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FLOWER FORM OR STYLE: Classification descriptions are written from "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias" by Stirling Macoboy.

Many of these can make great http://www.proflowers.com/summer-flowers-sum flower bouquets.

SINGLE: Five to eight petals in one row; prominent display of stamens & pistils, may include petaloids; petals loose, regular or irregular.

-- Single

SEMI-DOUBLE: Two or more rows of large regular, irregular or loose outer petals (9 or more); prominent stamen display, may include petaloids; petals may overlap or be set in rows for ‘hose in hose’ effect.

  -- Semi-Double

ANEMONE FORM: 1 or more rows of large outer petals, either flat or undulating; convex central mass of petaloids and stamens.

-- Anemone Form

PEONY FORM: Deep, rounded flower either loose peony form (loose irregular petals often with central mix of petals & stamens) or full peony form (domed mass of irregular petals and petaloids, with or without stamens).

-- Peony Form

ROSE-FORM DOUBLE: Petals imbricated or overlapped as in formal double, but opening to reveal stamen display in a concave center.

-- Rose-Form Double

FORMAL DOUBLE: Many rows of flat, cupped or recurved petals, overlapped in symmetrical form, usually with central cone of tightly furled petals; in some cultivars petals arranged in layers, giving hexagonal or perfect spiral appearance.

  -- Formal Double


We have included information on blooming periods to assist
you in making selections. Please note that the periods may
vary slightly due to climactic conditions and zone:

Early — Before January 1
Mid — January 1 - March 1
Late — After March 1


EXTRA COLD-HARDINESS — (-10°F, USDA Zones 6-9) If you live in an area where temperatures drop to -10°F (Zone 6) during the winter, chances are you haven’t been able to enjoy a camellia in your garden until now. With the development of these cold-hardy varieties by William Ackerman at the U.S. National Arboretum and Dr. Clifford Park, everyone will want one. Please give protection from winter wind and early morning sun, and they will do much better.

Camellias prefer moist, acid, well-drained soil, high in organic matter. The shallow root system lends itself well to transplanting. Keep these roots well mulched. Most camellias do best in dappled shade, and will reach 5-8’ in 10 years, unless otherwise indicated. In the wild, they often achieve tree stature, and can in the garden as well.

Many of the camellias in the following sections have proven suitable for regions north of the camellia belt. William L.Ackerman has listed many of these in his book Growing Camellias in Cold Climates. We are giving you his recommendations when available.

These designations are for USDA Zone 6, -10°F.

*** = Very Hardy ** = Hardy * = Marginally Hardy

80641 Camellia ‘April Dawn’ *** A quick-growing, upright shrub, with a long bloom period in the spring. Flowers are variegated with dainty shades of shell pink to white, pure pink, pure white, or something in between, in double formal form. SOLD OUT

80633 Camellia ‘April Kiss’ *** This compact plant is a moderate grower that flowers heavily in the early spring. The formal double blooms are a lovely rose color. A very dependable and reliable plant! SOLD OUT

80634 Camellia ‘April Remembered’ *** This fast-growing plant has large semi-double flowers, that range in color from cream to pink. It blooms heavily over a long period, from early to late season. 3-4' $47.95, 10 GAL $89.95

80642 Camellia ‘April Tryst’ *** A nicely shaped plant, of erect habit and medium growth rate. Blooms in midseason with true red, anemone form flowers from sturdy buds. 1-2' $23.95, 2-3' $35.95, 4-5’ $59.95

80716 Camellia ‘Bob’s Tinsie’ — This is one of the many fine introductions from Nuccio’s Nursery. This miniature gem is a brilliant red anemone form with a few white streaked inner petaloids offset by brilliant yellow stamens. This compact and upright plant is just right for the small flowers and makes a good container plant. SOLD OUT

80603 Camellia ‘Brigadoon’ — Pert, pink semi-double blooms of medium size have petals with slightly darker veins of pink and notches at the tips. Compact and upright in habit, this midseason bloomer has dark green, finely serrated leaves. SOLD OUT

80553 Camellia 'Buttermint' - Formal double to Rose form double flowers are creamy white to pale yellow. A medium upright grower. 2-3' $35.95

80585 Camellia ‘Coral Delight’ — This is a slow-growing hybrid. In midseason, it produces a plethora of semi-double, rich coral flowers. SOLD OUT

80544 Camellia ‘Donation’ — A most interesting camellia. The large, semi-double flowers of orchid-pink occur with such profusion as to almost completely hide the branches! Another plus: it is cold hardy and heat tolerant. Blooms midseason. SOLD OUT

80630 Camellia ‘El Dorado’ — The search is over! If you are looking for a lovely soft pink in an open peony form, this is it. Blooms midseason with 5 inch flowers. A medium and spreading grower. SOLD OUT

80691 Camellia ‘Eleanor Mc Gowan’ — Released by Shepp’s Shade Gardens of Pasadena, California in 1942. It has a medium-sized semi-double bloom with cupped petals and is white, lightly streaked with scarlet and pink. Plant habit is a vigorous open upright. 2-3' $35.95

80526 Camellia ‘Jury’s Yellow’ — An abundance of medium-sized, anemone form flowers, comprised of a row of ivory guard petals encircling a mass of small, creamy yellow petaloids. This is a very nice crisp form. As one of the first "yellow" hybrids in the genus, it is certainly worth having for its pleasing soft color and its wonderful form, but don’t expect a buttercup yellow because it has "yellow" in its name. This compact, upright shrub blooms early to late season. SOLD OUT

80595 Camellia ‘Mrs. Tingley’ — Picture-perfect flowers complement a pleasingly pyramidal specimen, which grows to only 6'. It blooms profusely; the formal double flowers open to a beautiful dusky rose. Makes an ideal container plant. 2-3' $35.95

80643 Camellia ’Pink Icicle’ *** Cool, clear pink flowers are large and of irregular peony form. A spring bloomer, from February to March. 4-5' $59.95

80711 Camellia ‘Taylor’s Perfection’ — A perfuse blooming, light pink semi-double that holds each of its petals in their own space. Slow growth to a large plant. 2-3' $35.95

80645 Camellia ‘Winter’s Joy’ *** Bringing a bright spot of color to the winter garden, this tall, columnar shrub might be used to create a narrow hedge. The pretty pink flowers are semi-double form, with crinkly petal edges bloom from November through December.2-3' $35.95

80610 Camellia ‘Winter’s Rose’ *** (C. oleifera x C. hiemalis ‘Otome’). A slow-growing, compact plant, that reaches 4’ in 9 years, with a moderately spreading habit and drooping branchlets. Leathery, dark green foliage covers this very floriferous plant, which blooms early with formal double shell-pink flowers. SOLD OUT


80500 Camellia grijsii(10°F, USDA Zone 8-9) Syn. C. yuhsienensis. This bushy shrub has glossy, dark green, toothed, oval leaves that are about 3" long. This plant eventually grows to 10' tall, and up to 6' wide. The single, white flowers can be slightly fragrant. Blooms midseason. 1-2' $23.95

Camellia japonica — (0°F, USDA Zones 7-9) These are the most recognized of the camellias. An upright, spreading shrub or small tree that grows 6-12’ tall and can go to 20’ for some varieties, with a 3-10’ spread. The evergreen foliage is glossy and dark green, usually broadly oval to 3" in length. The variety of flower color ranges from pure white and numerous shades of pink, to darkest red, usually with yellow stamens.

80675 Camellia japonica ‘Adolphe Audusson’ — This moderate growing Camellia will reach 8’ by 8’ under normal conditions, has been known to get 15’ in some areas. Is this cultivar worth the mystery, well, YES! Semi-double, blooms of bright red cloak this honey. Just when you think winter has driven you color blind, Zowee! SOLD OUT

80513 Camellia japonica ‘Betty Sheffield Supreme’ — Blooms are large, loose, semi-double to loose peony-form. The white blooms shine with distinct deep pink petal margins. Blooming midseason, this sport of ‘Betty Sheffield’ is a supreme beauty! 3-4' $47.95, 5-6' $69.95

80632 Camellia japonica ‘Elizabeth La Bey’ — Rosy pink, semi-double flowers have yellow stamens that will turn heads with their delightful contrast. This plant will add beauty to any garden. 3-4' $47.95

80512 Camellia japonica ‘Finlandia’ — While this camellia is supposed to be pure white, it frequently sports blooms with flirty little pinkish-red stripes and spots. The medium to large flowers have swirled and fluted petals and, when fully open, the centers boast bright yellow stamens that shine against the white petals. Compact in habit, this plant blooms early to mid-season. SOLD OUT

80668 Camellia japonica ‘Freedom Bell’— A distinctive Nuccio Nursery hybrid. It is a semi-double, ‘hose-in-hose’ form of bright coral red. It is the same form as C. j. ‘Hagoromo’. Each petal has its own space as though they were presenting themselves for our delight. Fast growing upright densely covered with dark green leaves on a plant to a height of 12’. SOLD OUT

80545 Camellia japonica ‘Glen 40’ — Large, deep red, formal double to rose-form double style flowers decorate the deep green foliage on this plant, which has a compact growth habit. It is nice-looking even out of flower. Good for use in containers as well as in the garden. One of the most profuse bloomers, the flowers appear mid to late season. SOLD OUT

80505 Camellia japonica ‘Grandiflora Rosea’ — Very large, semi-double red flowers are contrasted by golden-yellow stamens on this magnificent plant. A vigorous grower which blooms mid-season. 1-2' $23.95, 3-4' $47.95

80528 Camellia japonica ‘King Size’ — Aptly named, the regal, dark red flowers are large, and of loose, peony form. Blooms grace this vigorous, upright grower in mid-season. 2-3' $35.95, 3-4' $47.95

80519 Camellia japonica ‘Kumasaka’ *** — This plant tolerates morning sun and cold! Flowers are rose-pink, medium-sized, and of a rose-form double to peony form, with variable petal shape. Vigorous, compact, and free-flowering , it is a choice landscape plant! Blooms mid to late season. 2-3' $35.95

80679 Camellia japonica ‘Marie Bracey’ — Syn. Spellbound. Loose peony form on this large bloomed pink variety. A full flower with up to 30 recurved and some pointed. These flowers a have a fun texture on a tidy upright compact plant. 2-3' $35.95

80631 Camellia japonica ‘Nuccio’s Pearl’ — An elegant, formal double bloom of medium size. Pearl is blush-white with outer petals edges tinted an orchid-pink shade. Another compact grower, suitable for containers or the landscape. Blooms late season. 2-3' $35.95, 3-4' $47.95

80516 Camellia japonica ‘Pink Perfection’ * — Delicate pink, crisp, shell like petals on formal double blooms appear from early to late season giving it a long bloom time. Select a perfect place for this prim and proper plant. 3-4' $47.95

80602 Camellia japonica ‘Prince Eugene Napoleon’ — Syn. ‘Pope Pius IX’. This popular camellia is known by many names; a testament to its enduring qualities. Bright red, formal double blooms are of a medium size, with curved, overlapping petals that decrease in size as they swirl towards the center of the flower. Often times, the blooms are streaked with a lighter shade of red. This is a midseason blooming, compact, upright plant. 2-3' $35.95

80663 Camellia japonica ‘Spring Festival’ — With a narrow, upright habit to about 5-6', this variety could be used to highlight a corner spot. An outstandly beautiful form with a double flower that is a clear pink. 1-2' $23.95

80647 Camellia japonica ‘St. Andre— Syn. ‘Rose Hill Rubra’. Dark green foliage with red semi-double flowers make this a early to mid-season selection of outstanding merit. It has long been a favorite, introduced into the U.S. in 1931. It can take sunshine better than most. 6-12" $12.95

80652 Camellia japonica var. quercifolia ‘Pink Mermaid’ — The leaves look as though someone clipped into the tip of each leaf and fanned the individual tips; the leaves therefore look like a mermaid’s fin. The fragrant, large blooms have pink petals and strong yellow stamens. SOLD OUT

80510 Camellia japonica ‘Ville de Nantes’ — An old cultivar, the flowers are quite something, with upright, heavily fringed petals of strong red, with some white blotches, in semi-double form, and medium size. A mid to late season bloomer. SOLD OUT


Camellia sasanqua — (0°F, USDA Zones 7-9) Sasanqua camellias bear a profusion of lightly scented flowers that can appear as early as September for early bloomers, October for midseason bloomers, and December for late bloomers. The growth habit of these cultivars varies in form from low and compact, to upright and bushy, to 20’ tall with a 10’ spread. Leaves are evergreen, 1½-3" long, and dark, glossy green. They can tolerate full sun once established, but the roots must be kept cool.

80575 Camellia sasanqua ‘Apple Blossom’ — Like its namesake, this is a single form flower, white with a blush of soft pink and gold stamens at their center. The growth habit is upright and spreading. A sight to behold in bloom, midseason! SOLD OUT

80548 Camellia sasanqua ‘Cleopatra’ — * This plant makes a lovely hedge, as the growth habit is upright and compact, and it takes well to clipping. It blooms in midseason, with pretty pink semi-double flowers that have narrow, curved petals. SOLD OUT

80618 Camellia sasanqua ‘Kanjiro’ — An excellent old cultivar, which works hard in the landscape with its deep, glossy green leaves, and large flowers of deep, dusky pink petals, shaded lighter in the centers, and of semi-double form. Tall growth habit. 2-3' $35.95

80613 Camellia sasanqua ‘Mine-no-yuki’ — Syn. ‘White Doves’. This showy cultivar won a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit in 1964. The plant has a graceful weeping habit, with dark (sometimes variegated,) green foliage, that sets off the snow white, semi-double blooms. Buds are plump with pink tips. Petals are squarish, and float around the center of yellow stamens, tipped in gold. SOLD OUT

80540 Camellia sasanqua ‘Setsugekka’ —  Syn. ‘Moon and Flowers’. This widely popular variety is known by many names, all attempting to describe the pristine white, large blooms, with a burst of golden stamens in the center of their generally semi-double form. Bloom is early to midseason, on an upright growing plant. 2-3’ $35.95

80521 Camellia sasanqua ‘Showa-No-Sakae’ — This versatile camellia will happily grow as a low hedge, an arching, 3 - 4’ ground cover, or even in a hanging basket! Lightly musk-scented, the flowers are medium to large, in a soft pink, with the gold stamens fairly hidden in the peony form blooms, early to midseason. SOLD OUT

80708 Camellia sasanqua ‘Silver Dollar’ — This is another of the Nuccio’s Nursery introductions that is a medium-sized unsual peony-form that is white with a touch of deep pink at the petal tips and on their reverses. 2-3' $35.95

80712 Camellia sasanqua ‘Slim ‘N Trim’ — The lovely light pink seven petals fan out is a plane. Unusual in its simplicity and charm. Dark green small pointed leaves set off the blooms nicely. 3-4’ $47.95

80710 Camellia sasanqua ‘Star Above Star’ — The pointed flower petals look like stars, one superimposed on top of another star. Petals are white, shading to lavender-rose at the edges. The plant is vigorous, upright and bushy. Unique. 2-3’ $35.95

80539 Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’ —  With petals of crimson red with an orange cast, accented by a punch of gold stamens in the center, these large, cheerful, single blooms come just at the right time to add a spark of color to your winter holiday! The midseason blooms are long-lasting, and the compact plant with its dark, glossy leaves. 6-12" $12.95

Camellia sinensis — (10°F, USDA Zones 6-9) Syn. Thea sinensis. Most of the black teas we drink are derived from the leaves of this very attractive species. C.sinensis will grow to be a small tree or large shrub, up to 20’ tall with a 12’ spread.

80689 Camellia sinensis ‘Sochi’ —  Dense, dark green leaves create a backdrop for the single, fragrant, white blooms, from September to November. Try growing your own tea!  SOLD OUT

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