade and is more uniform in its growing characteristics. 3’ x 3-4’. 24-30"

40692 Azalea ‘Lollipop’ — (Weston) This lovely azalea has a distinctive fragrant pink bloom with a daring yellow flare that turns an attractive silvery pink as it ages. FRAGRANT 8-12", 12-18"

40688 Azalea ‘Mandarin Lights’ — (R. calendulaceum x ‘Orangeade’) The ball trusses of ‘Mandarin Lights’ are loaded with ruffled red-orange blossoms sporting a darker orange vein. A strong orange blotch on the upper lobe intensifies the fire. Blossoms appear in late May or early June on this upright, mounding plant. FRAGRANT 8-12", 12-18"

40549 Azalea ‘Mary Poppins’ — (Knap Hill) Nasturtium red flowers with a hint of orange in the center make this an extra showy bloomer. And what makes this even better is the bronzy new foliage, the perfect foil for the flower. Wow, what a bright spot of color against the darker background! It is a good, vigorous, easy to grow azalea. 8-12", 12-18"

40705 Azalea ‘Millenium’  (Weston) An excellent choice for those who want their deciduous azaleas not quite so intense. The dusty-red flowers set against blue green foliage will blend readily in the landscape. It’s very late flowering and mildew resistant. FRAGRANT. 8-12", 18-24"

40686 Azalea ‘Molalla Red’ — (Exbury) Fascinating bright red, tubular flowers atop a mounding bush make a perfect complement to other strong colored azaleas in your garden! This variety is a splendid addition from the Exbury family. 8-12", 12-18"

40613 Azalea ‘Mount Saint Helens’ — (Girard, Exbury type) Large, rose-pink trusses erupt from deep rose buds. Once open, the flowers display upper petals with large yellow-orange flares that gradually deepen to bright red-orange. The flower has a tricolor appearance that is very showy. FRAGRANT 8-12", 18-24"

40684 Azalea ‘My Mary’ — (Beasley) A beautiful plant, rounded in shape and crowned in late April with light brilliant yellow 2½" flowers. It’s a fragrant offspring of ‘Nacooche’ x R. austrinum, a stoloniferous azalea which produces stems that grow horizontally along the ground. 8-12"

40641 Azalea ‘Northern Hi-Lights’ — (Northern Lights) This is another of the extremely hardy (-40o) azaleas developed by the University of Minnesota. ‘Northern Highlights’ has very soft white flowers with a lovely yellow blotch on the upper petals. What makes this even better is that the plants are very vigorous and easy to grow! 8-12", 12-18"

40618 Azalea ‘Orchid Lights’ — (Northern Lights) This is one of the hardiest of the Northern Lights series developed by the University of Minnesota, and will still flower after -45oF. Brrrr! This might not grow at the North Pole, but you shouldn’t have to worry about its hardiness elsewhere! Unusual shaped flowers of soft orchid dance atop bright green foliage. Smaller and more compact than many of the deciduous azaleas. A real beauty! 8-12", 18-24"

40670 Azalea ‘Parade’ — (Weston, cumberlandense x viscosum) Deep pink, 1½’’ trumpet blooms on this robust plant burst into view in July, emitting a soft, sweet fragrance. Very hardy and very tall. It can reach heights of up to 8’. You can just see it breaking into song in the back row! FRAGRANT 8-12", 12-18"

40614 Azalea ‘Pink and Sweet’ — (Weston) A very hardy, semidouble selection that has fragrant, purple-pink flowers with a golden flare in the throat. This one blooms in June-July, a great bloomer to extend the flowering season. FRAGRANT 8-12", 12-18"

40515 Azalea ‘Red Sunset’ — (Arneson, Exbury) This fine, deep vivid red plant is a superb addition to the azalea world. There are not many deep reds as most deciduous azaleas are more orange, so this is unusual. Its foliage is exceptional; a healthy, dark shiny green on a plant that is more compact growing than most of the Exbury type azaleas. This one is the result of an extensive breeding program of Ivan and Roberta Arneson and is a selection of one out of thousands of seedlings grown, so you know it is good! 8-12", 12-18", 18-24"

40615 Azalea ‘Rosy Lights’ — (Northern Lights) Dark rosy pink blossoms completely cover this grand azalea. It’s hardy to -40oF and no matter how cool the weather, this beauty will always come through with a tremendous display in the spring. FRAGRANT 8-12"

NEW 40685 Azalea ‘Royal Command’ — (Exbury) Brilliant clusters of fire engine-red flowers adorn this medium green, gracefully twiggy hybrid. A natural looking shrub that offers a brilliant red spot of color to enhance any area of the garden. 18-24"

40575 Azalea ‘Soir de Paris’ — (R. viscosum hybrid) Light pink flowers with an orange blotch grace a 4-5’ plant that blooms. The essence of this favorite plant is of a lady going to an afternoon tea in another time, perfuming the air around her. 12-18"

NEW 40633 Azalea ‘Tangelo’ — (Greer, Exbury type) Like biting into a sweet, juicy tangelo, soft, warm orange floods the garden when this flowers. It isn’t a deep orange but a true sparkling orange that radiates. Vigorous and easy to grow, it should be hardy to at least -25oF, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. Stands sun and heat. 12-18", 18-24"

40722 Azalea ‘Tri-lights’ — (Northern Lights) Vigorous growing to 5’, this is a seldom seen combination of colors. Its wavy edged flowers are white with purple-pink marbling and bright yellow spots! A carnival. 8-12"

40528 Azalea ‘Washington State Centennial’ — (Mossman) Selected by the Washington State Centennial Commission to honor the state of Washington’s one hundred years of statehood. The flowers open a light orange-yellow, gradually softening to white with a blotch of vivid glowing yellow on the upper petal. The frilled petals and fragrant flowers fill the garden with charm and sweetness each spring. The leaves are very shiny and resistant to mildew. An azalea truly worthy of its place of honor. FRAGRANT. 8-12"

40547 Azalea ‘Western Lights’ — (Northern Lights) A form of ‘Orchid Lights’, this cultivar boasts thicker, more lush foliage with slightly glaucous coloring and larger clear pink flowers. Hardiness is -30oF. A beauty even where hardiness isn’t needed. 8-12", 12-18"

40704 Azalea ‘Weston’s Lemon Drop’ — (Weston) Syn. ‘Lemon Drop’. A summer flowering deciduous Azalea. Soft pink buds open to fragrant, yellow blossoms in July. Glossy green leaves turn a dark, wine-red color in fall. Grows 4’ x 4’ wide. 12-18"

40673 Azalea ‘Weston’s Innocence’ — (Weston) Dainty, 1½’’ bridal white blooms veil this azalea’s lacy branching structure in time for June weddings. A delightful fragrance adds a touch of romance. 8-12", 24-30"

40590 Azalea ‘White Lights’ — (Northern Lights) Don’t complain about living in too harsh a climate because here is an azalea that will make you the envy of your neighbors. And, it can be grown practically anywhere! This is one of a series of azaleas developed by the University of Minnesota for hardiness. Not only is the plant hardy to -50oF, but the bud is hardy to -55oF. Need more!? It’s fragrant too. Of course, the flower is white with a slender band of gold running up the center petal. FRAGRANT 8-12"

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