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DEC 2012


This price list covers all plants EXCEPT those marked otherwise in the catalog text. Prices subject to change without notice.

6-10" (15-25 cm)    $21.95

10-15" (25-38 cm)   $34.95

15-21" (38-53 cm)   $47.95

21-30" (53-76 cm)   $59.95

30-36" (76-91 cm)   $89.95

36-48" (91-121 cm)  $119.95

48-60" (121-152 cm) $185.95



Based on flowering time in Oregon

VE January through to March 15th.

E March 15th to April 15th.

EM April 15th to May 1st.

M May 1st to May 15th.

ML May 15th to June 1st.

L June 1st to June 15th.

VL June 15th thru August.



The sets of numbers after each description indicate the sizes available for sale. For example: 3-6" would read 3" to 6" size. If it states 3-6", 10-15", thru 15-21" it means that the 3-6" size, plus the 10-15" size thru the 15-21" size are available at the time the catalog is prepared. We do not list varieties or sizes that we do not have available at the time of inventory; however due to weather and sales, availability can change rapidly. Size is generally measured across the width of the plant. on some upright growing varieties height is also taken into consideration.



(The last two numbers after the code for flowering season)

1st number = flower

2nd number = plant & foliage

Scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best.


11028 Rhododendron ‘MaBelle’s Star’ — (‘Ring of Fire’ x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 4’, -5°F, M, 4/3. Syn. R-2. Red buds open to ruffled, plum edged, creamy pink flowers with a matching calyx, reminiscent of the morning sunrise. The leaves are semiglossy green, new growth is shiny and red on this wonderful hybrid from the Thompson Nursery in Waldport, OR. 21-30"

11041 Rhododendron ‘Mai Tai’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Apricot Sherbet’) 5’, 5°F, M, -/-. A polyploid with very large, full trusses of gossamer pink grading to a soft apricot cream in the throat. The large, open flowers are especially enchanting when the wavy petal edges show off a tiny bit of rose through the softer pink. Delicious to observe while sipping a Mai Tai in that romantic hideaway.  Sold Out

11180 Rhododendron makinoi x pachysanthum — 3’, -5oF, M, 3-4/4. Tan indumentum under the leaves, silvery-white tomentum above slowly wears away to dark green shiny foliage. Both parents known for striking foliage you can bet this is very nice! In May there are lovely pink flowers to contrast the dark foliage. 10-15"

10884 Rhododendron ‘Malahat’ — (‘Gill’s Triumph’ x strigillosum) 5’, 5oF, M, 4/3. This hybrid has brilliant red flowers showing a darker red blotch. Long, narrow, forest-green leaves have undersides of sparse, reddish indumentum. I have seen this plant described as being late flowering, but I have also seen it in full flower in British Columbia in late April! Sold Out

10893 Rhododendron ‘Malta’ — (‘Gable’s Pioneer’ [selfed]) 4’, -25oF, EM, 3-4/4. This flower is a clear pink and produced in multitudes quite early in the spring. It’s a nice looking plant with small leaves and a "must have" for your garden. If you need cold hardiness, it’s here! A Leach hybrid. 6-10", 10-15"

10552 Rhododendron ‘Manda Sue’ — (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Elspeth’) 3’, 0oF, M, 4/3-4. This is a beautiful hybrid that is adorned with shell-pink flowers with a picotee edge of red and a yellow throat. The plant has a compact habit with deep green leaves. This desirable plant is one you will surely want to try. 10-15", 15-21", 30-36"

11072 Rhododendron ‘Mango Tango’ — (‘Nancy Evans’ x [‘Mrs. Lamont Copeland’ x ‘Tweedy Bird’]) 4’, 0oF, M, 5/4. Large, golden flowers are flushed with peach on the buds and outer lobes, giving the trusses the look of big, yummy, ripe mangoes. Foliage is dark forest green. An exquisite new hybrid from the breeding program of the famed Thompson Nursery in Waldport, Oregon. 10-15", 15-21"

10263 Rhododendron ‘Manitou’ — (‘Conestoga’ x unknown) 3’, -25oF, EM, 4/3. This new hybrid is like the famous ‘Windbeam’, only it is more compact in growth habit. It covers itself with luscious light pink flowers from top to bottom. Its delightful small leaves will stand sun and makes a plant to be admired in the garden. 6-10"

11134 Rhododendron ‘Many Moons’ — (‘Nancy Evans x ‘Rockhill Ivory Ruffles’) 4’, 5oF, M, 4/3-4. This is one of the finest new hybrids we have seen in many years. Evelyn Thompson of the famous Thompson Nursery in Waldport, Oregon, made this cross and selected this exceptional plant. It shines with wonderful sunny sulphur yellow flowers with wavy edges. The calyx is almost as large as the flower, giving the appearance of a double flower. An attractive, upright growing plant with forest green leaves, that shows the best of its two very handsome parents. We are pleased to be able to make the introduction of this exceptional Thompson hybrid to the gardening world. This is something you must have! 10-15", 15-21"

10764 Rhododendron ‘Marchioness of Lansdowne’ — (maximum hybrid) 5’, -15oF, L, 3/2-3. Violet-rose with an almost black blotch. If you like flowers with a blotch, such as ‘Mrs. Furnivall’, this is a must for your garden. Plant grows in a spreading, open manner. A good, hardy plant with an unusual flower. 6-10", 30-36"

10262 Rhododendron ‘Mardi Gras’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Vanessa’) 30", -15oF, M, 4/4. This is an absolutely superb rhododendron. The indumentum on the leaves and buds make it one of the nicest looking foliage plants you will see. You will see this even in cold climates where rhododendrons look a bit unhappy in the winter. It flowers from bright pink buds which burst open to pristine white. What a glorious sight this plant is, both in and out of flower. A first class rhododendron. 6-10", 10-15"

10370 Rhododendron ‘Margaret Dunn’ — (fortunei ssp. discolor x ‘Fabia’) 4’, 0oF, ML, 4/3. Openly funnel shaped flowers are apricot-pink, flushed shell-pink. They are held in loose trusses of 8-9 on this floriferous bush. Slim, elliptical leaves. 15-21", 21-30"

11174 Rhododendron ‘Marissa’ — ([‘Fancy’ x yakushimanum]x ‘Coronation Day’) 2’, 5oF, ML, ?/?. Domed truss of up to 17 open funnel-shaped flowers, plum colored in bud, opening lighter and quickly changing to white-green with traces of pink left on the midribs and lobe tips. In the throat is a deep red band, extending onto the dorsal lobe complementing the darker red spotting. The foliage is elliptic, shiny medium green, with a point at the tip and deep yellow petioles. A broad shrub grows about twice as wide as tall. Sold Out

10550 Rhododendron ‘Markeeta’s Flame’ — (‘Loderi Venus’ x ‘Anna’) 5’, -5oF, , M, 4/4. Equal to and the same cross as ‘Markeeta’s Prize’, this vigorous grower makes a beautiful plant even when not in flower, showing off deep fir-green leaves and red leaf stems. It flowers in magnificent rose-red trusses. 6-10", 21-30"

10759 Rhododendron ‘Markeeta’s Prize’ — (‘Loderi Venus’ x ‘Anna’) 5’, -5oF, M, 5/4. Watching this plant grow is a joy because it is so strong stemmed and vigorous. Each new leaf seems even more lush and leathery than the last. The flowers are BRIGHT RED, absolutely huge and are set on top of a swirl of deep green, thick, waxy leaves. The weight of the giant trusses is held high by the heavy stems. It is a worthwhile rhododendron that will pass the test of time. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 30-36"

10087 Rhododendron ‘Marley Hedges’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, 0oF, M-ML, -/-. Purple flowers have white centers and a reddish-purple flare that stretches from the center to the upper petals. These showy flowers are nicely accented by the glossy, green foliage. 6-10", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36"

10461 Rhododendron ‘Martian King’ — (‘Gipsy King’ x ‘Mars’) 3’, 0oF, M, 4/4. For those of you who enjoy dark black-red, here is a hybrid for you! We are pleased to introduce this new hybrid from the late Winston Hanke of Corvallis, Oregon. Dark green foliage shows the lineage of its deep red parents. Plant this where the reddish sun of early evening beams through the flower, and you will literally see this flower glow like a hot fire! 6-10"

10881 Rhododendron ‘Mary Briggs’ — (haematodes x ‘Elizabeth’) 2’, 0oF, M, 3/3. Funnel campanulate, blood-red flowers are in compact trusses of 8-10. Dark green elliptical foliage covers the low growing, compact plant which grows twice as wide as tall. 10-15"

10754 Rhododendron ‘Mary Fleming’ — ([racemosum x keiskei] x keiskei) 3’, -15oF, EM, 4/4. A most interesting plant and flower. The flowers are bisque-yellow with streaks of salmon-pink. Attractive foliage and good winter bronze color. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

13039 Rhododendron ‘Maryke’ — (discolor x ‘Fabia’) 5’, -15oF, ML-L, -/-. Forest green foliage on an open habit plant. Flowers are shades of Lavandula pink from deeper mauve pink buds. Flower centers glow with goldfinch yellow shading and light cinnamon spotting and stamens. Lovely! 21-30"

10216 Rhododendron ‘Maxecat’ — (maximum x catawbiense) 6’, -25oF, L, 4/3. A late blooming, very hardy plant with pink flowers. A good selection for extending the rhododendron bloom period in your garden. 36-48"

10121 Rhododendron ‘Maximum Roseum’ — (ponticum x maximum) 6’, -25oF, ML, -/-. This is a vigorous growing hybrid. It has extra color from the red stems. Nicely pink flowers complete the plant. 6-10", 10-15"

10588 Rhododendron ‘Maxine Childers’ — (strigillosum x Elizabeth Group) 3’, -5oF, E, 3-4/4. Flowers of heavy waxy like substance are bright, fiery blood-red. They cover the olive-green leaves early each spring. The textured leaves have a light, orange-brown indumentum on the under side, heavy on the midrib. New growth is reddish-bronze. 6-10"

11181 Rhododendron ‘May Morn’ x proteiodes #7 — 2’, -5oF, EM. Tight trusses of bell-shaped, cream flowers with bright pink edges emerge from cerise colored buds. These, peppermint candy looking, flowers are not the only feature on this sweetie. The deep green, strongly veined, glossy foliage is accented with soft, tan indumentum below and a light dusting of white tomentum. This creates a wonderful contrast between the new, fuzzy, and older, smooth, growth. 6-10", 10-15"

13040 Rhododendron ‘Mayday’ — (haematodes x griersonianum) 18’, 0oF, M, 3-4/4. There is no better way to celebrate the spring than by planting this gem! Small pendulous trusses of bell-shaped bright red to deep red waxy flowers with brown spotting. Calyx is large and similarly colored to the corolla, giving this rhody a double flowered appearance. Leaves are dark green with light brown indumentum. 10-15"

13009 Rhododendron ‘McNabii’ — (ciliatum x edgeworthii) 4’, 15oF, EM, -/-. Many think this is the most fragrant of the Maddenii Group. We won’t argue with them! This small leaved variety has sulfur-yellow flowers with spotting on the upper petal. 6-10", 10-15"

10100 Rhododendron ‘Medusa’ — (scyphocalyx x griersonianum) 3’, -5oF, M, 3/3. Cascading flowers borne on long pedicels are a most beautiful shade of orange. Leaves are midsized, grayish-green with a very light, woolly tomentum on the undersides. 6-10", 21-30", 30-36"

11284 Rhododendron ‘Melinda Hiatt’ — (‘Glenna’ x ‘Dexter’s Champagne’) 4’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Deep pink in bud, opening inside white with light green-yellow flair and blue pink shading on the outside of the flowers. Outstanding flower form of a broadly funnel shape and with distinctive very wavy-edges. A nice plant. 21-30", 30-36"

11290 Rhododendron ‘Melrose Flash’ — ([‘Scintillation’ x (‘Mrs. A. T. de la Mare’ x ‘King of Shrubs’)] X ‘Holy Moses’) 5’, -10oF, L, 4/4. This interesting hybrid introduced by Merle Sanders of Roseburg, Oregon has yellow-green flowers with "flashy" purplish-pink margins. Wow, how showy! It is a great plant with delightful foliage that will make a wonderful impression in your garden. This is a plant you will not want to miss! 6-10"

10949 Rhododendron ‘Midnight Mystique’ — (‘Midnight’ x ‘One Thousand Butterflies’) 4-5’, 0°F, M -/-. A very showy hybrid with an outstanding flower. The unusual silver-gray flower centers are surrounded on the edges with a picotee of dark purple and then spotted brown and gold. Dome-shaped trusses are very full. Plant grows with an attractive, loose structure and is covered with excellent foliage. 6-10"

10410 Rhododendron ‘Midsummer’ — (maximum x unknown) 5’, -15oF, VL, 4/2. Rosy-pink flowers with a golden flare on the upper lobe are held in compact trusses of about 13. The foliage is deep green on this open, spreading plant. 6-10"

10092 Rhododendron ‘Mike Davis’ — (unnamed degronianum ssp. yakushimanum hybrid x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 3’, 0oF, M, -/-. The deep forest-green foliage is the perfect background for the prolific, frilly edged flowers of pale mauve and copper speckles. 30-36"

10334 Rhododendron ‘Mikkeli’ — (brachycarpum ssp. x smirnowii) 4’, -25oF, ML, -/-. A remarkable, extremely hardy rhododendron from the continuing hybridization program at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Flowers of white, tinted with pink and decorated with green spots, adorn this well branched compact plant. Foliage is lush and vigorous with textured hairs covering the new growth. 6-10"

10123 Rhododendron ‘Minas Snow’ — (‘Cunningham’s White’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Nakai’) 3’, -15oF, M, -/-. What a sight to see when this hybrid is in bloom! It has pure white flowers that open from pink tinged white buds. The foliage is a pleasant forest green. The contrast in colors, along with the prolific blooms and foliage, makes this one quite showy. 30-36"

10990 Rhododendron ‘Mindy’s Love’ — (‘Nancy Evans’ x ‘Lionel’s Triumph’) 4’, 0°F, EM, -/-. This one should get a 5+ for foliage! What a gorgeous plant! The pink buds open to large, dome-shaped flower trusses sporting sometimes as many as 21 yellow, yellow flowers. The pale orange-yellow upper lobes develop red streaks, quite an accent. A wonderful rhododendron with large yellow blooms that last longer than most.  21-30", 30-36"

10522 Rhododendron ‘Minnetonka’ — (ponticum x unknown) 4’, -25oF, ML, 3/4. This compact hybrid grows a bit wider than tall. The reddish-purple flowers fade to light purple and are spotted with a vivid yellow-green on the upper petal. 6-10"

13041 Rhododendron ‘Mission Bells’ — (williamsianum x orbiculare) 3’, 0oF, EM, 3/4. A must for collectors of roundleaved Rhodies. The blue green waxy foliage is very round and plentiful on these mounded plants. The lax trusses have bell-shaped white flowers with a blush of pink from the bud. Let it ring, this plant is great! 21-30"

11268 Rhododendron ’Miss. Tweety’s Sister’ — (unknown parentage) ‘, oF, ?, -/-. These attractive flowers are a light yellow contrasted with a dark blotch and rimmed in pale lavender. Foliage is a terrific, dark shiny green with yellow midribs. The leaves also are nicely textured and so lovely over the dense braching of this mounding hybrid. 6-10"

10594 Rhododendron ‘Misty Moonlight’ — (‘Kimberly’ selfed) 4’, -5oF, EM, 3-4/4. Here is a joyous orchid-pink, and it’s fragrant! It has glossy, deep green leaves with contrasting red leaf stems, which cover a mounding plant habit. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

10888 Rhododendron ‘Mollie Coker’ — (‘Loderi’ x unknown) 6’, 0oF, M, 4/3. A hybrid from New Zealand which has unbelievably large flowers. You can certainly see the influence of ‘Loderi’ in this fantastic soft pink which forms trusses that are like mountains of pink snow. In the center of each flower is a ring of red that flares out onto the upper petal. Long leaves have wavy margins on a large growing plant. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36", 36-48"

10751 Rhododendron ‘Molly Ann’ — (‘Elizabeth’ x garden hybrid) 3’, -10oF, EM, 4/4-5. ‘Molly Ann’ has round leaves that make for a dense, compact plant. The rose colored flowers are of heavy substance and last well. They form a lovely truss which is more upright than those of other dwarfs of this type. This is a good new variety that you will enjoy. It has come through -12oF well. An attractive plant that buds heavily. 6-10", 15-21"

10097Rhododendron ‘Molly Smith’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Mrs. Furnivall’) 4’, 0oF, M, 4/4. White, funnel-shaped flowers have a prominent blotch of marigold-orange. The plant, which will be as wide as it is tall, has dark green leaves with grayish-brown indumentum. 10-15"

10749 Rhododendron ‘Moonstone’ — (campylocarpum x williamsianum) 3’, -5oF, EM, 3-4/4. This plant forms a compact mound covered with oval, smooth green leaves. The flowers are creamy yellow and are borne in profusion. One of the best yellow flowered semidwarfs. 10-15"

11121 Rhododendron ‘Morgenrot’ (Red Dawn) — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Spitfire’) 5-6’, -15oF, M, 3-4/4. Another Hachmann hybrid, this plant has a compact rounded habit, with red flowers shading lighter in the center and darker red buds. It has a superior compact and rounded habit. Like the rest of the Hachmann yak hybrids, this flowers very freely. 15-21"

10150 Rhododendron ‘Morning Cloud’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Springbok’) 3’, -5oF, M, -/-. The degronianum ssp. yakushimanum parentage shows in the nice compact form. Flowers are white with a very light lavender flush. 21-30", 30-36", 36-48"

10124 Rhododendron ‘Morning Sunshine’ — (probably contains ‘Crest’) 5’, 5oF, EM, 4/3. Great flowers of sunny primrose yellow have seven petals and are 4" across. They are displayed in a rounded truss of 14 flowers atop shiny green leaves on a plant that will bring "sunshine" to your garden. 10-15"

10167 Rhododendron ‘Moser’s Maroon’ — (parentage unknown) 5’, -10oF, ML, 2/3. New leaves are rosy-red and retain some red into maturity. Foliage is slightly waved, blunt tipped, and heavily ribbed. Very small, dark, wine red flowers on tight, smallish trusses cover this vigorous and spreading plant. 6-10"

11051 Rhododendron ‘Mossman’s Freckles’ — (probably [‘Fabia’ x thomsonii] x [smirnowii x bureavii]) 4’, -5oF, M-ML, 3-4. This plant probably came from Lem through Frank Mossman. The light pink flowers that are covered inside and out with "freckles", in other words small deeper pink markings cover the flower. The foliage is great and shows much influence of its parent bureavii. This may be the same plant as ‘Freckled Friend’, though we are not sure at the moment. No matter what, this is an unusual plant for your garden. 21-30", 30-36"

10748 Rhododendron ‘Mother Greer’ — (hippophaeoides x Subsection Triflora) 18", -15oF, M-ML, 3-4/4. We are very proud of this hybrid. It is a cross made by my mother some years ago, and it is named in her honor. The flowers remind you of R. hippophaeoides in shape, although they are much larger. Rich lavender flowers appear after all of the other blues are done. A very nice feature. Don’t ask me how it could happen from these two parents, but the foliage and plant remind me of R. hippophaeoides, only much more compact. It does not go through the distressed appearance during winter which is often typical of R. hippophaeoides. 6-10", 10-15"

10126 Rhododendron ‘Mount Everest’ — (campanulatum x griffithianum) 5’, -10oF, E, 4-3/4-3. An interesting rhododendron with narrow, pure white flowers in conical trusses. The plant has a vigorous, dense habit. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36", 48-60"

11049 Rhododendron ‘Mountain Majisty’ (strigillosum x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) — 4’, -5°F, EM, -/-. Foliage is one of the merits of this fine rhododendron. Its narrow fir green leaves have some indumentum on the underside. The tightly rounded truss is a rosy color, that you are bound to love. A wonderful plant all year! 10-15"

10210 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Betty Robertson’ — (‘Mrs. Lindsay Smith’ x campylocarpum hybrid) 4’, -5oF, M 3/3. Creamy yellow flowers with a red blotch on a plant with compact growth habit. Interesting, rough textured foliage has pointed, slightly twisting tips. SOLD OUT

10747 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Charles E. Pearson’ — (‘Coombe Royal’ x ‘Catawbiense Grandiflorum’) 6’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Flowers are light pink with brown spots. An oldie but goody that has stayed around and kept winning awards through the years. It was developed in 1909, received an Award of Merit in 1933 and then a First Class Certificate as late as 1955. Most hybrids win something only when they are new, never to be heard from again! Super vigorous with lush foliage. Sun and heat tolerant. 10-15", 21-30"

10952 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. E. C. Stirling’ — (griffithianum hybrid) 5’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Silver pink with a perfect upright truss. Large light green leaves on a plant that forms an upright habit in the young plant. As the plant matures it becomes spreading and rather open. A superb hybrid. 6-10"

10746 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Furnivall’ — (griffithianum hybrid x caucasicum hybrid) 4’, -15oF, ML, 5/3-4. Lovely flowers of light pink with striking blotch. Excellent plant with highest ratings. Reported to do well in the East. Without question a plant you should have in your garden. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

10745 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. G. W. Leak’ — (‘Coombe Royal’ x ‘Chevalier Felix de Sauvage’) 6’, 0oF, EM, 4/3. Tall, vigorous plant with olive-green leaves. Clear, light pink flowers have a dark blotch in an upright compact truss. Grows in sun or shade. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30", 30-36", 36-48"

10127 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Howard Phipps’ — (Phipps 45 x ‘Naomi’) 5’, -10oF, M, -/-. The medium orchid-pink flowers, in compact trusses of 13, are surrounded by matte green leaves. The plant has a wide and compact habit. 48-60"

10972 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. J. G. Millais’ — (unknown) 6’, -5oF, ML, 5/2-3. White with a huge gold blotch that really sets this off. Buds heavily even when young. This is one of the most magnificent flowers you will find. As it first opens it has a slight orchid touch to the flower that is a delightful contrast to the golden blotch. Fantastic and unlike other rhododendron flowers. 15-21"

11024 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Murple’s Purple’ — (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘Whitney’s Purple’) 5’, -10°F, ML, 4/4. Large, 5 lobed, ruffled, star-shaped flowers comprise a large ball truss that complements the attractive foliage and good growth habit. Each flower is a medium purple with a hint of red and fades to a white center with a gold blotch on the upper lobe. The reverse of each flower has more of a reddish tint which helps to create a lovely contrast with the white anthers. 6-10", 10-15"

10741 Rhododendron ‘Mrs. T. H. Lowinsky’ — (combination of catawbiense, maximum, and ponticum) 5’, -15oF, L, 4/3. A medium-compact plant with very dark green glossy leaves. Vigorous growing. Lavender buds open to white flowers with extremely striking orange-brown blotch. Flowers well. This is the plant that is often grown under the incorrect name of ‘Mrs. Tom H. Lowinsky’ which is probably not in cultivation. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36"

10739 Rhododendron ‘Myrtifolium’ — (minus var. minus x hirsutum) 3’, -15oF, L, 3/5. For heat and sun tolerance this is extremely good. We have one planted in the reflected sun on the west side of a white building, a hot spot. This plant has beautiful deep bronze-red foliage all winter and is a joy to view. It flowers very late in the season with small, medium pink flowers, great to extend the flowering time of rhododendrons. The plant is dense and well clothed in leathery leaves that are a rich, matte green in summer. A dependable rhododendron. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10319 Rhododendron ‘Nancy Evans’ — (‘Hotei’ x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 3’, 5oF, M, 5/4. Take a look at this plant’s parents, and it goes without saying that it must be a wonderful rhododendron. Shining, golden-yellow flowers combine with good foliage to produce a magnificent plant. It is simply excellent and it flowers young, so you won’t have to wait forever for your reward. 6-10", 10-15"

11059 Rhododendron ‘Naomi Glow’ — (‘Aurora’ x fortunei ssp. fortunei) 6’, -10oF, EM-M, 4/4. Large flowers that are a clear, ‘glowing’ pink are held in large rounded trusses. Plant habit is somewhat compact and leaves are large and rounded at both ends. A lovely member of the ‘Naomi’ family. 30-36"

10558 Rhododendron ‘Naomi Nautilus’ — (‘Aurora’ x fortunei ssp. fortunei) 5’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Rose flowers flushed pale orange with soft greenish-yellow in the throat. One of the finest of the ‘Naomi’ group. Certainly the best of the group for foliage and plant. Sold Out

10007 Rhododendron ‘Naselle’ — (‘Big Sam’ x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 4’, 10oF, EM, 5/4. Orange-pink buds open to exciting, two-toned flowers. The outer edges and back of the flower are a showy orange, framing the center of each petal which is a warm, sunny yellow. What a beautiful flower! The trusses are about 7’’ across. New growth is showy maroon turning to parsley-green. Here is a rhododendron you will be glad to have in your garden. Exceptional! 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10160 Rhododendron ‘Nelda Peach’ — (Unnamed peach colored hybrid x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 2’, 0oF, M, 4/4. Large, 7 lobed flowers with an open funnel shape are light yellowish-pink with reddish-orange speckling. Margins are pinkish, and flowers open a strong yellowish- pink in large ball-shaped trusses or 14. Elliptic forest- green leaves cover the mounding plant. 10-15"

10352 Rhododendron ‘Nestucca’ — (fortunei ssp. fortunei x yakushimanum) 3’, -10oF, M, 4/3-4. A beautiful white flower with green-brown in the throat. Compact plant habit with good foliage. An occasional sport with interesting freak foliage containing nothing but the midrib and a very narrow, rather strange-looking blade. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

11192 Rhododendron ‘New Century’ — 2-3’, -10oF, M-ML. (catawbiense hybrid (pale yellow flowers) x [unnamed pale yellow hybrid x ‘Bristol Cream’]) The ball shaped trusses on this rhody have cream yellow flowers rimmed with deeper yellow ruffles. The dorsal lobe has a deeper yellow blotch and soft green streaks, topped off with a short calyx this is a delicious flower reminiscent of grandma’s, farm fresh, whipped butter. 6-10", 10-15"

Rhododendron ‘Night Editor’ — See Rhododendron Species, Rhododendron russatum.

10874 Rhododendron ‘Nightwatch’ — (‘Cup Day’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, -5oF, M, 4/3. Similar to ‘Midnight’, this plant has flowers more lavender than soft red-purple with heavy, very dark spotting on the upper lobe and center. Foliage is pointed, glossy forest- green. 21-30"

10866 Rhododendron ‘Nike’ — (‘Tiddly Winks’ x ‘Nancy Evans’) 4’, -5oF, M, -/-. This is another wonderful hybrid from Thompson’s Nursery in Waldport, OR. Flower buds are orange, tipped in yellow, opening to a strong lemony yellow flower. 10-15", 15-21"

11060 Rhododendron ‘Nimbus’ — (‘Snow Queen x Cornish Loderi’) 6’, 0oF, ML, -/-. Creamy buds that are flushed dawn pink open to large white funnel shaped flowers with just a blush of pale pink. This very floriferous rhododendron has an upright and vigorous growth habit with a mature shape that will be broader than it is tall. Quite a beauty! 21-30"

10650 Rhododendron ‘Normandy’ — (‘Newburyport Beauty’ x ‘Newburyport Belle’) 3’, -20oF, ML, 4/4. Bright pink flowers of light texture have darker edges and orange spotting. A broad, rounded plant with dark green leaves. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10660 Rhododendron ‘Northern Starburst’ — (PJM, colchicine treated and confirmed to be tetraploid) 4’, -20oF, E-EM, -/-. Similar to ‘PJM Compact’, but a much stronger-growing plant, with larger and heavier blooms, stems and foliage. This is a four-season performer, beckoning to spring with fat reddish buds bursting into bright pink blooms, followed by new foliage of bright apple green. In fall, foliage changes from green to cinnamon then to deep purple as winter approaches. As a plus, it’s very hardy! 6-10"

10734 Rhododendron ‘Nova Zembla’ — (‘Parson’s Grandiflorum’ x hardy red hybrid) 5’, -25oF, M, 3/3. Here is true hardiness in a red. A vigorous plant that has good foliage and will grow in more difficult areas. This hybrid exhibits some outstanding characteristics. Of course, hardiness tops the list. A nice looking contrast with other plants. Extremely showy, red flowers make a real display in the spring. 6-10", 15-21", 30-36"

10438 Rhododendron ‘Noyo Brave’ — (‘Noyo Chief’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’) 3’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. Leaves are medium to large; 2½’’ flowers are a lively bright pink, dulling as they age, with a very small, glowing red blotch, held in a well rounded truss of up to 22. 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10133 Rhododendron ‘Noyo Dream’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x arboreum) 3’, -5oF?, E-EM, 4/4. This delightful plant was hybridized by Bill Moyles in Oakland, CA, and was grown and named in Fort Bragg, CA. A wonderful plant for both foliage and flowers. The flower buds first show color as a rich rose-red, gradually becoming a lighter rose-pink for a beautiful, two toned effect. The fine foliage is typical of yakushimanum hybrids with light wooly indumentum on the underside of the leaf. A compact growing plant of exceptional beauty! 6-10"

13062 Rhododendron ‘Noyo Snow’ — (yakushimanum x aborium) 3’, 15oF, M, 4/4. Pink brushed white flowers in a ball truss give us a fine show. This is not a plant for our colder regions, but for those that can grow it, they will be rewarded with a fine plant in all seasons. 10-15"

10732 Rhododendron ‘Oceanlake’ — (‘Blue Diamond’ x ‘Sapphire’) 30", -5oF, EM, 4/4. Deep violet-blue flowers make a charming display on this small-leafed hybrid. The foliage turns interesting tones in winter. Will take sun. 6-10"

10731 Rhododendron ‘Odee Wright’ — (‘Idealist’ x ‘Mrs. Betty Robertson’) 4’, -5oF, M, 5/4. A compact grower with waxy, green leaves and deep, clear yellow trusses, large and exceptionally beautiful. One you won’t want to miss. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10214 Rhododendron ‘Odoratum’ — (ponticum x nudiflorum) 4’, -15oF, ML, 2/3. This old azaleodendron should not be overlooked in today’s gardens. It is delightfully fragrant. Orchid-lilac flowers are nicely accented by the moss green foliage. Heat tolerant. 10-15", 36-48"

10728 Rhododendron ‘Old Copper’ — (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Fabia’) 5’, -5oF, L, 4/3-4. Late in the spring when most rhododendrons are finished blooming for the year, ‘Old Copper’ shows its large orange trusses. I always appreciate this last flower in the season. Foliage is perky and attractive. Said to be a variety that does well in hotter climates. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

Rhododendron ‘Old Port’ — See ‘Whitney Purple’.

10877 Rhododendron ‘Olga Mezitt’ — (minus var. minus Carolinianum Group x minus var. minus) 3’, -15oF, EM, 4/3-4. In winter, this plant is covered with mahogany colored, small leaves which are bright green in summer. But just wait until spring comes, when it is transformed by numerous trusses of clear pink on every limb of the plant. It’s hardy and sun tolerant making it especially valued if you don’t have much shade in your garden. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

10726 Rhododendron ‘Olin O. Dobbs’ — (‘Mars’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 4’, -15oF, M, 5/3. A variety that is a very deep, waxy red-purple. The flowers have tremendous substance and are so waxy that it is hard to believe they are real. Buds young. Much like ‘Mars’ in growth and plant habit. The trusses are large and compact in a perfect conical shape. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10725 Rhododendron ‘Olympic Lady’ — (‘Loderi King George’ x williamsianum) 3’, -5oF, EM, 3-4/4. Compact-spreading plant with large, white, cup shaped flowers. A nicely shaped plant that covers itself with blooms. 10-15"

10638 Rhododendron ‘One Thousand Butterflies’ — (‘Lem’s Cameo’ x ‘Pink Petticoats’) 5’, 0oF, ML, 5/3. This is a most attractive rhododendron, and one that we are very excited about. The flowers are a rich, bright rose color, with a lighter rose shading within. It has a cardinal red blotch and flare, in the shape of a butterfly. The plant grows upright, almost as wide as it is tall. The leaves are a dark yellowish-green, and when you see both of these together, it is a beautiful sight! 10-15", 15-21"

13135 Rhododendron ‘Orange Leopard’ — (‘Voluptuous’ x ‘Point Defiance’) 3’, 0oF, LM, -/-. Flowers are a pastel purple-pink in the center, the edges are strong purplish-pink, dorsal part heavily spotted with strong red, calyx is a medium red-orange. A nice plant and flower even though it doesn’t show the "orange" in its’ name that well. 15-21"

11291 Rhododendron ‘Opal Luster’ — (‘Nancy Evans’ x ‘Percy Wiseman’) 6’, 0oF, M-ML, 5/4. These dense ruffled trusses are truly as named! Medium pink buds open to light pink-white flowers with a wavy edge. Nectaries are dark red with a yellow flush from the centers of the flowers and dissipating outward. Foliage is dark green, semi glossy and heavy on a large open growing shrub. You’ll want this gem in your garden! 15-21"

10255 Rhododendron ‘Orange Marmalade’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Mrs. Lammot Copeland’) 3’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Delightful, lax orange trusses have a slight salmon-pink hue after emerging from dark red buds. Flowers mature to rich amber-yellow. Was known as ‘Orange Bells’. 6-10", 21-30", 30-36"

11216 Rhododendron ‘Orchid Mist’ — (degronianum ssp yakushimanum Exbury x ‘Frank Gaulsworthy’) 2-3’, -20oF, M, 4/4. "Concord grape juice" buds, open to lavender flowers with a lighter, more blue lavender edge. The dorsal lobe has a greenish yellow blotch. A tremendous sight over the yak-like foliage and habit. 15-21"

10291 Rhododendron ‘Oudijk’s Sensation’ — (‘Essex Scarlet’ x williamsianum) 4’, -10oF, EM, 3-4/4. Deep, bright rose flowers with darker edges and spotting on the upper petal give this plant a glowing appearance. A dense, rounded shrub, with heart shaped leaves, pointed at the ends. Another hybrid from Hobbie in Germany that was introduced by Fa Le Feber in Holland. Winner of three Gold Medals! 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 36-48"

11026 Rhododendron ‘Our First’ — (ponticum hybrid) 4’, -15°F, ML-L, 3/3. This 5 lobed flower is magenta-rose on the outer margins and fades to a light violet in the center with yellow spots on the upper lobe. It has dark green, glossy foliage on what is usually a tidy growth habit. Coincidentally, this was the first rhododendron we purchased before we knew anything about rhododendrons! 21-30"

13088 Rhododendron ‘Overture’ — (‘Vulcan’ x pseudochrysanthum) 4’, 0°F, EM, 4/4. A ball truss with funnel shaped flowers in shades of purple-red to purple-pink. Glossy foliage with tan indumentum. 15-21"

10136 Rhododendron ‘Pacific Sunset’ — ([‘Peach Lady’ x ‘Tally Ho’] x ‘Malemute’) 4’, 10oF, M. -/-. This interesting rhododendron has lax trusses of wavy edged flowers. They are carmine-pink with a yellow shaded throat that is accented by dorsal spotting of brick red. The plant is covered with dark green, narrowly oblong foliage. Grows to a width greater than its height. Very attractive and showy. 15-21", 30-36"

10259 Rhododendron ‘Papaya Punch’ — (‘Hotei’ x ‘Brandt’s Tropicana’) 4’, 0oF, EM, 4/3. The buds of this variety are a mixture of yellow and pink, with the flowers being a yellow with a pale orange-yellow edging. Red spotting in the throat adds to its beauty. A spreading plant, clothed in matte green foliage. 10-15"

10233 Rhododendron ‘Paprika Spiced’ — (‘Hotei’ x ‘Brandt’s Tropicana’) 3’, 0oF, M, 5/3-4. An appropriately named, exciting plant. The pale creamy yellow flowers are surrounded by an explosion of paprika-red spots! It has a huge calyx and a faint hue of pink is present on the back of the upper petal. 15-21"

10286 Rhododendron ‘Party Pink’ — (‘Mrs. Furnivall’ x catawbiense var. album) 5’, -20oF, M, 5/5. Large ball shaped trusses of soft orchid-pink with a startling greenish-yellow flare on the upper petal. A broad growing plant which branches well. Wide leaves are held for several years. It’s won all the awards, a Conditional Award, an Award of Excellence, and the very coveted Superior Plant Award which has only been awarded five times in more than 20 years! 6-10"

11280 Rhododendron ‘Patriot’s Dream’ — (‘Carmen’ x degronianum ssp yakushimanum) 2’, -5oF, M, 4/5. Who can resist a compact dwarf plant with shinning deep green leaves and equally shinning rich red bell shaped flowers? Not I. This cultivar has everything as befits an offspring with such charming parents. 10-15"

10345 Rhododendron ‘Patty Bee’ — (keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ x fletcheranum) 18", -10oF, EM, 5/4-5. A compact plant heavily clothed with inch long, fir green leaves. In winter the foliage turns a delightful maroon red. When spring arrives, even very young plants will be covered with masses of bright lemon yellow. The flowers are quite large for the plant. It’s a vigorous plant that grows well! 6-10", 10-15"

10710 Rhododendron ‘Paul R. Bosley’ — (Dexter Bosley #1085 x unknown - unknown could be catawbiense) 4’, 0oF, M, -/-. The large foliage is dark green and recurved. It densely covers the compact, upright plant. Large trusses are composed of medium pink flowers, each having a red blotch. 15-21", 21-30"

10427 Rhododendron ‘Pawhuska’ — ([‘Palmer’ x ‘Loderi King George’] x ‘Madame Masson’) 5’, - 5oF, ML, 4/4. In the language of the Osage, ‘Pawhuska’ means "white hair", and the name fits beautifully. Round, full trusses of very white flowers have a soft ray of yellow shooting out of the center and up the dorsal lobe. This hybrid was developed by Tom and Emma Bowhan of Eugene and it’s showy! The foliage is large and glossy. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21". 21-30"

11047 Rhododendron ‘Peach Ann’ — (‘King of Shrubs’ hybrid) 5’, 5oF, ML, -/-. This plant named by Jim Barlup from Bob Sterling, is a pleasant warm peach color that glows in the sunlight. A plant with interesting foliage and growth you will want in your garden. 21-30"

13104 Rhododendron ‘Peach Charm’ — (‘Nancy Evans’ x [’Whopper’ x ‘Lem’s Cameo’]) 5’, 0oF, EM, -/-. A ball truss with 17 broadly funnel-shaped, wavy edged, strong red budded flowers that open to a moderate pink with a picotee edge of light orange-yellow. It has two strong red flares. 10-15"

13136 Rhododendron ‘Peek-a-boo’ — ([‘Carmen’ x Moonstone Group] x elliottii) 1’, 0oF, M, -/-. Deep blook red blooms. 1" by 1/2" leaves on this dwarf plant. Good tucked in any small place to draw your eye. 10-15"

11027 Rhododendron ‘Peggie Roberts’ — ([‘Fancy’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum] x ‘Coronation Day’) 4’, -5°F, ML, -/-. Dark pink buds open to a medium pink flower with a striking, dark pink-red center. As the rest of the flower fades to white, the darker center stays the same, creating a showy contrast of color on this lovely, dark foliaged plant. 21-30", 30-36"

13007 Rhododendron ‘Peggy Zabel’ — (Unknown) 6’, -5°F, M, 4/4. A Briggs Nursery introduction with a ball truss of open funnel-shaped , wavy edged flowers of a pale yellow white with a green calyx. It is moderately scented with a wintergreenlike scent. 21-30"

10992 Rhododendron ‘Peppermint Twist’ — (hyperythrum x ‘Princess Elizebeth’) 3.5’,-15oF, E, -/-. Funnel-shaped flowers in trusses of 12 with 5 wavy-edged lobes begin as red buds, opening to pink with a white throat and red spotting on dorsal lobe. Blooms eventually fade to white. Delightful rhody that just looks lovely in the garden. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10698 Rhododendron ‘Percy Wiseman’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Fabia Tangerine’ selfed) 3’, -10oF, M, 4/4. A compact plant with dark green foliage, and very pretty trusses composed of dark pink buds unfolding to soft peach-yellow fading to white. 6-10"

10211 Rhododendron ‘Perfectly Pink’ — (‘Babylon’ x unknown) 6’, -5oF, E, 5/5. Flowers of soft, perfect pink are enhanced by a ring of deep maroon red in the center. The edges of the large flowers roll back, forming a giant truss which is so lovely! The glossy leaves are up to 10" long making a ring of excellent foliage under the trusses. Very heavy stems are strong enough to support the weighty trusses. 15-21", 21-30", 30-36"

10049 Rhododendron ‘Perfume’ — (fortunei ssp. fortunei x unknown) 5’, 0oF, M, 3-4/3-4. Spicy fragrance fills the air when this beauty is in flower. Large, lax trusses are light pink with faint red spotting. Some shade required for best performance. 10-15"

10137 Rhododendron ‘Peter Alan’ — ([‘Blue Peter’ x ‘Purple Splendour’] x ‘Blue Perfecta’) 4½’, 0oF, M, 4/4. An outstanding rhododendron that won the "Best Blue" award 1982, Great Lakes Chapter, ARS. Glossy, deep green foliage densely covers the vigorous grower. The broad, upright plant has purplish blue flowers accented with a darker eye. 10-15", 15-21"

11086 Rhododendron ‘Peter Bee’ — (hanceanum ‘Nanum’ x keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’) 1’, -10oF, EM, -/-. Small leaves on a rounded dwarf plant with a total covering of pale yellow-green, wavy edged blossoms in spring. Quite the little charmer! 10-15"

10375 Rhododendron ‘Peter Faulk’ — (strigillosum x unknown) 3’, 10oF, VE, 4/3. Another exciting strigillosum hybrid with early red flowers and long, slender foliage. Each leaf is held by densely hairy petioles and each is covered with a layer of tawny, patchy indumentum. 21-30"

10344 Rhododendron ‘Phyllis Korn’ — (‘Diane’ x ‘Gomer Waterer’) 5’, -15oF, M, 4/4. Large, glossy green, thick textured leaves, make this one of those plants you will enjoy viewing when not in flower. It blooms with soft, creamy yellow trusses which have a touch of red in the throat. A flower of the aristocrat! 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10445 Rhododendron ‘Pierce’s Apricot’ — (unknown) 4’, 0oF, E-EM, 4/4. Deep red-pink buds open to a flesh toned apricot. However, the top flowers of the truss retain a strong pink color looking as though there were two distinctly different flowers in the same truss. Very striking and a certain attention getter for your garden. 15-21"

13005 Rhododendron ‘Pink Funk A Do’ — (unknown) 9’, 0oF, VE-VL, 5/5. Extremely rare! Bright pink flowers and bright red bark. Grows to 100' and smells absolutely terrible. This is a must for any garden! It should be noted that this tree will remain invisible until touched by a unicorn or a virgin. So far we haven't been able to locate any of the specimens growing here at Greer Gardens despite the large unicorn population on-site. We got you on this one???

10993 Rhododendron ‘Pink Flourish’ — (catawbiense var. album x [(decorum x griffithianum)] x catawbiense hybrid) 3’, -25oF, M, 3/3. A nice hardy choice for a small but robust rhody. Leaves are medium to large with pale pink flowers that are deeper pink on the outside and edges, with a small splash of cinnamon in the throat. 30-36", 48-60"

10900 Rhododendron ‘Pink Jeans’ — (griffithianum hybrid) 5’, -5oF, M, 4/4. ‘Jean Marie de Montague’ has produced several sports including a variegated form. This one has the exceptional dark green foliage. The flowers are gorgeous starting with red buds that open to a strong purplish red at the rim. This is shaded to a yellow-white at the center. There is a strong red spotting on the ventral half of the flower, and a rose red star in the throat. Unsurpassed for tolerance of adverse growing conditions! 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10141 Rhododendron ‘Pink Parasol’ — (selected seedling of degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) 30", -15oF, EM, 4/4. Growth habit and foliage are typical of species. White flowers open from vibrant deep purplish pink buds. 10-15"

13146 Rhododendron ‘Pink Ribbons’ — ('Paprika Spice' x 'Jezebell') 4'. Same color as the breast cancer ribbon. Dense. Taller than wide.  6-10" $25.00 ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CANCER RESEARCH

10554 Rhododendron ‘Pink Sherbet’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum (Exbury form) x unknown) 3’, -5oF, M, - /-. Reddish pink flowers fade to almost white. It is an excellent rhododendron, like most ‘yak’ hybrids, round, very full and dense with the most attractive woolly indumentum. Previously known as ‘Pink Ice’. 15-21", 21-30"

10589 Rhododendron ‘Pink Snowflakes’ — (racemosum x moupinense) 2’, 0oF, E, 4/4. ‘Pink Snowflakes’ is a small plant with glossy green leaves and beautiful bright red flower buds that make the plant extra attractive all winter. In the early spring, the beauty bursts forth as the pastel pink-to-white flowers cover the plant. Each flower has a spot of red-purple in the throat. Most beautiful! The new foliage is bronze-red. When you grow this plant you’ll understand why it receives such rave reviews! 6-10", 10-15"

10713 Rhododendron ‘Pink Walloper’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Marinus Koster’) 6’, -5oF, M, 5/5. Syn. ‘Lem’s Monarch’. Huge satin pink trusses with deeper rose edges make a thrilling display. Large, deep green leaves with reddish leaf stems cover this sturdy plant. Its new growth stems are often larger than a finger; they have to be large to hold the weight of its fabulous trusses! Dr. Frank Mossman discovered this hybrid of Halfdan Lem’s during one of his many trips to visit Mr. Lem. 6-10", 10-15"

10629 Rhododendron ‘Pioneer Silvery Pink’ — (‘Pioneer’ seedling) 4’, -20oF, E, -/-. This is the proper name of the plant that came from Fruit Valley as Silvery Pink. Long, lustrous, dark green leaves beautifully frame the shiny, clear pink flowers. It is a wide, upright growing and vigorous plant. Very elegant! 15-21", 21-30"

10712 Rhododendron ‘PJM’ — (minus var. minus Carolinianum Group x dauricum) 4’, -25oF, E, 4/4. This new hybrid is cold hardy as well as tolerant of heat and sun. Its small, rounded leaves are green during the summer and mahogany colored in winter. ‘PJM’s’ early bright lavender-pink flowers are beautiful against its dark colored winter foliage. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

10531 Rhododendron ‘Platinum Pearl’ — (‘Trude Webster’ x fortunei ssp. discolor) 6’, -10oF, ML, 4/4. Tests performed in California and Georgia, showed good tolerance to heat as well as cold and adverse cultivation. This strong grower forms huge flower buds early in the fall. Each pearl pink flower is made more showy by a dark rose blotch at the base. The foliage is large, leek green and on sturdy stems that are well able to hold up the huge trusses. Best grown in light shade where the foliage develops to near perfection. 15-21", 21-30", 36-48", 48-60"

10591 Rhododendron ‘Plum Beautiful’ — (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘A. Bedford’) 5’, -10oF, ML, 4/3. Here is a sturdy growing plant. The leathery green leaves have a slight downward twist making a valued foliage plant. Those huge dark purple trusses have a showy black marking on the upper petal. This really is a sensational hybrid! 15-21", 21-30"

10711 Rhododendron ‘Point Defiance’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Marinus Koster’) 6’, -5oF, M, 5/4-5. This WHOPPER is a clone from Halfdan Lem’s Walloper group. Its large succulent flowers have pink picotee edges which become lighter pink then white in the flower center. Attractive, dark green leaves, make this a plant to remember. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10181 Rhododendron ‘Point Fosdick’ — (parentage unknown) 4’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. Indescribable fuchsia-plum flowers appear on a rather compact plant. Foliage emerges bronze colored and is very appealing. 6-10", 21-30"

10709 Rhododendron ‘Polar Bear’ — (diaprepes x auriculatum) 6’, -5oF, L-VL, 3/3. Large, fragrant, white flowers have a green throat. The vigorous heavy growth creates a large plant rapidly. Also great because its icy white flowers appear so late and have such a beautiful lily like aroma! 10-15"

13099 Rhododendron ‘Polarnacht’ — (‘Turkana’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 4’, -10oF, M-L, 5/4-5. This frilly very deep dark purple flowered plant is almost twice as wide as high. White stamens and dark red spotting in the throat set off these flowers. If you are attracted to purple this is a "must have" Rhododendron. 6-10"

10142 Rhododendron ‘Pom Pom’ — (‘Katrina’ x ‘Lem’s Cameo’) 5’, 0oF, M, 4-5/4. The name describes it perfectly! Each rounded truss is like a large "pom pom" of warm, vibrant rose-pink mixed with orange overtones. It has yellow in the throat, some light pink in the center and some purple on the edges. The big trusses are full of flowers topping deep green leaves. Another winning hybrid from Thompsons. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10956 Rhododendron ‘Pontiyak’ — (ponticum x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) 3’, -5°F, ML, 3/3/4. Compact with a rounded habit, this plant has delicate pink flowers, forming flat, small trusses. Slight indumentum on the foliage. 6-10", 10-15"

10994 Rhododendron ‘Powder Mill Run’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Mars’) 3’, -5oF, ML,-/-. Wow, 24 flowers to each ball shaped truss! The dark pink flowers grade to white and are beautifully displayed in a backdrop of long, narrow leaves. A fine smaller shrub for formal display or mixed in a border. 10-15", 15-21"

13037 Rhododendron ‘Praecox’ — (ciliatum x dauricum) 4’, -5oF, E, 3/3. Early in the spring these misty orchid-pink flowers burst forth to make clouds of color in the garden. This hybrid has small glossy leaves on an attractive rounded plant. 10-15"

10708 Rhododendron ‘President Lincoln’ — (catawbiense hybrid) 6’, -25oF, ML, 2/3. This is hardy and does well anywhere. The tight upright trusses of orchid pink sport a bronzy blotch on the upper petal. This is a large growing plant and is very hardy in cold climates. A superb selection. 3-6"

10707 Rhododendron ‘President Roosevelt’ — (arboreum hybrid) 4’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. Showy is the most descriptive word for ‘President Roosevelt’. Both foliage and flower are multicolored. The frilly flower is red, fading to white in the center, and leaves have bold golden streaks along the midrib. A very unusual plant! 6-10", 10-15"

10957 Rhododendron ‘Pretty Baby’ — (‘Cornubia’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) 4’, 5oF, E, 4/4. Wonderful foliage, on a spectacular plant, makes this an outstanding addition to the rhododendron world. Pink flowers start out more red ending with a deeper picotee edge around a whiter center. 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10182 Rhododendron ‘Pretty Woman’ — (‘Orange Marmalade’ x ‘Pink Petticoats’) 5’, 0oF, M. Raspberry buds open to show white flowers with ruffled, raspberry trimmed edges, reminiscent of a ‘Pretty Woman’s petticoat. Trusses are large (about 7’’) and full, and are held quite primly atop forest green foliage. What an eye catcher! 30-36"

11052 Rhododendron ‘Pride of Roseburg’ — (‘Point Defiance’ x ‘Trude Webster’) 6’, -5oF, M, -/-. Another fabulous new hybrid from Merle Sanders in Roseburg, Oregon. It is from the same cross as ‘Gentle Giant’ and also has gigantic flowers. The soft pink flowers radiate with beauty on top of lovely deep green leaves. Wow! This is a must for your garden. 6-10"

10706 Rhododendron ‘Princess Anne’— (keiskei x hanceanum) 2’, -10oF, EM, 4/4. We now have discovered that this is the correct name for the plant ‘Golden Fleece’. It is a beautiful yellow with a slight greenish cast. Foliage turns various shades of bronze depending on the weather. Compact plant habit. A fantastic plant for both foliage and flower. 6-10"

10144 Rhododendron ‘Proteo-pron’ — (proteoides x pronum) 1’, -10oF, EM, -/-. Here is the ULTIMATE collector’s rhododendron!!! This is a mating of two of the MOST EXCLUSIVE rhododendrons any one can own. R. proteoides and R. pronum are considered the finest and most outstanding and unusual foliage rhododendrons possible. This new hybrid combines the best of both species, while giving them more hybrid vigor. However, it is going to stay a very small plant through out its life. The flowers will be pink in bud opening to white as are its parents. Here is the finest foliage made even better! A plant originating with the Thompson’s in Waldport, Oregon. The name we are using for this plant, is unofficial code name, in the future we will come up with a better name. 6-10"

10958 Rhododendron proteoides x macabeanum — 1-4’, 0oF, EM, -/5. Here is the mating of a "mouse" and an "elephant". One of the smallest rhododendrons crossed with one of the largest. These are grown from seed, so each will be different though they are uniformly beautiful foliage plants. Flowers will be white to cream, with some marking in the throat and should be very attractive. But, more than anything you will want to grow this for its foliage and plant, that will shine in deep luscious green with some indumentum under the leaves and also on the top of the new growth. This is an outstanding, rarely made cross, so get some of these while they are available. This cross was made by Willard Thompson of Waldport, Oregon. 15-21"

11138 Rhododendron proteoides x macabeanum ‘best foliage’ form — 1-4’, 0oF, EM, -/5. This cross just keeps getting better and better! Chosen by Roy Thompson as an improved foliage form. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

11139 Rhododendron proteoides x macabeanum ‘Yellowest’ — 1-4’, 0oF, EM, -/5. Yet one more Roy Thompson selection from an excellent cross with an exceptionally yellow flower. 6-10"

10704 Rhododendron ‘Puget Sound’ — (‘Loderi King George’ x ‘Van Nes Sensation’) 6’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Fragrant, large, pink ruffled flowers are loosely held atop this majestic rhododendron. Thick, deep green, glossy leaves attached to rosy leaf stems ornately color this vigorous growing plant. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30", 48-60"

10702 Rhododendron ‘Purple Gem’ — (fastigiatum x minus var. minus Carolinianum Group) 2’, -25oF, EM, 3/4. Similar to the popular ‘Ramapo’, this plant has leaves that are slightly more rust colored and flowers which are deeper purple-violet. New foliage emerges with beautiful blue tones. 10-15"

11104 Rhododendron ‘Purple Jack’ — (ponticum hybrid) 5’, -5oF, ML, 4/3.Medium upright and conical trusses hold flowers of light plum for show. A lovely mid green narrow leaved shrub with strong growth. 10-15"

10381 Rhododendron ‘Purple Lace’ — (‘Britannia’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, -5oF, ML, 4/4. Lacy purple with glossy green foliage. Looks like a real rival for ‘Purple Splendour’. This is one of our favorites. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10995 Rhododendron ‘Purple Passion’ pp#9981 — (unknown )6’, -25oF, M, -/-. Vivid, wavy, reddish purple flowers with a white blotch comprise the huge trusses of 12-16. Purple spots adorn the centers of each flower, while the edges are a strong purplish red and the outside is vivid purple. If purple is your passion, this is the rhododendron for you! 6-10"

10701 Rhododendron ‘Purple Splendour’ — (ponticum hybrid) 5’, -5oF, ML, 4/3. Still the deepest purple, this king of the royal purples has a black throat making it appear even darker. Rich green foliage accentuates this courtly beauty. Plant in an area with good drainage. 6-10", 10-15"

10175 Rhododendron ‘Purpureum Elegans’ — (catawbiense hybrid) 5’, -25oF, ML, 2/3. Don’t let the rating of this plant deter you. While it may not be a ‘Trude Webster’, this hardy plant is quite adaptable to unfriendly climatic conditions. The flowers are a blue-purple. A good plant with nice foliage. 6-10", 10-15"

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DEC 2012