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DEC 2012


This price list covers all plants EXCEPT those marked otherwise in the catalog text. Prices subject to change without notice.

6-10" (15-25 cm)    $21.95

10-15" (25-38 cm)   $34.95

15-21" (38-53 cm)   $47.95

21-30" (53-76 cm)   $59.95

30-36" (76-91 cm)   $89.95

36-48" (91-121 cm)  $119.95

48-60" (121-152 cm) $185.95



Based on flowering time in Oregon

VE January through to March 15th.

E March 15th to April 15th.

EM April 15th to May 1st.

M May 1st to May 15th.

ML May 15th to June 1st.

L June 1st to June 15th.

VL June 15th thru August.



The sets of numbers after each description indicate the sizes available for sale. For example: 3-6" would read 3" to 6" size. If it states 3-6", 10-15", thru 15-21" it means that the 3-6" size, plus the 10-15" size thru the 15-21" size are available at the time the catalog is prepared. We do not list varieties or sizes that we do not have available at the time of inventory; however due to weather and sales, availability can change rapidly. Size is generally measured across the width of the plant. on some upright growing varieties height is also taken into consideration.



(The last two numbers after the code for flowering season)

1st number = flower

2nd number = plant & foliage

Scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best.


10000 Rhododendron ‘A. Bedford’ — (mauve seedling x ponticum) 6’, -5oF, ML, 4/3. This large growing, vigorous rhododendron tolerates exposure to full sun. Its funnel shaped flowers with ruffled edges are pale mauve to lavender-blue with a distinctive dark blotch. This is a good selection for a background plant. 36-48"

10605 Rhododendron ‘Abe Arnott’ — (‘Marchioness of Landsdowne’ x ‘Lee’s Dark Purple’) 5’, -5oF, M-ML, 3-4/3-4. Upright and moderately open, the orchid purple flowers have a dark purple, heavy blotch on the upper lobe. Large ball shaped trusses. A stunning plant. 6-10"

11111 Rhododendron ‘Abendsonne’ — (‘John Walter’ x dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx) 4’, 5oF, EM, 4/3. Bell-shaped orange-red flowers blending to a touch of apricot in the throat. The plant habit is compact and rounded, and has dark green leaves. Nice all around. 21-30"

11112 Rhododendron ‘Aesthetica’ — (smirnowii x bureavii) 5’, -10oF, EM, 3/4-5. This is a Ben Lancaster cross well worth having. 3’’ flowers with wavy edges that are pink in bud, opening to a light blue pink and aging to white are held in ball trusses of 10 to 15. With these parents, the plant will indeed be fine. 15-21", 21-30"



Rhododendron ‘Aglo’ — SEE ‘WESTONS AGLO'

10010 Rhododendron ‘Aladdin’ (griersonianum x auriculatum) 6’, 0oF, L, 3/3. In the spring, when everything else is nearly finished, you will be blessed with the trumpet shaped flowers that are a super shade of pastel pink with a deep pink throat. Narrow, sharply pointed leaves are covered with dense short hairs. 30-36"

10973 Rhododendron ‘Album Elegans’ — (catawbiense hybrid) 6’, -20oF, L, 2/2-3. The habit on this plant is rather open with good foliage and a strong growth character. Lovely, mauve tinged white flowers have greenish yellow throats, spotted dark on upper petal and set in rounded trusses. Definitely an elegant plant. 30-36"

10921 Rhododendron ‘Alena’ — (‘Cunningham’s White’ x decorum) 5’, 10oF, EM, 4/4. Introduced from the Czech Republic, this sun tolerant plant has fragrant white flowers with yellow spotting in the throat. There will be a slight blush on new flowers. Dark glossy leaves cover the broad, mounding plant. 21-30"

11229 Rhododendron ‘Amber Lantern’ — (keiskei hybrid) 2’, -5oF, E, 4/3-4. This low growing, little leaved, variety is great for foundation plantings. The buds break plum colored and open to pale yellow, wavy edged flowers with light green spotting in the throat. Foliage is hairless and olive green like its parent. Let this one light up your yard from now on. 21-30"

11183 Rhododendron ‘Amber Touch’ — (‘Brinny’ x Whitney late, frilled, yellow hybrid) 3’, 10oF, M-ML, -/-. Wavy edged seven lobed flowers form a domed truss on this Rhody. Flowers are light yellow with a hint of pink on the edges and red nectaries. Medium green, hairless leaves are slightly pointed at the tips and contrast with their yellow-green stems. 21-30"

10080 Rhododendron ‘Anah Kruschke’ — (ponticum seedling) 6’, -15oF, ML-L, 3-4/3. A good looking rhododendron that grows well in sunny, hot locations. Its reddish-purple flowers are held in medium sized, tight trusses. Dense and lush foliage with dark green leaves. 6-10", 10-15"

11281 Rhododendron ‘Angel Glow’ — (maximum, white form x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Kochiro Wada) 5’, -15oF, ML, 4/4. If you like well formed, compact plants that cover themselves with "glowing" white full trusses in late May, this is indeed the plant for you. Do we need to say that this is a good looking plant all year? 10-15"

10054 Rhododendron ‘Angel Wings’ — (‘Loderi Pink Diamond’ x Polar Bear Group) 5’, -5oF, M, -/-.This fragrant variety has mulberry buds before its flowers open blush lavender. As you may guess from the parents, it has large leaves, up to 10’’ long. More open growing, this one is great for naturalizing the fringes of your planned landscape. SOLD OUT

13045 Rhododendron ‘Anita Gehnrich’ — (Jean Marie de Montague’ x yakushimanum) 3’, 0oF, M, 4/4. The flowers are strong red in bud, opening deep pink on wavy edged blooms with fuchsia red spotting, and then fading to purple pink. The dark green leaves have a felted indumentum. 21-30"

13093 Rhododendron ‘Anke Heinje’ — (yakushimanum ‘Kochiro Wada’ X ‘America’) 3’, -15°F, L, 3/3 This a German hybrid with red buds open to rosy pink flowers held in compact trusses of 16 to 20 flowers. Leaves are dark green with beige indumentum. 10-15"

10110 Rhododendron ‘Anna’ — (‘Norman Gill’ x ‘Jean Marie de Montague’) 6’, 0oF, M, 5/3. A hybrid of Lem’s which he included in his later hybridizing. Huge flowers on equally huge trusses open deep pink, then gradually lighten to a pastel pink. A deep, rich, red eye colors the center of each flower. The large leaved new growth is bronze which slowly changes to deep green. 10-15", 21-30"

10285 Rhododendron ‘Anna H. Hall’ — (‘Catalgla’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) 3’, -25oF, M, 3/3. This is a hardy little semi-dwarf with medium sized leaves which resemble its parent yakushimanum. It’s a fine plant with dense foliage which is bound to be beautiful year round in your yard. The flowers are intense pink in the bud, opening to snowy white, in trusses to 15 flowers. What a magnificent "ball of snow" this plant will make as it flowers in your yard. And, if you need hardiness, it’s rock hardy and will grow in climates where most other rhododendrons won’t. It’s a "yak" hybrid so it’s got to be good! 6-10"

10120 Rhododendron ‘Anna Rose Whitney’ — (griersonianum x ‘Countess of Derby’) 6’, -5oF, ML, 4/3. Here is a plant which typifies all that is good about rhododendrons. This plant grows quickly to form a very large, densely foliaged, well shaped rhododendron. Deep rose-pink flowers are held in large, open trusses. 6-10, 10-15", 15-21"

10923 Rhododendron ‘Anna’ x ‘Kilimanjaro’ — 5’, 0oF, ML, -/-. Here is an exceptional new red hybrid, from two great parents. It was produced by the great hybridizer Dr. Brockenbrough in Bellevue, Washington. It produces large trusses of bright red flowers that are showy and delightful. Desirable green leaves are enjoyable. 21-30", 36-48"

10333 Rhododendron ‘Anna’ x Yak #2 — 3’, -5oF, M, -/-. This hybrid from the late James Elliott in Astoria, Oregon has beautiful ruffled trusses opening light pink and gradually changing to pristine white. Of course as a yakushimanum hybrid, it is a good looking, exceptional plant all year long. We are sure you will want to add this plant to your garden. 21-30", 30-36"

10924 Rhododendron ‘Anna’s Riplet’ — (forrestii ssp. forrestii Repens Group x ‘Letty Edwards’) 3’, 0oF, EM, 4/3. Quite an interesting turn of events occurs with this beautiful hybrid from Lem. At first it appears as though the flower will be lovely rose-pink, however, as it matures the color changes to a soft yellow! Great, rounded plant habit that buds well. 10-15"

11022 Rhododendron ‘Anne Cree’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum, Exbury form x ‘Chevalier Felix de Sauvage’) 1.5’, 10oF, M,4/4. This is a nice low growing, compact plant that covers itself with deep pink buds which open to light pink flowers with a prominent deep pink blotch. Each truss holds 25 ruffled flowers! 15-21"

10883 Rhododendron ‘Anne’s Delight’ — (unknown) 3’, 0oF, EM, 4/3-4. Wavy, glossy dark green leaves are just an extra for this beautiful plant. The Whitney collection of rhododendrons boasts superb yellows and golds and this lovely plant is right at the top of the list with its yellow flowers with red spotting in the throat. 30-36"

10670 Rhododendron ‘Anniversary Gold’ — (‘King of Shrubs Crest’ x ‘Golden Star’) 4’, 0oF, M, 4/4/4. Bold golden-yellow blooms and compact nature. Leaves are a deep green on this hybrid that was developed by C. Smith in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the American Rhododendron Society. 10-15"

10130 Rhododendron ‘Antoon van Welie’ — (‘Pink Pearl’ hybrid) 6’, -5oF, ML, 4/3-4. The flowers are deep pure pink forming BIG trusses. It has broad leaves that are waxy and attractive. A vigorous, sturdy and handsome plant. SOLD OUT

10805 Rhododendron ‘Apricot Fantasy’ — (‘Hotei’ x ‘Tropicana’) 4’, -5oF, M, 5/5. This is one of the few plants to ever be rated 5/5 by the Northwest Hybridizer’s Group. ‘Apricot Fantasy’ has flowers that are light orange and meld with golden yellow, that will truly grab your attention. Superb foliage on an upright plant. This will surely be one that future rhododendrons will be measured against. 10-15"

10473 Rhododendron ‘Apricot Nectar’ — ((dichroanthum x neriiflorum) x ‘Fabia’] x ‘Jalisco’) 3', -5°F, ML, 4/4. A nice compact plant with lovely flowers of orange, surrounded by scarlet edges. We’re excited about this one. 10-15"

10980 Rhododendron ‘April Glow’ — (williamsianum x ‘Wilgens Ruby’) 3’, -10oF, E-EM, 4/4. This prize winning hybrid originated in Holland. ‘April Glow’ forms an evenly shaped mound reaching 4’ to 5’ in time. Fairly early in the spring it covers itself with beautiful rosy pink trusses containing 7 to 10 blossoms. Then as a bonus, copper red new growth appears which gradually melts into shades of luscious green. You can tell why it received both an Award of Merit and a Gold Medal. Also sold as ‘April Showers’, but there is an azalea registered by that name, so the name was changed to ‘April Glow’. 6-10"

13077 Rhododendron ‘April Song’ — (A double flowered selection from the PJM Group x pink mucronulatim) x white dauricum (s) x ‘Gable’s Pioneer’ x open-pollinated PJM Group) 5’, -20oF, EM, 4/4. A very floriferous plant that covers itself with medium pink hose-n-hose blooms that have ruffled edges and a hot pink blotch! Outstanding. 6-10"

10462 Rhododendron ‘Arnold Piper’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Marinus Koster’) 6’, -5oF, M, 4/4. The red buds of this plant open to expose deep pink flowers with a darker blotch. It’s shiny green mature leave develops from bronzy new growth. Another of the ‘Walloper’ crosses known for their size and beauty. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

13105 Rhododendron ‘Arthur Osborn’ — (sanguineum ssp. didymum x griersonianum) 3’, -5oF, M, 4/4. Funnel-shaped, horizontal or pendulous, rubyterra cotta colored flowers. Compact and vigorous plant with fawn indumentum. This European hybrid got an AM in 1933. 6-10"

10166 Rhododendron ‘August Lamken’ — (‘Dr. V. H. Rutgers’ x williamsianum) 3’, -5oF, M, 3/4. Flowers are ruffled dark rose, accented by red freckles in the throat. The truss is low and broad, to 7’’ across with 9-11 flowers. The plant has a broad habit and is densely clothed. The foliage is deep olive green after the new leaves put on a spring show of red tones. 21-30", 30-36"

10170 Rhododendron ‘Aunt Martha’ — (ponticum hybrid) 5’, -10oF, M-ML, 4/3-4. Hardy, vigorous, densely foliated and heavy blooming, anyone would welcome such a hybrid into their garden. Plenty of leathery leaves enable the plant to grow well in full sun and moderate heat. Bright red-purple flowers are speckled with gold in the center. 21-30"

10292 Rhododendron ‘Aurora’ — (‘Kewense’ x thomsonii) 5’, 0oF, M, 4/4. A soft pink flower that is sweetly fragrant, this is a parent of the rhododendron ‘Naomi’ as well as other fine hybrids. It grows large and would be a good background plant. 30-36", 60-72"

10200 Rhododendron ‘Avalanche’ — (‘Loderi’ g. x calophytum) 6’, 0oF, VE, 5/4. An exceptionally fine hybrid originating from Rothschild in England. Exquisite, large white flowers have a small, royal magenta blotch. Long formal leaves are beautiful, lasting one season. This plant is a good strong grower that you will enjoy. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10604 Rhododendron ‘Award’ — (‘Anna’ x ‘Margaret Dunn’) 5’, 0oF, ML, 4/2-3. A unique tricolor of primarily white, pink and yellow with a touch of green. A most unusual flower which has heavy substance and is unlike other rhododendrons. The leaves are long and narrow, medium matte green and somewhat cup shaped. Everyone who has seen this in flower raves over its beauty, you will too! 15-21"

10250 Rhododendron ‘Baden Baden’ — (‘Essex Scarlet’ x forrestii ssp. forrestii Repens Group) 2’, -15oF, M, 3-4/4. Some of the best small growing reds have come from Germany, and ‘Baden Baden’ is an exceptional selection. This low growing plant is laden with bright forest green foliage. The flowers are a clear, glowing red with darker centers. 10-15"

10494 Rhododendron ‘Bambi’ x proteoides — 18’’, 5°F, EM-M, 3/4. This cross is sooo nice! It has a mound forming growth habit with superior foliage, dark green and small with indumentum. Flowers are cream to white with a pink flush near the edges. A sweet plant, great for any garden. 6-10"

10003 Rhododendron ‘Bananaflip’ — (fauriei var. rufescens x ‘Goldsworth Orange’) 3’, 0oF, M, -/-. Deep green, glossy leaves are a nice backdrop for the lax trusses of golden-yellow, bell shaped flowers touched with pink striping. Well shaped and compact. 6-10", 10-15"

10730 Rhododendron ‘Barmstedt’ — (‘Sammetglut’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’) 3’, -15°F, M, -/-. A nice Hachmann rhododendron with flowers of shiny red fading to rose with a bit of darker red inside that fades to a lighter pink. White indumentum covers the leaves like regal attire, making the new growth shine like silver. As the season progresses, foliage changes to a deep, luscious green. This blooms later than most other yak hybrids so it will start when many other yaks are already finished flowering. 6-10", 10-15"

10270 Rhododendron ‘Barto Alpine’ — (Subsection Lapponica hybrid) 3’, -10oF, EM, 3/4. A very hardy and rugged plant that dances in the sun. Orchid-rose flowers open all along the stems of the densely branched plant. Sunshine warming the bark and leaves brings out a sweet, spicy scent of freshly ground nutmeg. Its dense upright growth habit is a form well-suited for planting as a short hedge or screen reaching 5’. 6-10", 10-15"

10799 Rhododendron ‘Bashful Betty’ — (‘Halcyone’ x ‘Carmen’) 3’, 0oF, EM, 4/3. Glossy dark green foliage and wonderful, dark rosy red flowers occur in great profusion on a lovely, small plant. This luscious hybrid will not be "bashful" in your garden! 6-10"

10290 Rhododendron ‘Beauty of Littleworth’ — (griffithianum hybrid) 6’, -5oF, M, 4/3. A large growing, vigorous, upright and spreading plant with large (5"), pure white flowers bearing reddish-purple marks on the upper petal. The huge trusses are gorgeous among the foliage. Leaves are smooth surfaced and slightly shiny, deep green on the upper surface and bronze colored beneath. This is a super rhododendron!  21-30", 60-72"

10300 Rhododendron ‘Belle Heller’ — (‘Catawbiense Album’ x white catawbiense seedling) 5’, -10oF, M, 4/3. Here is hardiness, sun tolerance, lush foliage, and a lovely flower all in one. The large flower is pure white with a striking gold blotch, set in large, ball shaped trusses. Give this one the right location, and you will be graced with a vigorous grower. 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10557 Rhododendron ‘Belva’s Joy’ — (‘Noyo Brave’ x ‘Elizabeth’) 3’, 5oF, EM, 4/5. A tight, compact-growing plant with attractive foliage. True-red buds open to expose long lasting, bright red blooms. A real joy to behold. 6-10", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36", 36-48"

11077 Rhododendron ‘Berg’s Queen Bee’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x tsariense) 2’, -10°F, M, 3/5. A wonderful plant for foliage, this plant will be a delight in your garden. The foliage is small and covered with deep brown indumentum on the underside of the leaf. When the new foliage comes out it is a beautiful white. Light pink to white flowers grace this superb plant from Warren Berg. This is a "must have" for the garden. 10-15"

10320 Rhododendron ‘Besse Howells’ — (red catawbiense hybrid x ‘Boule de Neige’) 3’, -15oF, EM, 3-4/3-4. Ruffled, rosy-red flowers with a darker blotch are plentiful on this compact plant. Livingston & West’s ‘Hybrids and Hybridizers’ mentions Shammarello’s hybridizing efforts and how they were directed toward breeding compact, hardy rhododendrons, such as ‘Besse Howells’. 6-10", 21-30"

11168 Rhododendron ‘Betty Wormald’ — (George Hardyx red hybrid) 6’, -5oF, M, 3-4/3. Upright, spreading habit and medium large leaves are a lovely backdrop to the dome shaped trusses of large light pink flowers with heavy purple spotting on the dorsal lobe. Flowers are so large they are flattened once open. A lovey, fast growing hybrid! 6-10"

10419 Rhododendron ‘Black Eye’ — (‘Anah Kruschke’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, -10oF, ML, 3-4/3-4. A sister seedling of ‘Red Eye’, this rugged plant stands sun well and blooms young. The deep red-purple flowers have a distinct "black eye" on the upper lobe. A great plant. 6-10"

10428 Rhododendron ‘Black Magic’ — (‘Jean Marie de Montague’ x ‘Leo’) 4’, 5oF, ML, 4/4. Black-red flowers cover this plant in the late spring. They are exceptionally dark and show off their beauty best if planted in a location where the setting sun will shine through the flowers, causing them to glow magically. The medium foliage is matte forest green and covers the plant well. 6-10", 10-15"

10576 Rhododendron ‘Black Sport’ — (unknown) 5’, -5oF, ML-L, 3/3. For those of you who like unusual colors, here is a plant for you. It’s a purple-red with a deep black-red blotch on the upper lobe. The foliage is deep green and is quite upright, often showing the underside of the leaves. Unusual and different. The parentage is unknown, but it most certainly contains some ponticum in its background. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36"

11244 Rhododendron ‘Black Widow’ — ([‘Frank Gaulsworthy’ x ‘Leo’]) x ‘Warlock’) 5’, -5oF, ML, 5/4. Wait no longer! The color of this flower is reminiscent of some Asarum spp. maroon black. I love the contrast of the white anthers against these funnel-shaped, slightly wavy-edged flowers. The bright green foliage is ribbed and is shiny on top. Great colors on this plant; the anticipation is well worth it! This is a fabulous plant was hyridized by Roy Thompson of Thompson Nursery. A real breakthrough in color for rhododendrons. 6-10" $36.95 10-15" $49.95

10575 Rhododendron ‘Blaney’s Blue’ — (augustinii ‘Towercourt’ x ‘Blue Diamond’) 4-5’, -5oF, EM, 4/4. Here is an improvement on the smaller type "blue" rhododendrons. It is a vigorous grower, producing masses of misty blue flowers which seem to float in a sea of green. When in full flower, the color is almost electric! It is a hybrid produced by Dr. L. T. Blaney of Oregon State University and introduced after extensive testing by Dr. Robert Ticknor of the North Willamette Experiment Station. The foliage is dense and attractive, forest green in summer and takes on a bronze tone in winter. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

11266 Rhododendron ‘Blue Angel’ — (Sappho seedling) 6’, -15°F, M, 4/2. This angel comes from Gene Cockram of Florence, Oregon. It has lovely purple flowers with a contrasting yellow blotch. With strong green, sun tolerant, foliage the growth habit is much like its parent. 6-10", 10-15"

11080 Rhododendron ‘Blue Baron’ — (‘Gletschernacht’ x ‘Waltham’) 2’, -10oF, M, -/-. Vivid violet buds open to flowers with the same vivid color on the outside and a lighter shade of violet on the inside. A lovely little lepidote with glossy, green foliage in summer and bronze in winter. Quite compact and hardy. Sold Out

10390 Rhododendron ‘Blue Bird’ — (intricatum x augustinii) 3’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. The dense, small leaves of ‘Blue Bird’ create a finely textured plant in the garden. The plant will eventually grow to be about twice as wide as it is tall. Numerous, electric blue flowers cover this plant with bluebirds! 6-10", 10-15"

10400 Rhododendron ‘Blue Diamond’ — (‘Intrifast’ x augustinii) 3’, -5oF, EM, 4/4. A favorite of many gardeners, ‘Blue Diamond’ has small flowers all along the vertical dense, finely branched stems. A sunny location is best for this well shaped plant often used as a border. 6-10"

10420 Rhododendron ‘Blue Jay’ — (selected ponticum seedling) 5’, -10oF, ML-L, 3/4. A heat and sun tolerant rhododendron well worth choosing for its beauty alone! The profuse flowers are lavender-blue with pansy-violet edges and a distinctive dahlia-purple blotch. The plant is vigorous and covered with bright green foliage. Sold Out

10374 Rhododendron ‘Blue Lagoon’ — (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘A. Bedford’) 5’, -10oF, ML, 3/4. A hybrid with an interesting background. Years ago we made this cross and distributed a plant to Galen Baxter in Florence, Oregon. Unfortunately we lost our original plant. Galen always enjoyed the rhododendron and gave some cuttings to Willard Thompson who propagated it and now has made it available to us again! It is out of the same cross that resulted in ‘Plum Beautiful’. Mystical, smoky blue-purple flowers have a large and prominent deep purple eye. Showy! The recurved, deep forest green foliage adds an air of mystery to the ‘Blue Lagoon’. 10-15"

10440 Rhododendron ‘Blue Peter’ — (probably a ponticum hybrid) 4-5’, -10oF, M, 4/2-3. You’ll find this rhododendron among old garden favorites. Its frilled flowers are light lavender-blue with a prominent purple flare. The lush leaves are glossy green. It’s vigorous, cold hardy, heat and sun resistant. Very popular in the Eastern United States. 10-15", 36-48"

10450 Rhododendron ‘Blue Ridge’ — (‘Russautinii’ x augustinii) 4’, -15oF, M, 4/3-4. Iridescent, faintly fragrant, blue flowers are borne freely on this well rounded plant. The foliage is also fragrant on this compact plant, is a nice complement to the flowers. SOLD OUT

10460 Rhododendron ‘Blue Tit’ — (impeditum x augustinii) 3’, -5oF, EM, 3/4. Very compact habit, and mounding, dense grower, this plant sports bright yellowish new growth that gradually changes to a medium-green. The blooms are profuse, virtually covering the whole plant in gray-blue. SOLD OUT

13026 Rhododendron ‘Bluenose’ — (augistinii hybrid x dauricum Sempervirens Group) 4’, -10oF, EM, 3/4. This is an extremely floriferous plant with beautiful light violet maturing to very light purple flowers on a small leaved plant. 6-10"

10470 Rhododendron ‘Bluette’ — (augustinii x impeditum) 3’, -5oF, ML, 3-4/4. A myriad of fine stems interweave, shaping a plant eventually reaching 4’ tall and quite broad. The foliage is dense and glossy olive-green. Light blue flowers bloom profusely in trusses of 8. 10-15", 15-21"

10237 Rhododendron ‘Blutopia’ — (‘Catawbiense Grandiflorum’ x ‘A. Bedford’) 5’, -15oF, L, -/-. Trusses are composed of 12-15 wavy, vibrant purple blooms. Each flower has pronounced greenish-yellow spotting on the dorsal lobe. 6-10", 15-21", 21-30", 30-36"

10456 Rhododendron ‘Bob’s Blue’ — (‘Ilam Violet’ x ‘Blue Diamond’) 3’, 0oF, M, 4/4. Talk about electric blue! This is it! Introduced by Bob Rhodes from Vancouver, British Columbia, this is a good addition to the world of blue rhododendrons. It is a lepidote type rhododendron and has small, deep green leaves that turn bronze in the winter. Flowering extremely well. 6-10"

11103 Rhododendron ‘Bodega Crystal Pink’ — (‘Cilpense’ x ‘Cornell Pink’) 5’, -5oF, VE-E, 4/4. Beautiful clear pink flowers with deep purple pink spots are a strong purple red on the outside. Loose ball trusses grace this airy plant that would make a wonderful addition to the winter garden. It often blooms as early as January. 6-10", 10-15"

10490 Rhododendron ‘Boule de Neige’ — (caucasicum x hardy catawbiense hybrid) 5’, -25oF, M, 3/3. Bright green, leathery leaves on a medium sized, rounded rhododendron. It’s known for its heat and sun tolerance and is extremely cold hardy. Flowers are snow white in ball shaped trusses. 6-10"

10006 Rhododendron ‘Bric-a-Brac’ — (leucaspis x moupinense) 30", 5oF, VE, 3/3. An old favorite from Exbury in England, this very early flowering plant has pure white flowers with chocolate anthers (tips of the stamens) contrasting against the white of the flower. I still remember being impressed when I saw the first early flowers of this plant, nearly 40 years ago. Fuzzy, rounded foliage with red buds is also attractive. Woodsy and low-growing. 6-10"

10520 Rhododendron ‘Brickdust’ — (williamsianum x ‘Dido’) 30", -5oF, M, 4/4-5. Terrific all around, this low-growing plant is densely covered with cheery, round, green leaves. The dense foliage is accompanied by a plenitude of dusty orange-rose flowers that tumble over the foliage. 6-10"

10279 Rhododendron ‘Brilliant’ — (‘Elizabeth’ x Ledum columbianum) 2’, 0oF, M, 3/3. This plant has small, bright red, funnel shaped flowers that are held above smooth, green leaves. After flowering, it has bronzy-red new growth. The open growth habit does make an enjoyable plant. It is said to be tolerant of both heat and lime but will be happiest if given some shade. SOLD OUT

10275 Rhododendron ‘Brittany’ — (‘Bowie’ x keiskei ‘Mt. Kuromi’) 4’, -20oF, ML, -/-. This plant has small, rounded leaves and forms a dense, compact mound. The flowers, pale yellow maturing to shades of pink, provide prolonged interest and beauty. A perfect example of a lepidote! 6-10"

10791 Rhododendron ‘Brittenhill’ — (‘Jean Marie de Montague’ x ‘Red Loderi’) 5’, -5oF, M, 4-5/4. A beautiful bright red on very large, perfect trusses. The large foliage is waxy and deep forest green, making a plant of utmost beauty. It may be hardier than rated, as it bloomed perfectly after the winter of 1990 when many rhododendrons which should be hardy to -25oF lost their buds. Its parentage makes this one a real winner. 15-21"

10274 Rhododendron Brittenhill Bugle’ — (‘Karkov’ x ‘Red Loderi’) 5’, 5oF, M-ML, 4/4. An introduction from Britt Smith, the large trusses on this plant are composed of red blooms with dark red eyes and a pronounced bugle shape. Buds very heavily and covers itself with magnificent flowers. Matte, green foliage densely covers the plant. 6-10", 15-21"

10827 Rhododendron ‘Bronze Wing’ — (unknown [possibly ‘Elizabeth’ x williamsianum hybrid]) 3’, 0oF, M, 3/4-5. White with rosy pink edges and cream in the center are the flowers that grace this plant. New foliage is a deep bronze-red and a little smaller than ‘Elizabeth Red Foliage’. A very attractive, compact plant, especially in winter when it displays red buds. A superb introduction from "Down Under". 6-10", 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10585 Rhododendron ‘Bruce Brechtbill’ — (bud sport of ‘Unique’) 4’, 0oF, EM, 3-4/5. This hybrid looks and acts identical to ‘Unique’ until it flowers. Then you are graced with blooms that are pink with a touch of yellow in the throat. Since there are few rhododendrons that are sports and ‘Unique’ has about the best foliage around, what could be better than a pink ‘Unique’! Absolutely well worth growing. 10-15", 15-21", 30-36"

10927 Rhododendron ‘Bryce Canyon’ — (‘King of Shrubs’ x ‘Idealist’) 3’, 0°F, M, -/-. Flowers carrot-red, red blotch in throat. Openly funnel shaped, 3½’’ wide, dome shaped trusses, 7’’ across, of 10-14 flowers. Floriferous, upright plant and new foliage emerges a toasty bronze. 30-36"

11267 Rhododendron ‘Bubblegum’ — (‘Weston’s Aglo’ polyploid) 3’, -25oF, EM, 4/4. Break out your "Bazooka" these flowers are that pink! This cultivar is a polyploid form that means expect larger flowers more substantial foliage, and yes a better plant! We think this is destined to become one of the most popular lepidotes we carry. 6-10", 10-15"

13131 Rhododendron ‘Bud’s Yellow’ — ([‘Inca Gold’ x yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’] x [wardii x ‘Dexter’s Orange’]) 4’, 0oF, M, -/-. A ball truss with 12 broadly funnel-campanulate, wavy edged, light yellow throughout flowers. 10-15"

10574 Rhododendron bureavii x ‘Fabia’ — 4’, -5oF, EM, 4-5/3-4. This plant has a delightful bubble gum pink colored flower. It is graced with a speckling of dark pink on the upper petal and dark pink stamens. The foliage is a dark green and has just the right amount of shine to it. This plant is an early to mid season bloomer and would be great in any garden. 6-10", 15-21"

10857 Rhododendron bureavii x pronum — 3’, -10oF, EM, -/-. Here is foliage exraordinaire! But what else could it be when it’s parents are the "Rolls Royce" of rhododendron foliage? And, while it might not be the first rhododendron you would buy for flowers, it will produce magnificent small trusses of white with light reddish markings in the throat. From the breeding program of Thompson Nursery, this is a plant you will prize! It is certainly a plant you must have! 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

11207 Rhododendron bureavii x ‘Sir Charles Lemon’ — 4’, -5oF, EM-M, 4/5. Bred for its indumentum and superior plant habit, this hybrid will not disappoint. A fine plant that will delight you all year with its white new foliage and its rich cinnamon indumentum. The flowers open white with some pink spotting. Incredible and I must have one too, save it for me? SOLD OUT

10580 Rhododendron ‘Burgundy’ — (‘Britannia’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, -15oF, ML, 4/3. Up to 15 burgundy-red flowers appear in each dome-shaped truss. Foliage is large and gives stately grace to this fine hybrid. Distinctive! 10-15"

13064 Rhododendron ‘Butterfly’ — (campylocarpum x ‘Mrs Milner’) 4’, -5oF, EM, 4/4. Light yellow flowers with red spotting on an attractive award winning plant with its glossy dark green foliage and nice plant habit. Its flowers mature to a clear white. 6-10", 10-15"

10600 Rhododendron ‘Buttermint’ — (‘Unique’ x [‘Fabia’ x dichroanthum ssp. apodectum]) 3’, -5oF, M, 4/3-4. Thick leathery leaves are pleasing in appearance and extremely dense on this compact plant. Plump flower buds mature early in the season, giving the appearance that the plant eagerly awaits its bloom time! Good sized, buttermint yellow flowers. 6-10", 21-30", 30-36"

10019 Rhododendron ‘Cadis’ — (‘Caroline’ x fortunei ssp. discolor) 5’, -15oF, ML, 3/4. Long, narrow leaves and the fragrant, light pink trusses of this plant genuinely deserve the recognition afforded this cold hardy hybrid from the eastern U.S. A sun tolerant selection. 21-30", 30-36"

10549 Rhododendron ‘Calsap’ — (‘Catalga’ x ‘Sappho’) 4’, -25oF, ML, 4/3. A very hardy plant with lavender buds that open to white flowers, boldly blotched with burgundy. The smooth, oblong, emerald-green foliage forms a dense cover. This plant won a Best of Show award, so you know it must be a top quality plant. 6-10"

Rhododendron ‘Calstocker’ — See ‘Exbury Calstocker’.

10034 Rhododendron ‘Canadian Sunset’(degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Gipsy Queen’) 3’, 10oF, M, 4/4. Quite different! The buds begin as a good solid red and open to flowers of an almost salmon-orange, fading to creamy yellow toward the center. Add to this the beauty of a compact, rounded bush with indumented leaves and it’s almost too good to be true. SOLD OUT

13066 Rhododendron ‘Candy Stripe’ — (unknown) 5’, -5oF, M, / . This Whitney hybrid has pink buds that open to flowers of a clear very light pink with a darker pink blended into soft stripes and a yellow spotted throat. Full trusses make for a good show to brighten any corner of your garden. 6-10"

10928 Rhododendron ‘Capistrano’ — (‘Hindustan’ x {[(‘Catawbiense Album’ x <fortunei ssp. discolor x ‘Fabia’>) x (‘Russel Harmon’ x ‘Goldsworth Orange’)] x ‘Golden Gala’}) 5’, -15°, 4/4. Reports from customers indicate this plant is the best hardy yellow with good foliage from David Leach. 6-10", 15-21"

11257 Rhododendron ‘Captain Jack’ — (‘Mars’ x eriogynum) 6’, 5oF, ML, 4/3. The trusses are a fantastic blood red, perfectly shaped, and look to be made of glistening wax. The foliage is quite large and has an unusual roll to the edges of the leaf, particularly in winter. 6-10"

10680 Rhododendron ‘Carmen’ — (sanguineum ssp. didymum x forrestii ssp. forrestii Repens Group) 1’, 0oF, EM, 4/5. Everyone loves ‘Carmen’ at first sight. Whether in flower or not, this muffin of emerald green round leaves goes home with a lot of gardeners. ‘Carmen’ buds as a young plant. Its flowers are dark red. 6-10"

11208 Rhododendron ‘Carmen’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum — 2’, -10oF, EM, 4/4. An interesting good plant for foliage, and deeper red flowers than most hybrids from degronianum ssp. yakushimanum. The foliage is deep green which is small and round with light indumentum which is a delightful white on new growth. A good dwarf plant for the small garden, or where you want something low in a large garden. 6-10"

11004 Rhododendron ‘Caroline’ (decorum hybrid) 6’, -15oF, ML, 3/4. Here is a plant which is better than it’s rating. The flowers are delightful orchid-pink with a light fragrance, which is enhanced by the warm afternoon sun. It is heavily clothed with honeydew green leaves which have an interesting twist. 15-21", 30-36"

11082 Rhododendron ‘Catalina’ — (parentage unknown) 5’, -15oF, ML-L, 3/3. Frilly little flowers in compact, rounded dome shaped trusses cascade profusely over this medium green, fairly well behaved plant. Flowers with medium pink throats and strong magenta margins fade to white with pink margins giving the truss a multicolored effect through the bloom season. 6-10"

10612 Rhododendron ‘Catawbiense Album’ — (A selection of catawbiense) 6’, -25oF, ML, -/-. A plant of extreme hardiness and vigor. The pure white flowers with greenish yellow spotting burst from buds that are blushed with lilac. The dark green leaves are slightly convex. 6-10", 10-15"

10611 Rhododendron ‘Catawbiense Boursault’ — (a selection of catawbiense) 6’, -20oF, ML-L, 2/3. A hardy selection with rose-lilac blossoms on a plant of good, sturdy habit. It has pleasant, medium-green foliage. 6-10"

10025 Rhododendron ‘Catawbiense Grandiflorum’ — (catawbiense selection) 6’, -15oF, ML-L, 2-3/3. Distinctive, long lasting, lilac flowers form a full, very rounded truss. This hardy and showy plant makes an excellent background plant for any garden. 6-10", 10-15"

10377 Rhododendron ‘Celeste’ — (‘Alice’ x fortunei ssp. discolor) 6’, -10oF, L, 4/4. The parentage gives it vigor, and the large beautiful trusses of fuchsia pink make this an outstanding hybrid. It is strong growing and healthy looking with its deep, glossy green foliage. 15-21", 21-30", 36-48", 48-60"

10029 Rhododendron ‘Chapeau’ — (‘Britannia’ hybrid x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5’, -5oF, ML, 4/3. Flowers of deep purple have a black eye which flares out from the center on the upper petal. Newly emerging flowers have an intriguing white shadow emerging from the center and fading towards the dark purple edge, creating a two-tone effect. As the flower ages, it gradually becomes a more solid purple with a black flare. Deep green foliage covers an attractive plant the rest of the year. 6-10"

10901 Rhododendron ‘Chapmanii Wonder’ — 4-5’, -15oF, E-EM, 3-4/3-4. (chapmanii x dauricum album) This rhododendron from Japan was hybridized specifically to stand the temperatures of the highland areas, where it is very cold and the ground freezes in winter. It also withstands the summer heat of its moist, hot, oriental home. It is very vigorous growing, rapidly becoming a good sized plant. The foliage and the plant are similar to ‘PJM’, as its parentage is related; however, the chapmanii in this plant provides more heat tolerance than the carolinianum in ‘PJM’. The flowers are bright lavender-pink. Needs pruning to keep it compact. 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

10720 Rhododendron ‘Cheer’ — (‘Cunningham’s White’ x red catawbiense seedling) 5’, -10oF, EM, 3/3-4. Pink trusses signal the coming of spring and lighten the heart. Plenty of glossy, dark green leaves dress ‘Cheer’. Plant grows compactly forming a dense, round mound. 6-10", 36-48"

10053 Rhododendron ‘Cherries ‘n Cream’ — (‘Lem’s Cameo’ x [‘Fabia’ x R. bureavii]) 4’, 5oF, M, -/-. A terrific new plant with exceptional foliage and wonderfully exciting flowers, which will light up every garden. Sun tolerant and compact in growth habit, this plant sports large pink flowers that open from cherry-red buds. 6-10", 30-36"

11177 Rhododendron ‘Cherry Bombz’ — 4’, 5oF, M, 3-4/4. Best New American hybrid was awarded to this fine compact plant. That is even more significant because judges seem to usually go for those big flashy hybrids. It’s not so unusual when you consider what a neat showy plant this is when in full flower. The flowers are a bright cherry red and give the plant a glowing appearance. Small, glossy, deep green foliage covers the rounded plant. 10-15", 21-30"

11288 Rhododendron ‘Cherry Cheescake’ — ( x ) 5’, -20oF, M, 5/4. Large pure white flowers edged with a vivid pink and with a flair of deep burgundy and vivid pink! No one overlooks this Rhododendron when it is in bloom. You’ll run for your camera and to call the neighbors to come and see this one and to call the neighbors to come and see this one. SOLD OUT

10546 Rhododendron ‘Cherry Float’ — (‘Naomi’ seedling) 4’, -5oF, M, 4/4. This flower has one of the most difficult colors to describe. If you melt together lavender and burgundy to get a dark satin pastel, you will get the color of the scrumptious float this plant is named after. Vigorous, with long flushes of growth. 21-30"

11085 Rhododendron ‘Chiffchaff’ — (hanceanum Nanum Group x fletcherianum) 2’, 5oF, EM, 3-4/3-4. A compact little plant with small, loose trusses of bright, lemon yellow flowers. The fuzzy dark green foliage turns a lovely shade of bronze in the winter, adding to the enjoyment of this great little rhododendron. 10-15"

10740 Rhododendron ‘Chikor’ — (rupicola var. chryseum x ludlowii) 18", 0oF, EM, 4-5/4. A fine, true yellow dwarf rhododendron from Peter Cox. The intricate, twiggy stems make this plant appear like a tree in miniature. Winter weather brings a bronze-red coloration to the foliage that contrasts well with accompanying winter greens. A well drained location and good light exposure are a must. 6-10"

10770 Rhododendron ‘Chionoides’ — (ponticum hybrid) 4’, -10oF, ML, 3/4. Tolerant of the sun and cold, this compact hybrid grows beautifully even when planted in locations often considered too exposed for a rhododendron. A broad, dense cushion measuring 5-6’ high develops as the plant matures. White, dome trusses are bright and numerous. 6-10", 21-30"

10780 Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’ — (caucasicum hybrid) 4’, -10oF, VE-E, 3/4. Extremely early pink trusses draw plant enthusiasts to this hardy rhododendron. Tough, medium sized leaves are dense on this well shaped plant. Please note: it doesn’t bloom at Christmas time as the name might indicate. Its blossoming is closer to the roaring of the March lion. 15-21", 21-30"

11068 Rhododendron ‘Christmas White’ — (sport of ‘Christmas Cheer’) 4’, -10oF, VE-E, 3/4. This is the same ‘rough and ready’ plant we all love for it’s hardiness and early bloom, but the flowers are white with a blush of pink. The flower buds are also pink and add lovely dimension to this great early bloomer. 15-21", 21-30"

10790 Rhododendron ‘Cilpinense’ — (ciliatum x moupinense) 3’, 5oF, E, 3-4/3-4. What an attractive hybrid this is for both foliage and flower! The leaves are small to medium sized and are deep forest green. The flowers sparkle in the sunlight like big apple blossoms, a blush pink touched with deeper pink. Yes, this is beautiful! 6-10", 10-15", 21-30"

13115 Rhododendron ‘Cinnimon Flair’ — 4’, 5oF, M, 4/4. This Merle Sanders hybrid will "knock your socks off" with its outstanding colored flower. It is a light yellow with an exploding red flair. Stong plant with matt green foliage. 6-10"

11154 Rhododendron ‘Cinnkeys’ — (cinnabarinum x keysii) 5’, 5oF, ML, 4-5/3. Another of the magnificent cinnabarinum hybrids, this lovely plant has long tubular flowers which are warm reddish-pink on the upper part of the tube, blending to a warm yellow at the tips. Most attractive! Upright and willowy growing, it has grayish-green, medium sized leaves. 15-21"

N 10542 Rhododendron ‘Circus’ — (‘Fabia’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 3’, -5oF, ML, 4/3. These flowers run the spectrum of color! Each yellow-orange petal is bordered by shades of pink to red-purple with a golden-green blotch on the upper petal. It has a medium- sized calyx on the back of the flower, giving it a double appearance. A hint of brown indumentum on the foliage is a nice addition. 6-10", 10-15"

11125 Rhododendron ‘Coastal Spice’ — (‘Fragrantissum’ x ?) 4’, 10oF, EM, 4/4. PROVISIONAL This is hybrid by Jim Gerdeman of Yachats, Oregon. If ever there was a rhododendron that looked good enough to eat, this is it! From its dark green, light reflecting, textured foliage that is fuzzy underneath to its open faced, large flowers that are brushed with rich pink on the outside and white inside. ‘Coastal Spice’ is reminiscent of its R. edgeworthii grandparent. All this and a wonderful spicy fragrance too! 15-21"

10521 Rhododendron ‘Colonel Coen’ — (unknown, but contains ponticum) 5’, -10oF or colder, M-ML, 3-4/3-4. This hybrid originated with Endre Ostbo in 1958, but for some reason was only recently distributed. It is a fine, deep purple with good foliage. All who see it wonder why they haven’t seen it or been able to obtain it before. Well, now you can have it for your own garden, and if you are a purple fan, you are sure to prize this fine hybrid. A good grower that buds young and is hardy. 6-10"

10046 Rhododendron ‘Compacta’ — (‘Faggetter’s Favourite’ x williamsianum) 3’, -5oF, M-ML, 3/4. Deep pink buds open to snappy, light pink flowers. I bet you can’t guess what the growth habit is... You’re right, round and compact with neatly rounded leaves. A beautiful, tidy package to grace your garden. 6-10"

10690 Rhododendron ‘Cookie’ — (‘Queen O’ the May’ x ‘Fawn’) 4’, -10oF, M, 4/4. The large trusses of fragrant flowers come forth in a glory of rose, and as they open more fully, show off spots of maroon. Beautiful foliage of large leaves provide nice greenery during the non-blooming season. 60-72"

10930 Rhododendron ‘Coral Mist’ — (‘Nancy Evans x ‘Mrs. Furnival’) 3’, -5oF, M, -/-. A new, large trussed rhododendron from the Northwest. Bicolor flowers are edged pink with cream colored throat. Nicely branched with attractive foliage. Grows to 3’ tall by 4’ wide. 6-10", 21-30"

10931 Rhododendron ‘Cornubia’ — (arboreum x ‘Shilsonii’) 6’, 15oF, VE, 4/3. Very early in the year before almost any other rhododendron begins to flower, this luscious red will burst into flower. Its very vigorous growing with lots of good large foliage. If you live in a climate warm enough for this plant and have the space to grow it, you’ll find this plant is a "must" for your garden. 10-15", 21-30"

10981 Rhododendron ‘Cosmopolitan’ — (‘Cunningham’s White’ x ‘Vesuvius’) 5’, -10oF, ML, 3/3. Pink with a deep red blotch. Foliage is glossy and attractive. A good hardy rhododendron. 21-30", 30-36"

10890 Rhododendron ‘Cotton Candy’ — (‘Loderi Venus’ x ‘Marinus Koster’) 6’, 0oF, M, 4/4. ‘Cotton Candy’s’ 10" tall, pastel pink trusses cause people to stare in amazement. It is a robust grower with thick, deep green leaves. Few rhododendrons are as breathtaking when in flower. It is superb! 6-10", 15-21"

10898 Rhododendron ‘Cougar’ — (seedling from open-pollinated ‘Loderi King George’) 5’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. This plant’s buds are a bright cardinal red; its flowers, a bright rose that fade to a pale, purple pink. The big, fragrant flowers are a tubular, funnel shaped and are held in trusses of 15. A well branched, attractive plant, as wide as it is tall. 36-48"

13049 Rhododendron ‘Countess of Haddington’ — (ciliatum x dalhousiae) 5’, 20oF, E, 4/3-4. Once established this plant has profuse, fragrant flowers of light pink with rose flushed margins. The large flowers have yellow-brown markings that add interest to the lax trusses. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10917 Rhododendron ‘County of York’ — (‘Catawbiense Album’ x ‘Loderi King George’) 6’, -15oF, M, 3-4/3. Vigorous growing plant with large, upright white trusses of good substance. Here is hardiness, good flower and large foliage, all in one hybrid. Apple-green, somewhat shiny foliage. Sun exposure and cold are well tolerated. 21-30"

10914 Rhododendron ‘Crater Lake’ — (augustinii ‘Barto Blue’ x ‘Blue Bird’) 4-5’, -5oF, EM-M, 4-5/3-4. This hybrid from Dr. Carl H. Phetteplace is a real spellbinder. Flowers are electric blue, flat and saucer shaped, with ruffled edges. They are held in groups of three, with many on a single branch. New foliage is bronze, changing to an Irish green with maturity. Once you see it, you will definitely want to add one to your collection. 6-10"

10913 Rhododendron ‘Cream Crest’(rupicola var. chryseum x ‘Cilpinense’) 3’, 0oF, EM, 3/3-4. What would you say if you were offered a plant that was compact in habit, likes the sun, has good foliage, is hardy and vigorous, and has alluring, bright, creamy yellow flowers? I’ll bet you would say you wanted it. Well, here it is! 6-10", 10-15"

10431 Rhododendron ‘Creamy Chiffon’ — (unknown, probably containing campylocarpum or wardii) 4’, -5oF, ML, 4-5/4. Here is the plant you have waited for so long and wanted so badly. In flower it is a beautiful shade of yellow and is fully double! This makes it unusual indeed, as there are very few double rhododendrons. The flowers could be likened to frilly chiffon, topped with golden whipped cream. The deep fir green leaves are of medium size, rounded and cover the compact plant from top to bottom. An outstanding plant! 6-10", 10-15"

10911 Rhododendron ‘Creeping Jenny’ — (griersonianum x forrestii ssp. forrestii Repens Group) 2’, 5oF, EM, 3/4. Bright red, bell shaped flowers cover this beautiful plant in abundance. It has a creeping growth habit which would be excellent on a bank in a larger rock garden. It is a sister of ‘Elizabeth’, so its flowers and foliage are similar. 10-15", 21-30", 30-36"

10519 Rhododendron ‘Creole Belle’ — (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Harvest Moon’) 4-5’, -5oF or colder, ML, 3-4/4-5. Here is a great, all around plant. First, it has attractive, deep forest-green foliage and it’s a tough plant that branches well and grows vigorously. Then, the flower is a bright, showy, pink with deeper pink in the throat. The slight touch of blue in the color gives it a special radiance and glow. 6-10", 15-21", 30-36"

10653 Rhododendron ‘Crete’ — (smirnowii x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum) 4’, -15oF, M, 4/4-5. This is a great species combination. Magenta-rose buds open to very light purple flowers with a few light spots. With age the flowers gradually fade to white in a very tight, dome-shaped truss. The leaves are a blend of two parents with soft beige indumentum. 6-10", 10-15"

10278 Rhododendron ‘Crimson Pippin’ — (yakushimanum x sanguineum ssp. haemaleum). 2’, -10oF, M, 5/4. Silver indumentum is but one beautiful aspect of this plant. Flowers are bright currant-red held in loose trusses of 10 with a nice calyx. It’s one of those compact plants with very deep green leaves that everyone wants and the flowers are the darkest red of any yakushimanum hybrid. 10-15"

10393 Rhododendron ‘Cunningham’s Blush’ — (probably caucasicum x ponticum var. album) 4’, -15oF, ML, 2/3. Another old hybrid dating back to the mid 1800’s that has stood the test of time. True, the flowers aren’t quite as large as some of the new hybrids, but it’s dependable and you can be sure that after most of the new hybrids coming out today are long gone, this plant will still be performing. It is a tight growing plant with good foliage and light blush-pink flowers that have a light blotch on the upper lobes. 6-10", 10-15"

10608 Rhododendron ‘Cunningham’s White’ — (caucasicum x ponticum var. album) 4’, -15oF, ML, 2/3. An attractive, compact plant with small, white flowers enhanced by a greenish-yellow blotch. These lovely and numerous flowers open from buds which are flushed with pink. It will tolerate sunny locations but partial shade is best. 6-10", 10-15", 30-36"

10386 Rhododendron ‘Cupcake’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Medusa’) 3’, -5oF, M-ML, 4/4. Here is a real "sweetie." Neat, compact habit and foliage make this one of those plants you just have to have in your garden. It’s a scrumptious apricot and pink combination and may be hardier than rated since the super hardy yakushimanum is in its parentage. It’s from Willard and Margaret Thompson, who produced the fantastic ‘Ring of Fire’, so it has to be good! 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10906 Rhododendron ‘Cynthia’ — (catawbiense x griffithianum) 6’, -15oF, M, 4/3. An old favorite which is still one of the best for a strong growing, background plant. ‘Cynthia’ will produce a bounty of large, conical, rosy-crimson trusses. Sun and heat tolerant. 6-10", 10-15"

13067 Rhododendron ‘Dad’s At A Distance’ — (‘Ring of Fire’ x ‘Pink Petticoats’) 5’, 0oF, M, 4-5/4. 6-10"

10256 Rhododendron ‘Dad’s Indian Summer’ — (‘Ring of Fire’ x ‘Pink Petticoats’) 5’, 0oF, M, 4-5/4. Warm orange flowers with reddish-orange edges and yellow centers are gathered into many flowered trusses which suggest the warmth of a long "Indian summer." Medium sized, smooth green foliage gives this plant an attractive appearance all year. This valuable plant has excellent growth habit, strong stems and good roots, a winning combination! SOLD OUT

10932 Rhododendron ‘Daisy Mae’ — (‘Mrs. Horace Fogg’ x ‘Argosy’) 4’, 5°F, ML, -/-. Fragrant, bright pink flowers give summer highlight to the attractive matte green leaves. 21-30", 30-36"

10904 Rhododendron ‘Dame Nellie Melba’ — (‘Standishii’ x arboreum) 6’, 0oF, EM, 3-4/4. A large-grower, flowers are bright pink with crimson dots in conical trusses of about 12. Glossy green foliage is an added bonus to this vigorous, bushy plant. Named after the famous Australian opera singer, this beautiful plant will have you singing too! 6-10"

10496 Rhododendron ‘Dan’s Early Purple’ — (ponticum hybrid) 5’, 0oF, E-EM, 3/3. The earliest large leafed purple to bloom. Glossy green foliage provides the backdrop for the bright red-purple flowers that sparkle with white stamens and a white throat. 10-15", 15-21", 21-30"

10903 Rhododendron ‘Daphnoides’ — (ponticum selection or cross) 4’, -15oF, ML, 2-3/4. With foliage unlike any other rhododendron, this hybrid evokes curiosity and surprise from visitors. Rolled, glossy leaves are tightly spaced on the stems of this dense mound. Prolific pom-pom trusses are purple. 6-10", 15-21", 30-36"

10047 Rhododendron ‘Dappled Dawn’ — (‘Wizard x Robert Furman’s [’Golden Star’ x (‘jalisco’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum)]) 4’, -15oF, LM, -/-. This hybrid from Jonathan Shaw has a dense growth habit and unusual beige-apricot flowers on nicely formed trusses. SOLD OUT

11289 Rhododendron ‘Dark Sister’ — (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘Whitney’s Purple’) 5’, -20oF, M, 4/4. This cultivar has a 15 wavy-edged flower truss of vivid purple with a dark red densely speckled blotch. A very nice Sanders hybrid. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

Rhododendron ‘Dark Star’ — See ‘Starburst’

11113 Rhododendron ‘Deep Clover’ — ([‘Fancy’ x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum] x ‘Frank Galsworthy’) 3’, 0°F, ML, 3-4/3-4. This is a Jim Barlup hybrid from Bellevue, Washington. The flowers are held in a ball truss with deep red buds that open to a medium blue-red and deeper colored wavy margins. In addition to this, a nice dense plant habit and wonderful clover green leaves make this one a real treat. 15-21", 21-30"

11283 Rhododendron degronianum ssp heptamerum var. heptamerum x adenopodum — 4’, -10oF, M, 4/4. Great plant with light tan indumentum with light pink compact trusses. Just the right size to tuck into that empty spot in your garden. 15-21", 21-30"

11208 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Carmen’ — 3’, -10oF, EM, 4/4. This rhody addict only needs to know these parents and I’m drooling. Terrific green foliage on a lovely compact mounded plant. The deep red flowers are funnel shaped and lovely over this yak-like foliage! 6-10"

11044 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Leo’ — 2’, -10oF, M, -/-. This delightful ‘yak’ hybrid has beautiful foliage a rounded plant habit and it produces flower buds on very young plants. These buds open to solid pink trusses that cover the plant in immense beauty. A delightful plant and flower that is bound to be a highlight in the garden. 21-30"

10603 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x Mars — 3’, -10oF, M, 4/4. The deep pink buds open to ruffled flowers of white with deep pink edges. Dense trusses are upright on dense branches. A nice mounding form for all-year charm. 10-15"

10171 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x pachysanthum — 3’, -15oF, EM, 4/5. If great foliage is your desire, here is the best of the best. And so it should be with such great parents. Lots of beautiful indumentum covers the new growth and the undersides of the leaves, the deep, shiny green of the mature leaves show through as they mature. When flower buds open, they show a kiss of pink, maturing to pristine snow white. A lovely plant that is worthy of a prominent spot in the collector’s garden. SOLD OUT

13108 Rhododendron degronianum ssp yakushimanum x proteoides’ This small jewel is more like proteoides than yak which just makes it all the better. If we gave 10s, this plant would certainly qualify! If you like great dwarf plants - this is it. 6-10"

NEW 13180 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum — 4’, -15oF, EM, 4/5. Attractive foliage graces this wonderful plant. Flowers come out with a pink cast, changing to white in rounded trusses of great beauty. Plant habit is good making a delightful plant for your garden.  10-15"

13016 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x recurvoides — PROVISIONAL 2’, -10oF, EM, 3/4. So what do you get when you cross two of the best foliage plants in the genus. A truly magnificent plant! Your garden wants this deep green foliage on the smaller side with new growth covered in indumentum. From pink buds, funnel shaped flowers in ball trusses of white with light red spotting on the dorsal lobe. 10-15"

10228 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Sir Charles Lemon’ — 4’, -5oF, EM, 3-4/5. For foliage, this is a winner! New growth emerges covered with white indumentum. Later the indumentum darkens to a bright cinnamon red on the underside of the leaf and the top of the leaf is a dark fir green. The flowers are attractive pure white in compact, full trusses. Good plant habit makes this a plant you will enjoy all year.  30-36"

13018 Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x strigillosum — PROVISIONAL 4’, -5oF, EM, -/-. Neat foliage from these two parents! Strongly pointed, hairy, dark green and narrow on a moderatly sized compact plant. Flowers bud out deep pink and bloom pink to white. 30-36"

10398 Rhododendron ‘Denali’ — (‘Vanessa Pastel’ x ‘Pink Walloper’) 6’, -5oF, M, 4/4. The Alaskan natives call Mt. McKinley, ‘Denali’, which means "big one," and this rhododendron is "the big one"! The trusses are huge mountains of rose-pink. The foliage is superb, covering the statuesque plant in deep green. 6-10", 10-15", 36-48"

10048 Rhododendron ‘Doc’ — (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Corona’) 3’, -15oF, M, 4/4. Remember Snow White? Well, this is a larger growing dwarf with an attractive compact growth habit. Flowers are rose-pink with deeper shading at the margins. 15-21"

13019 Rhododendron ‘Doreen Gale’ — (Point Defiance’ x ‘Trude Webster’) 5’, -10oF, M, /. This Sander’s hybrid has a pale lavender flower with vivid raspberry edges and dorsal spotting. Very nice blending in the flower color on a well formed plant. SOLD OUT

10607 Rhododendron ‘Donna Totten’ — (probably a racemosum hybrid) 4’, -15oF, EM, 3-4/3-4. Pink flowers tinged with cream adorn this medium sized plant. It originated in the eastern United States, so it may be hardier than rated. The foliage is about the same size as R. racemosum and is very attractive. 6-10", 10-15", 15-21"

10327 Rhododendron ‘Dopey’ — ([eriogynum hybrid x ‘Fabia’] x [degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Fabia Tangerine’]) 3’, 5oF, M, 4-5/4. An upright growing, compact plant, covering itself with glossy red flowers which lighten toward the edges. If you remember this is one of the "Seven Dwarfs" series, you won’t think the name of this plant is quite so "dopey" (or dumb)! A fine plant for your garden. 21-30"

10894 Rhododendron ‘Dora Amateis’ — (minus var. minus Carolinianum Group x ciliatum) 3’, -15oF, EM, 4/4. Pure white flowers cling to this low growing, bushy plant which has become a favorite of many people. Its deep green, dense foliage is highlighted with bronze tones and is prettiest when grown in full sun. This spicy scented hybrid is being planted as a low border and as a small mass planting to bring attention to its pretty foliage. 6-10"

10516 Rhododendron ‘Dorothy Amateis’ — (‘America’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) 5-6’, -15oF, ML, 4/3. Here is a purple that is hardy to all but the most severe climates. The large trusses are deep purple with a deeper purple eye. It shows the influence of ‘Purple Splendour’, but it gained the hardiness from ‘America’. The foliage is a matte olive-green, and the leaves are held in an upright position, making a vigorous looking plant. If you are a purple lover, you’ll like this one. 6-10", 15-21"

13095 Rhododendron ‘Double Besse’ — Red hose-in-hose, fully double flowered form of ‘Besse Howells’. 6-10"

10933 Rhododendron ‘Double Winner’ — (strigillosum hybrid) 5’, 0oF, EM, 4/4. A hybrid special for its extended flowering time. It opens a few buds at a time over a long period. It gets its name from the fact that in the same year it won a trophy in both the early rhododendron show and the main show! The flowers are bright red in tight trusses. The foliage is long with very light indumentum, like its parent. 6-10", 21-30"

11211 Rhododendron ‘Dover Rose’ — (‘Dido’ x ‘Chlorops’) 4’, 0oF, ML, -/-. Peach pink flowers with apricot spotting and ruffled edges are born in lax trusses on this statuesque and beautiful rhododendron. This wonderful addition to your garden originated at the famed Dover Nursery in Sandy, Oregon. 21-30"

10774 Rhododendron ‘Dreamland’ — ([‘Fabia’ x fortunei ssp. discolor x griersonianum x facetum x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x ‘Jalisco’] exact combination is unknown) 4’, -10oF, M, -/-. A prolific bloomer with pale pink flowers bordered with deeper pink edges. Excellent low and compact plant with leaves that are held up to three years. 6-10", 10-15"

13080 Rhododendron ‘Dreamweaver’ — (‘Nancy Evans’ x ‘Pink Petticoats’) 3’, 0oF, ML, 4/4. The full ball truss starts with strong purplish-red buds, opening to a pale yellow with medium purplish-red flares and dorsal spotting. Compact plant. 10-15"

11016 Rhododendron ‘Dreamy Cream’ — (‘Honeymoon’ x unknown) 4’, 0°F, M, -/-. The open funnel-shaped, wavy flowers on this plant are quite a collage of color throughout its blooming season! The purple-red buds open to a light orchid pink, then fade to a light yellow with a hint of pink when in full bloom! Each ball shaped truss is 5½’’ wide and holds 16 flowers. Medium sized leaves are a nice, dark green. 6-10"

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