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Frugal Maples 
JUNE 2012

All Japanese Maples are loosely placed in one of the following groups.  The groups are defined by leaf shape, that is the preponderance of leaves of one shape on an adult plant and in the case of the Dwarf group they are defined by the ultimate height of the plant.

AMOENUM GROUP - Leaf lobes shallowly to moderately divided up to two-thirds of the to the leaf base.

PALMATUM GROUP - Leaf lobes moderately to deeply divided, two-thirds to three-quarters of the way to the to the leaf base.

MATSUMURAE GROUP - Leaf lobes very deeply divided, more than three-quarters of the way to the leaf base.

LINEARILOBUM GROUP - Leaf lobes narrow, strap-like, divided to the leaf base.

DISSECTUM GROUP - Leaf lobes very deeply divided and deeply dissected into sub-lobes.

DWARF GROUP - Cultivars whose mature height does not usually exceed 6'.

OTHER GROUP - Cultivars that cannot be placed in any of the above groups.


The summer leaf color will be noted after the group designation.  


50055 Acer palmatum ‘Sagara nishiki’ — 5-10’, PALMATUM, variegated. The variegated foliage of this small tree is striking. Golden markings are scattered on the green leaves in the spring. Semi-shade will protect the lovely colors during the summer. Slow growing. 2-3’ $69.95, 3-4’ $79.95

50058 Acer palmatum Samurai Sword™ — 25’, MATSUMURAE, red. A new introduction with vigorous growth when young. Oval to pyramidal tree form with a strong central leader, stake when young. 1-2’ $24.95

50056 Acer palmatum ‘Sango kaku’ - Coral Bark Maple — 30’, PALMATUM, green. The winter twigs have sensational coral tones putting on a superb display during those dreary winter months. Small foliage is an appealing light green during spring and summer changing to bright yellows in the fall. A must! #1 $19.95, 1-2’ $32.95, 5-6’ $119.95

50311 Acer palmatum ‘Saoshika’ — 5-10’, AMOENUM, green. The star shaped bright green foliage is rather thin with a delicate texture. The leaves are held out horizontally, making a layered effect in older portions of the plant. The new foliage is a bright yellow green, with the tips of the lobes tinged in red, gradually changing to a uniform light green and darkening as the summer advances. The fall color is a striking golden yellow. Not a strong upright grower but more of a tall, bushy shrub. 4-5’ $89.95

50959 Acer palmatum ‘Satsuki beni’ — 25-30’, AMOENUM, green. This is one of the strong upright A. palmatums. The foliage is almost round with a broad center and short lobes. Great as an upper story tree in most gardens. The fall color is its most outstanding feature as it turns bright flame and crimson. A great addition to our larger Japanese maples. 2-3’ $49.95, 4-5’ $99.95

51175 Acer palmatum ‘Sawa Chidori’ — 10’, MATSUMURAE, variegated. Strong peteoles hold the leaves out nicely on this reticulated veined cultivar. It emerges with delicate blush pink shades in spring with the darker shading on the leaf edges becoming pink, blushed amber with green veins. In summer the leaves become creamy white with darker green veins. Fall color is bright red!! 2-3’ $69.95

50222 Acer palmatum ‘Sazanami’ — 10-15’, MATSUMURAE, green. An unusual quality of this cultivar is the sharply pointed leaves with saw toothed edges. The leaf lobes are separated over half the distance to the center. In spring, the foliage color is light orange-red with contrasting green veins. Later in summer, the leaves become rich green and turn to gold in autumn. The tree is rather slow growing, forming a compact, bushy shape. A very special tree, not often seen. 3-4’ $55.95

51017 Acer palmatum ‘Scarlet Wonder’ — 10’, ?, red. As the name implies this is a beautiful dark, dark red in the spring and it maintains its color well into the summer and then turns crimson in fall. It has nice upright structure. 2-3’ $55.95, 3-4’ $69.95

51096 Acer palmatum ‘Scolopendrifolium’ — 24’, LINEARILOBUM, green. This cultivar has a uniformity of leaf shape that sets it apart from the other linearilobums in that its five lobed leaves are usually uniform in number of lobes, have more substance so they hold out well from the petiole, and show fewer irrecularities in shape of the new foliage. It has rich green summer color and golden yellow in the fall. It also seems more vigorous than many others. All in all a fine cultivar. 3-4’ $65.95, 4-5’ $74.95

Acer palmatum ‘Scolopendrifolium Rubrum’ — See ‘Atrolineare’.

2-3’ $69.9551155 Acer palmatum ‘Searl’s Variegated’ — 12-15’, PALMATUM, variegated. Upright grower, leaves green with white and light pink in spring. In summer, green with a dark pink edge. 1-2’ $29.95

50030 Acer palmatum ‘Seigai’ — 8-15’, PALMATUM, red. Syn. ‘Bonfire’. ‘Seigai’ greets spring by bursting into brilliant crimson tones. This color lasts about a month then the small palmate leaves gradually become bronze, maturing to green and turning fiery red in the fall. It’s twiggy habit makes a favorite for bonsai. Very striking tree! 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $49.95, 4-5’ $119.95

50949 Acer palmatum ‘Seigen’ — 3-5’, DWARF, green. The small five-lobed leaves hold themselves nicely from the branches. They come out bright crimson in the spring and hold this color for several weeks before turning a light green for the summer and yellow to orange in the fall. This is one of the first of this group to leaf out in spring. Its wonderful leaf and spring color make it a sought after plant for Bonsai. 2-3’ $29.95

50059 Acer palmatum ‘Seiryu’ — 20’, DISSECTUM, green. ‘Seiryu’ is the only upright growing tree among the dissectum cultivars. Finely divided, small light green leaves become a veritable palette of red, pink, mauve, gold, and orange in the fall, varying from year to year with weather conditions. The tree has good form and is very densely branched. 4-5’ $129.95

51169 Acer palmatum ‘Seiun kaku’ — ?, PALMATUM, green. The five lobed leaves of lime-yellow leaves and red stems in spring. The growth habit is unusual in that the leaf bearing stems seem to grow vertically from the horizontally growing mail stems. A graceful small tree. 4-5’ $114.95

50108 Acer palmatum ‘Sekimori’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, green. This feathery leafed dissectum is one of the best of the green types for fall colors with a bright yellow-gold display. The bark is also a delightful green that lasts as the plant matures. Planting on a slope enhances the beauty of this hardy maple. Size will depend on how high they are staked. 3-4’ $55.95

50109 Acer palmatum ‘Sekka yatsubusa’ — 12’, PALMATUM, green . This semidwarf maple has leaves whose lobes are much narrower than those typical of the smaller A. palmatums. The leaves appear in the spring a fresh forest green edged in rusty-orange. By summer they are very deep green without edging. Then when fall arrives the foliage takes on a deep golden yellow. 3-4’ $55.95, 4-5’ $89.95, 5-6’ $119.95

50110 Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’ — 12’, PALMATUM, red. This sport of the well-known cultivar, ‘Bloodgood’, is a special semidwarf. An upright growing, compact plant that, when young, will produce vigorous new shoots. In later years, the growth becomes shorter and more dense. This outstanding plant for container or landscape has interesting two toned leaves which start as bright red changing to dark maroon-red. Each leaf has narrow, sharply pointed lobes. Outstanding! 3-4’ $99.95, 4-5’ $129.95

50159 Acer palmatum ‘Sharp’s Pygmy’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. A very nice compact, slow growing dwarf cultivar which needs no pruning and looks like a natural bonsai. The tiny green leaves on this small, bushy tree turn deep crimson in the fall. This ribbon leaf is a fine addition to collections. 1-2’ $59.95

50060 Acer palmatum ‘Sherwood Flame’ — 10-15’, MATSUMURAE, red. An excellent selection, its deep red leaf color holds well through the summer. The developing samaras add interest and contrast as they form ornamental red clusters. 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95

51008 Acer palmatum ‘Shidava Gold’ — 8’, DWARF, green. From a witches’ broom of ‘Aoyagi’ at Raraflora Nursery in Australia. What could be better than a miniature form of ‘Aoyagi’? It has the lime-green stems and the light green new foliage that turns yellow green like its parent and then turns yellow in the fall. #1 $34.95, 1-2’ $69.95, 4-5’ $199.95

50117 Acer palmatum ‘Shigarami’ — 7-10’, PALMATUM, green. Syn. ‘Saku’ As this upright tree matures, it will take on a layered effect branching horizontally outward at different levels. The foliage at first is light green with distinctive red tips, eventually turning to rich forest green. The lobes of the leaves are quite long with nearly parallel sides. In the fall, the tree changes to multiple colors of warm yellow, glowing orange, and red. 6-7’ $149.95

50118 Acer palmatum ‘Shigure bato’ — 7-10’, MATSUMURAE, green. A slow growing small tree with fairly large, feathery leaves. New leaves are brilliant red, gradually turning to deep reddish-green in summer. In fall, they display a beautiful orange-gold color which glows throughout the garden. Very deeply serrated, long lobes of the leaf make the whole plant look like it’s covered with feathers. 2-3’ $79.95, 3-4’ $99.95, 5-6’ $139.95

50063 Acer palmatum ‘Shin chishio’ — 15’, PALMATUM, green. Syn. 'Chishio Improved'. Intensely pink spring growth shines on this twiggy, bushy maple. It sports small leaves and offers good green summer color. It develops firmer, stronger branches than ‘Chisio’ and has a more upright habit in the landscape. Excellent for containerized specimen. 1-2’ $39.95, 2-3’ $59.95

50061 Acer palmatum ‘Shin deshojo’ — 12’, PALMATUM, green. Flaming crimson-scarlet leaves in the spring are the outstanding feature of this maple. Very similar to ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Deshojo’ but more dwarf in stature and brighter in color. Forms a shrub twice as wide as high. Perfect for container planting on a patio. 1-2’ $32.95

50204 Acer palmatum ‘Shinobuga oka’ — 18’, LINEARILOBUM, green. Syn. ‘Ao hichi gosan’. An upright branching plant with deeply divided, finger like leaves of bright green. The leaves are in a hanging position on long petioles, lending a cascading appearance to the small tree. This effect is enhanced in the fall by the sunny yellow-orange color of the foliage. 4-5’ $89.95

50062 Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’ — 18’, PALMATUM, green. Syn. ‘Cristatum’ or ‘Ribesifolium’. A most unusual, slow growing form with small, curly, leaves are densely set close to the stems. The foliage is held longer into the fall; when other maples are showing fall color, ‘Shishigashira’ remains as green as summer. One day, after all others have faded, it bursts into colors of gold, orange and red. Fall coloration and intensity are influenced by the tree’s location. Popular for bonsai use. 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $59.95, , 4-5’ $119.95

50241 Acer palmatum ‘Shishio Hime’ — 6’, DWARF, green. A rounded habit, resulting from short annual growth. A mature plant will achieve 6’ with an angular branching structure. Densely held foliage, with lobes separated halfway to the center, displays a red margin when young. Fall colors vary from orange to yellow. An excellent container specimen and always a treat for the bonsai enthusiast. A difficult plant to propagate, as new growth is in short supply. 1-2’ $69.95

Acer palmatum ‘Shishio Improved’ — See ‘Chishio Improved’.

51009 Acer palmatum ‘Sister Ghost’ — 9-13’, MATSUMURAE, variegated. A great cultivar from the Buchholz Nursery here in Oregon. Deeply dissected toothed leaves are very pale cream-green with dark green veining and light pink tips on new foliage going to a lovely lime-green and then entering fall dressed in a eye catching yellow-orange. As with almost all white variegated cultivars, protection from afternoon sun is needed. 1-2’ $29.95

50272 Acer palmatum ‘Skeeter’s Broom’ — 2-5’, DWARF, red. A sport of ‘Bloodgood’, the new growth on this Witches Broom starts out bright red. As the seasons change, it progresses from burgundy to green, and finally, to a rich bronze. Leaves are deeply lanced. 2-3’ $29.95, 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95

51070 Acer palmatum ‘Stella Rossa’ — 6-9’, DISSECTUM, red. This cultivar holds its deep red color very well through summer. A selection from Italy in the 1960’s. Still very fine. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $55.95

50064 Acer palmatum ‘Sumi nagashi’ — 10-15’, MATSUMURAE, red. Strong growing and vigorous, ‘Sumi nagashi’ is an excellent landscape tree. It will form a small tree with superb strong branching structure. The large, deep maroon leaves are deeply cut and hold their color all summer. 3-4’ $89.95, 4-5’ $119.95, 5-6’ $139.95

51010 Acer palmatum ‘Sunset’ — 6-10’, DISSECTUM, green. Thin textured leaves of an unusual color in summer. They come out a yellow-green in spring and in full sun have a rusty to burnt orange tinting overlay in summer. Mounding dissectum habit. 1-2’ $49.95

Acer palmatum ‘Superbum’ — See ‘Attraction’.

50410 Acer palmatum ‘Taiyo nishiki’ — 4-6’, DWARF, variegated. Small in all its parts, this is a very nice variegated variety. Yellow-green in spring, green-yellow in summer, and add red in fall!! Its prominent red stems attract attention at any time of year. 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50252 Acer palmatum ‘Takao’ — 30’, PALMATUM, green. This tree is an ancient cultivar that dates back to 1690 in Japan. It is an upright grower with large green leaves. Acers are known for their beautiful fall color, and this is no exception with its glorious golden-yellow hues. 1-2’ $44.95

50119 Acer palmatum ‘Tama hime’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. Densely branched, this tree will get even wider than it is tall. It’s a special plant in fall when it displays magnificent shades of glowing yellow, gold and crimson. Leaves are five lobed, small and green, sometimes confused with ‘Kashima’. #1 $19.95

50193 Acer palmatum ‘Tamuke yama’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, red. A wonderfully delicate, cascading plant. Height and spread will depend on how it is staked. The leaves begin as dark purple and lighten as they age. The main difference in this foliage is that the cuts are not as deep as those of ‘Everred’ or ‘Crimson Queen’, and the center of each lobe of the leaf is slightly wider, giving more mass to it. Fall brings bright scarlet leaf colors that give a glow to the garden. The first reference to this cultivar was in 1710, so it has surely stood the test of time. 3-4’ $79.95

50157 Acer palmatum ‘Tana’ — 18-20’, AMOENUM, green. Highly desirable, this upright, slender, vase shaped tree has layered branches and an Asian appearance. During spring growth the leaf margins and lobe points are red toned. In fall the medium sized, sharply pointed, green leaves become intense colors of orange and red. ‘Tana’ is in high demand! 1-2’ $32.95

50945 Acer palmatum ‘Tanabata’ — 10-15’, MATSUMURAE, red. This strong upright grower has pendulous outer branches as it matures. The red-purple leaves become red as summer comes and then turns vivid red in the fall. The deeply dissected leaves give this a graceful look. 6-7’ $149.95

51170 Acer palmatum ‘Taro yama’ — 6’, DWARF, green. A delightful small-growing cultivar from Japan which is deceptively vigorous when young. The young growth is an attractive yellow-orange with deep pink margins, changing to light green. Fall color is scarlet-red. 2-3’ $69.95

50388 Acer palmatum ‘Tattoo’ — 3’, DWARF, green. The attractive small branch tips hold bunches of yellow-green leaves in spring that later mature to a darker green. This recently introduced dwarf holds great promise for developing into an extremely artistic form. #1 $79.95

50104 Acer palmatum ‘Tennyo-no-hoshi’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, variegated. Upright growing and vase shaped, this tree is densely branched. The leaves are unique, with incurved margins, varying in color from dark to light green. Foliage is a golden yellow in the fall. Branchlets may die back on young plants. 3-4’ $49.95, 5-6’ $119.95

50343 Acer palmatum ‘The Bishop’ — 8-10’. PALMATUM, red. Upright growing, vigorous and hardy tree, with bright purple-red leaves in spring. As summer wanes, leaves turn more bronze, then turning an excellent crimson in fall. 3-4’ $59.95, 5-6’ $99.95

51072 Acer palmatum ‘Tiger Rose’ — 7’, MATSUMURE, variegated. A truly fine upright small tree with a graceful pendulous habit. The new leaves of sight green and dark green veins are brushed with apricot. In fall the deeply cut two tone leaves are gold and yellow. As with most reticulated leafed plants, some protection from afternoon sun is appriciated. 1-2’ $29.95

51011 Acer palmatum ‘Tobiosho’ — 18’, PALMATUM, green. Found in Iseli Nursery by the production manager Milt Tobie. If you want a "typical", fast growing, upright Japanese maple with absolutely brilliant scarlet fall color after it has turned gold and then orange, this is the one for you! 5-6’ $119.95

50144 Acer palmatum ‘Toyama nishiki’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, variegated. A variegated dissectum with leaves showing base coloration of purple-red to greenish-red painted rather haphazardly throughout with creamy-white to pink. Some leaves do not have variegation; others are mottled pink when they come out, white as they mature. The variations on the theme are endless, and the same tree will show differing color patterns from one year to the next. The leaves are more strongly colored when grown in the shade; and because this tree sunburns easily, a shady site is preferred. Keep young trees staked. Rare! 1-2’ $59.95, 2-3' $69.95

50066 Acer palmatum ‘Trompenburg’ — 24’, MATSUMURAE, red. A magnificent cultivar from Trompenburg Arboretum in Holland. Deep purple-red leaves that have narrow lobes that are slightly rolled under. This is a most attractive effect that develops as the tree ages, not occurring the first few seasons. Upright and open, this tree makes a most beautiful specimen that will be the delight of any garden. 4-5’ $119.95, 5-6’ $139.95

50216 Acer palmatum ‘Tsuchigumo’ — 6-12’, PALMATUM, green. New growth rust red changing to green. Fall color is bright gold, with crimson edging. Its small leaves and stature give this a special place in the genus. 2-3’ $49.95

51179 Acer palmatum ‘Tsukasa Shilouette’ — ?’, PALMATUM, green. A narrow (to 4’ wide and 10’ tall in 10 years), small leafed tree. This very upright tree turns bright red in fall. Some say it will grow to 18’ by 5’. This cultivar would be striking as a grove. 1-2’ $49.95

51171 Acer palmatum ‘Tsukubane’ — 23’, AMOENUM, green. The leaves are rather deeply divided for an "anoenum". The thin leaves are almost translucent. They emerge in spring a bright red with a green cast in the center of each lobe, soon turn green and in late summer they are rich green tinged with dark red. Fall color is a brilliant orange-crimson. It is a vigorous, tall, upright-growing plant that in time forms a broad canopy. 2-3’ $69.95

50097 Acer palmatum ‘Tsukushi gata’ — 13’, AMOENUM, red. Great size for most gardens. Its rich dark purple-red larger leaves make it stand out as it holds it color all season. It will grow almost as wide as tall. It turns bright light red in fall. Gregory feels it is "one of the better dark toned cultivars." We certainly agree. 2-3’ $44.95

50057 Acer palmatum ‘Tsuma beni’ — 5-10’, AMOENUM, green. The spring foliage on this rounded, bushy tree is a real eye catcher. The leaves start out light green in the center gradually blending into purple-red at the tips and outer edges. This color combination continues well into summer when they gradually mature to a shiny, darker green. Fall colors are primarily reds. 2-3’ $69.95, 4-5’ $99.95

50124 Acer palmatum ‘Tsuma gaki’ — 7-10’, AMOENUM, green. Closely resembles ‘Tsuma beni’ and is often confused as such. A most unusual slow growing, small tree with foliage that delicately droops from the leaf stem. The soft yellow-green new leaves are lightly tipped with persimmon-red. As the leaves mature the green deepens, finally turning crimson red in the fall. The tree forms a graceful small tree or small shrub, usually as wide as it is tall at maturity. 1-2’ $29.95, 2-3’ $69.95

50315 Acer palmatum ‘Tsuri nishiki’ — 15’, MATSUMURAE, green. Beautiful deep green roughly serrated leaves give this tree a fuzzy texture from across the yard. Young leaves have a touch of red on the edges in spring deepening through the summer and cry a last hail as they change for fall, into brilliant yellows, golds, oranges and crimson. Leaves have a slightly heavier texture and are not easily sunburned. The tree has angular branching and nice upright structure. Very nice. 1-2’ $44.95

50951 Acer palmatum ‘Twombley’s Red Sentinel’ — 10-15’, ?, red. The only columnar Japanese maple that we know. The spring foliage is brilliant red lasting through the summer and turning to crimson in the fall. This is a perfect tree for small narrow settings. #1 $29.95, 1-2’ $44.95, 3-4’ $79.95

50198 Acer palmatum ‘Ueno homare’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, green. The leaves are lightly toothed and give the tree an airy, feathery appearance. It is a very pretty little specimen that will delight the eye. Gold fall color. The leaves are of a size that would be special for bonsai. 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $69.95

50120 Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’ — 5-10’, PALMATUM, variegated. The name means "floating clouds," and it is a fitting description of this fine maple. It has green base leaf color, with "floating clouds" of white and pink mixed into the green. Often the edges of the leaf are pink, giving the plant a soft and beautiful appearance. It is important to note that the amount of variegation will vary greatly from year to year, plant to plant, site to site. Place where it receives enough shade to prevent burning of the leaves; however, allow the tree as much sun as possible to develop best color. This is not a rapidly growing plant, but it eventually becomes a multi branched, shrubby small tree. 1-2’32.95, 2-3’ $45.95

50126 Acer palmatum ‘Umegae’ — 5-10’, AMOENUM, red. A delightful, semi-dense bushy tree with pleasant soft toned brick-red foliage with pronounced green veins. In sun the plants have more bright red coloration, while in shade they develop more purple color with green undertones. The leaves are small 2 inch, seven lobed, and quite sharp-pointed. 3-4’ $59.95

51086 Acer palmatum ‘Uncle Ghost’ — 10’, MATSUMURE, variegated. As with most of the Oregon Ghost Series, this cultivar has wonderful spring color of strong veined soft colors brushed with pink to apricot shades. Also, as with its ghostly siblings, give it shade to show off its colors at their best. 2-3’ $59.95

50952 Acer palmatum ‘Us Murasaki’ — 10’, PALMATUM, green. This maple has shinny lemon-yellow spring foliage attached to red petioles that mature to medium green in summer. The fall color is mottled orange on a yellow background. 2-3’ $49.95

50199 Acer palmatum ‘Utsu semi’ — 12-15’, AMOENUM, green. Gregory says the name means grasshopper skin, and the leaves certainly become bright, grasshopper green in summer. They darken as the season passes. The fall color is an outstanding crimson to purple. This selection grows quite wide in the landscape and the leaves themselves look like chubby little hands. Very attractive! 3-4’ $59.95, 4-5’ $79.95

51087 Acer palmatum ‘Van den Aker’ — 6’, DISSECTUM, green. This 1960s cultivar from Washington state, is more upright and arching than cascading. It has feathery leaves that are green with purple edges in the sun and green in the shade. They are shiner than other cultivars. 1-2’ $55.95

50225 Acer palmatum ‘Vandermoss Red’ — 25’, MATSUMURAE, red. A fast growing cultivar that spreads to a wide, rounded crown, broader than ‘Bloodgood’, with leaves more incised. The new growth is rich purple-red that does not fade in the summer. Fall colors are red and dark orange. 4-5’ $79.95

50982 Acer palmatum ‘Vic Broom’ — 15-18’, MATSUMURAE, green. This is a vigorous and dense grower. It is heavily branched and has very attractive green, toothed foliage. The mature tree should be very striking. 2-3’ $59.95

51053 Acer palmatum ‘Vic Pink’ — 6-12’, DISSECTUM, green. An Australian cultivar very similar to ‘Palmatifidum’ except for its brilliant scarlet fall color and comes into leaf several weeks earlier and has beautiful dark red fruits. 1-2’ $49.95

50091 Acer palmatum ‘Villa Taranto’ — 5-10’, LINEAIRLOBUM, green. This delicate European cultivar has brilliant foliage of green with reddish overtones. The plant has a rounded shape and the narrow, five lobed leaves create a lovely, lacy effect. Open branching, with golden yellow fall color. Needless to say, one of our favorites. 2-3’ $59.95, 4-5’ $79.95

50067 Acer palmatum ‘Viridis’ — 6-9’, DISSECTUM, green. Ultimate height will depend on staking with this popular and widely used form of dissectum. Graceful, sweeping green limbs in a mounding growth habit. Usually turns a strong gold in fall. A most beautiful plant for any garden, this is a particularly good performer. 2-3’ $69.95, 3-4’ $89.95

50396 Acer palmatum ‘Wakehurst Pink’ — 10-12’, MATSUMURAE, variegated. Pink new foliage, of this cultivar, turns bronzed green with pink dots and irregular patches as the season advances. Open branched and will be nearly as wide as tall. 2-3’ $49.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50083 Acer palmatum ‘Waterfall’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, green. This maple has larger leaves than most dissectums and does well in those full sun locations. Breathtaking shades of gold in fall, tinged with crimson. Its cascading manner gives rise to its poetic name. Young plants should be staked to attain height. 2-3’ $49.95

50397 Acer palmatum ‘Watnong’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, red, green. Develops the typical mounding habit of dissectums but not with the typical green or red foliage. The new growth begins a definite red. Later it turns a pink-red with emerging green in the center until only the leaf tips are tinted pink. Very attractive as the many color combinations can all appear on the tree at once. In fall, there’s agreement, the leaves are scarlet. 2-3’ $45.95

50330 Acer palmatum ‘Wattez’ — 2-5’, PALMATUM, red. This is a very new cultivar and we are still learning about it. We do know that the leaves are brick red and star like with a very prominent mid vein. Growth habit is low and a bit squatty. Fall colors are a pretty mix of yellows, oranges, and reds. 2-3’ $55.95, 3-4’ $59.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50361 Acer palmatum ‘Werner’s Pagoda’ — 6-8’, ?, green. Was named after Werner Iseli of Iseli’s Nursery in Boring, Oregon. This one has a rounded growth habit. The dense foliage is green in spring and summer, turning to yellow-orange in the fall. 4-5’ $89.95, 5-6’ $99.95

51092 Acer palmatum ‘Wetumpka Red’ — 12’, PALMATUM, red. We are always looking for a shorter Japanese maple like ‘Bloodgood". This is it! This variety only grows to about 10 to 12’ and is fuller than "Bloodgood", but has the purple red leaves in spring and summer and then turns fire engine red in the fall. Really nice for smaller gardens. 2-3’ $49.95

50155 Acer palmatum ‘Whitney Red’ — 20-30’, PALMATUM, red. There are reds and then there are reds , but this deep red from Whitney Gardens is outstanding. The new leaves unfold with a glowing red-purple which, viewed with the sun behind, radiates warmth and beauty. In midsummer the color becomes more bronze-red. With the cooler days of fall, it bursts into brilliant scarlet-red. The tree is vigorous and is medium upright shaped. Leaves are about 2" across, 5-lobed and cut all the way to the base. 2-3’ $59.95, 3-4’ $69.95

50391 Acer palmatum ‘Will’s Devine’ — 5-8’, DISSECTUM, green. Syn. Tiger Rose. A new lace leaf maple from Australia. It is vigorous with long weeping arms an creamy tan bark. The leaves are a wonderful light green with dark green veining. Its medium sized leaves turn golden in the fall. Unlike any of the other dissectums. 1-2’ $39.95, 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $59.95

50273 Acer palmatum ‘Wilson’s Pink Dwarf’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. This is a small densely branching, upright shrub with tiny leaves. The colors range from a bright pinkish-red in spring,, changing to a soft green in summer. Grows 4-8" a year. #1 $19.95, 1-2’ $39.95, 2-3’ $55.95

50345 Acer palmatum ‘Winter Flame’ — 5-10’, MATSUMURAE, green. Another spectacular dwarf form of the beloved ‘Sango kaku’. This one tends to be a little more red, similar to the ‘Beni kawa’. #1 $19.95

50068 Acer palmatum ‘Wou nishiki’ — 5-10’, MATSUMURAE, green. Syn. ‘Onishiki’. New spring growth is bright crimson. Deeply divided green leaves with somewhat toothed leaf edges. But the most interesting part is that it seems like no two leaves are alike!. In autumn, color changes to variations of bright carmine. Classed as a tall shrub of fastigiate habit, it forms many small twigs and branches. Takes the full sun rather well. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $59.95, 4-5’ $79.95, 6-7’ $149.95

50953 Acer palmatum ‘Yama Hime’ — 10’, PALMATUM, green. Narrow scarlet leaves appear in the spring then turn green upon maturity on this semidwarf Japanese maple. The second flush of growth is dark red set against the spring flush of forest green. The fall foliage is red-orange. 2-3’ $44.95, 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50069 Acer palmatum ‘Yezo nishiki’ — 15-25’, AMOENUM, red. Outstanding purple-red spring color fades to a lighter color but excellent all year. Brilliant crimson fall color. An excellent contrast with other red leaf, upright forms. A good, fast grower with open branching. Hardy and sturdy, and of the utmost beauty. 3-4’ $69.95

50070 Acer palmatum ‘Yugure’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, red. This old cultivar, with the name meaning "evening cloud," has been grown in gardens for over 250 years. It is an upright form with slender branches. Leaves go through tone changes from crimson in spring, through rust blushed with green and into magenta variations in autumn. 4-5’ $79.95, 5-6’ $129.95

50344 Acer palmatum ‘Yuri hime’ — 2-3’, DWARF, green. One of the smallest varieties, forming a round ball of congested green leaves, giving it the appearance of having a covering of feathers. Leaf color is light green that holds well during the growing season. Quite hardy and sun tolerant. Wonderful for the miniature landscape. 3-4’ $99.95

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JUNE 2012