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Spring 2011
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Pinus aristata at the Oregon Garden

Pinus aristata

Pinus aristata

Pinus aristata 'Sherwood Compacta'

Pinus banksiana 'Angel'

Pinus banksiana 'Chippewa'

Pinus banksiana 'Manoment'

Pinus banksiana 'Manoment'

Pinus contorta'Spaan's Dwarf'

Pinus contorta'Spaan's Dwarf'

Pinus contorta'Spaan's Dwarf'

Pinus densiflora 'Oculus Draconis'

Pinus flexilis 'Extra Blue'

Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf Pyramid'

Pinus heldeichi 'Smidtii'

Pinus heldeichi 'Smidtii' at the Oregon Garden

Pinus heldeichi 'Irish Bell'

Pinus heldeichi 'Compact Gem'

Pinus koraiensis 'Winton'

Pinus mugo 'Lakeview'

Pinus mugo 'Pumilo Gold'

Pinus mugo 'Sherwood Compact'

Pinus nigra 'Black Prince'

Pinus nigra 'Oregon Green'

Pinus nigra 'Wurstle'

Pinus parviflora 'Adcock's Dwarf'

Pinus parviflora 'Adcock's Dwarf'

Pinus parviflora 'Al Fordham'

Pinus parviflora 'Ara-kawa'

Pinus parviflora 'Azuma Goy'

Pinus parviflora 'Hagoromo'

Pinus parviflora 'Kokuho'

Pinus parviflora 'Miyajima'

Pinus parviflora 'Ogon Janome'

Pinus parviflora 'Ogon Janome'

Pinus parviflora 'Tani Mano Uki'

Pinus parviflora 'Tani Mano Uki'

Pinus strobus 'Beran'

Pinus strobus 'Contorta'

Pinus strobus 'Hershey'

Pinus strobus 'Horsford Dwarf'

Pinus strobus 'Minuta'

Pinus strobus 'Northway'

Pinus strobus 'Paul Waxman'

Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca Nana'

Pinus sylvestris 'Globosa Viridis'

Pinus sylvestris 'Gold Coin'

Pinus sylvestris 'Riverside Gem'

Pinus thunbergii 'Banhosho'

Pinus thunbergii 'Banhosho'

Pinus thunbergii 'Banhosho'

Pinus thunbergii 'Ogon'

Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead'

Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead'

Podocarpus alpinus 'BlueGem'

Podocarpus alpinus 'BlueGem'

Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia sempervirens 'Albospica'

Sequoia sempervirens 'Soquel'

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pendula'

Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pendula'

Taxodium distichum

Taxodium distichum 'Cascade Falls'

Taxodium distichum 'Cascade Falls'

Taxodium distichum 'Peve Minaret'

Taxodium distichum 'Peve Minaret'

Taxodium distichum 'Shawnee Brave'

Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata'

Taxus baccata 'Standishii'

Taxu x media 'Beanpole'

Taxus x media 'Standishii'

Thuja occidenalis 'Emerald'

Thuja occidenalis 'Hetz Midget'

Thuja plicata 'Atrovirns'

Thuja plicata 'Green Giant'

Thuja plicata 'Zebrina'

Thuja plicata 'Zebrina'

Thujopsis dolabrata

Tsuga canadensis

Tsuga canadensis 'Pendula'

Tsuga canadensis 'Sargentii'

Tsuga mertensiana

Tsuga canadensis 'Elizabeth'


60085 Pinus aristata - Bristlecone Pine — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-8) A very slow growing, small tree or shrub native to the White Mountains of California. Individual trees of this pine are known to be over 4,000 years old, with some estimated at 7,100; thus, they are the oldest living things on earth. Only grows 3-6" a year and after many years can reach a height of 20’. Fine, short, dark green needles are heavily marked with pitch exudations, creating a silvered effect. Growing at low elevations, the separated branches take on the look of long, fat, bottle brushes. Excellent for bonsai. Unique in the landscape. 6-12" $15.95, 2-3’ $49.95

60415 Pinus aristata ‘Sherwood Compact’ — DWARF. This is one of the smallest of the dwarfs, growing 1-3" a year. It can be pyramidal or ball shaped. The white resin on the needles creates additional interest for this choice specimen. 3-6" $13.95, 6-12" $29.95

Pinus banksiana - Jack Pine — (-50°F, USDA Zones 2-7)

NEW 60834 Pinus banksiana -‘Angel’ — (-50oF, USDA zones 2-7) A dwarf form of Jack Pine. This plant is part of the Jerry Morris Rocky Mountain collection. Needles are very small like 3/8 of a inch. Needles are bright Kelly green. Plant is a conical plant. Stems sometimes twist. 1-2’ $35.95

60820 Pinus banksiana -‘Chippewa’ — MINIATURE. We only have a few dwarf Jack Pines and most of them, as with ‘Chippewa’, were raised by Alfred Fordham at the Arnold Arboretum and introduced in about 1979. This is an Irregularly shaped shrub with bright green needles. Ten year size is 1’ x 1’. Very special. 6-12" $35.95

NEW 60616 Pinus banksiana -’Manomet’ — DWARF. Globose as a young plant; later conical. Sturdy looking. Medium green needles. 6-12" $16.95, 1-2’ $35.95

60572 Pinus banksiana -‘Schoodic’ — This selection from the Arnold Arboretum in Massachusetts is rather tiny. ‘Schoodic’ is a prostrate, mat forming dwarf variety of the Jack Pine. Short, dark green needles and open foliage appear on horizontal, irregular and twisted branches. It will grow 2-4" per year. 6-12" $32.95, 1-2’ $32.95

Pinus cembra - Swiss Stone Pine — (-50°F, USDA Zones 3-7) A charming five needle pine with beautiful bluish-green needles which have a white band running down each needle. It is an upright growing tree of distinctive habit. Eventually growing to 50’ plus, at a rate of 3-6" a year, it will take some time to reach this size in your garden. This very important ornamental does well in open areas, in severe climates and in dry clay soil.

NEW 60723 Pinus cembra ‘Chalet’ — DWARF. This is a dense, rounded column of soft blue-green foliage introduced by Vermeulen Nursery in New Jersey in 1972. I think all of the Pinus cembras are particularly nice with wonderful textural interest. 1-2’ $41.95

NEW 60628 Pinus cembra ‘Chamolet’ — DWARF. A blue slow growing form that grows upright and columnar. Mature height is about 6’. 6-12" $32.95

60323 Pinus cembra ‘Compacta Glauca’ — A very slow growing, tightly branched, pyramidal native of the Alps. A very formal appearing tree ideally suited for the small yard. 1-2’ $24.95

60993 Pinus cembra ‘Glauca Fastigiata’ See Pinus cembra ‘Stricta’

NEW 60724 Pinus cembra ‘Nana’ — DWARF. A compact, upright plant with blue-gray needles. This old variety remains an outstanding variety. 6-12" $32.95

60992 Pinus cembra ‘Stricta’ — Sometimes sold as P. c. ‘Fastigiata’. This plant is a slender column with densely fastigiate branches of a good rich blue-green. 6-12" $19.95, 1-2’ $24.95

60925 Pinus cembra ‘Westhur’ — MINIATURE. A conical upright pine that grows about 1" a year. Nice typical P. cempra textured green needles. 1-2’ $24.95

60600 Pinus contorta - Shore Pine — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-9) This is the beautiful pine that grows along the coast of Oregon and Washington. It has relatively short needles and a good full growth habit. It grows to an attractive medium sized tree. Grown from seed. 5-6’ $69.95

NEW 60416 Pinus contorta var. latifolia ‘Chief Joseph’ — This is an exciting introduction from Doug Wills in Sandy, Oregon. Winter color of summer squash-yellow begins in October. In summer, it is a very beautiful green. Upright growth but could form a small ball shape if pruned. It grows 2-4" a year. 1-2’ $99.95

61040 Pinus contorta ‘Mt. Hood Marble’ — Plant was found during the walk of the alpines at the ACS national meeting in Oregon in 1999. Brought back to the nursery by Bill Barger and `Dennis the Menis’, a variegated form of Lodge Pole Pine. Plant grows 3-4 inches a year. 3-6" $32.95

60349 Pinus contorta ‘Spaan’s Dwarf’ — DWARF. This interesting form of the western shore pine has an unusual growth habit and very short needles. It is a very desirable, rare plant. 1-2’ $35.95, 2-3’ $45.95

Pinus densiflora - Japanese Red Pine — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-9) A stately tree, eventually reaching 90-100’, it is a fast grower when young. The handsome, broad head is comprised of long, bluish-green needles and is borne on the top quarter of the height of the straight, reddish trunk. The trunk often is composed of multiple trunks at ground level. This makes an especially desirous effect for informal gardens and provides moderate shade for woodland gardens.

NEW 61103 Pinus densiflora ‘Jane Kluis’ — A flat topped mounding variety of a cross between Austrian Pine and Japanese Red Pine. Leaves a fresh light green and stiff. A different color and texture for an eye-catching spot. From a seedling found by Rudolph Kluis in Marlboro, New Jersey in the 1970’s. 6-12" $13.95

NEW 61123 Pinus densiflora ‘Little Christopher’ — DWARF. A f form of Japanese Table Top Pine. Leaves are a light lime green on a flat globose plant. Can be pruned into globe instead of flat top. A seedling found by Ed Rezek in 1991. 6-12" $26.95

NEW 60684 Pinus densiflora ‘Prostrata’ — Dense, low spreading form. 2-3’ $35.95

Pinus flexilis — (-30°F, USDA Zones 4-8)

NEW 61104 Pinus flexilis ‘Bergman’s Dwarf’ — We’ll tell you about this one when we see it. All we know now is that it should be a slow-growing comac upright. 6-12" $16.95

NEW 60853 Pinus flexilis ‘Cessarini Blue’— A narrow blue form of Limber pine. Very long powder blue needles on a very narrow plant. Plant named after Joe Cesarini of Maryland. 4-5’ $59.95

60417 Pinus flexilis ‘Extra Blue’ — This is a fast growing, pyramidal plant. It has very blue needles. On mature trees the dark gray bark begins to furrow, increasing the grandeur of the display created by this plant. 1-2’ $32.95, 2-3’ $39.95

61041 Pinus flexilis ‘Mt Evans’ — This is a new plant that we don’t know much about yet. We think it came from the Mt Evans Colorado. 1-2’ $32.95

60537 Pinus heldreichii — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-7) Syn. P. leucodermis. Slow growing and compact, this species will eventually reach a height of 30’ with a spread of 15’. Smooth, white bark with dark green needles. 1-2’ $39.95

60418 Pinus heldreichii ‘Aureospicata’ — Although slow growing, this will become a statuesque, broadly conical tree over time. The sharp yellow topped needles are clustered at branch ends. The color effectively accents yellow patches which occur on the trunk of mature trees as the rich, gray bark begins to exfoliate. 2-3’ $45.95

60059 Pinus heldreichii ‘Compact Gem’ — DWARF. Compact is right for this little jewel! Grows 1’’ per year to form a tidy, dwarf conifer with needles of a nearly black green. 6-12" $32.95, 1-2’ $39.95

NEW 60787 Pinus heldreichii ‘Dayton’ — Unlike the species this variety has a moderate growth rate. Like the species it has a great texture and contrast with its dark green needles against the smooth white bark are very attractive. A nice selection! 2-3’ $45.95

60856 Pinus helderchii ‘Irish Bell’ — This cultivar makes a small sturdy tree that will grow nearly as wide as tall, reminiscent of a bell. The stiff, deep green needles are on the upper portion of the shoots, allowing the silver-white stems to be seen prominently through the foliage. Salt-tolerant and disease-resistant, a great choice for the urban landscape. 6-12" $29.95, 1-2’ $35.95

60821 Pinus heldreichii ‘Satellit’ — A upright form of pine that stays shorter than 25’. The deep green needles on this tree are thick along the vertical branches creating a lush dense effect. The texture of the P. leucodermis always catches the eye in the garden. 6-12" $26.95, 2-3’ $39.95

60542 Pinus heldreichii ‘Schmidtii’ — DWARF. A favorite small pine. This miniature ball of dark green foliage has reddish-brown buds and grows to only about 2’ tall in 25 years. 6-12" $49.95

Pinus koraiensis - Korean Pine — (-40°F, USDA Zones 3-7) This slow growing plant is considered one of the best pines for small gardens. It is a 5 needle pine that has dense, dark green needles which are short to medium length. Grows to 40’ in cultivation, but can attain heights of 100’ or more. Native to Japan and Korea, it is a very beautiful tree.

NEW 61026 Pinus koraiensis ‘Morris Blue’ — This is a pyrmidal slow growing pine to 35’ with green curved needles that cover the branches that are clear to the ground. You’ll like this one from, as the mname suggests, the Morris Arborium in Philadelphia. 6-12" $16.95

60239 Pinus koraiensis ‘Silver Ray’ — Needles are blue green with a metallic shine, creating a variegated appearance in the sun. 1-2’ $44.95, 2-3’ $59.95

60926 Pinus koraiensis ‘Winton’ — A low spreading Korean Pine with good green needles and nice cones to 3 1/2’ high and about 4’ wide. 1-2’ $39.95

Pinus leucodermis— See P. heldreichii SEE NOTE ABOVE

NEW 61124 Pinus monticola ‘Nana’ — MINIATURE. A slow-growing, irregular evergreen conifer with short, soft blue-green needles. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 2’ tall x 2’ wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20 degrees. 6-12" $32.95

Pinus mugo - Swiss Mountain Pine — (-50°F, USDA Zones 2-9) Mugo pine is an excellent landscape plant useful in many areas. In its taller forms, it is a small tree. In its lower forms, it can be a ground cover with a low ‘bun shape’ and soft appearance. Quite versatile, as it will thrive in many situations. The forms we offer are generally the smaller types. It adapts well to shearing in the spring to keep the lower forms very flat. All will do well in Zone 9 and even Zone 10 of California (though not in desert heat), but possibly not as well in the Southeast.

61001 Pinus mugo ‘Big Tuna’ — Boldly textured, medium length needles make this sturdy, upright, multi-stemmed tree a favorite for areas in the landscape with a little more room. The slow-growing trees become taller than wide and quite bushy. Very hardy and uniquely dense, ‘Big Tuna’ is compact, but not dwarf. Buds turn showy during cold winter months and stand out distinctly against dark green foliage. 1-2’ $24.95 on standard

NEW 61001 Pinus mugo ‘Gnom’ — MINIATURE.. At first this is squat and then developing into an upright to conical form, with shorter, more dense needles and a flat top, slowly maturing to 1.5’ tall by 3’ wide. Dirr indicates that a 25-year-old plant was only 15" tall. 6-12" $16.95

NEW 60660 Pinus mugo ’Jacobsen’ — A slow growing bun form with a slight contorted look. Grows about 3" per year. 6-12" $49.95

NEW 60240 Pinus mugo ‘Mitsch Mini’ — MINIATURE. A tiny grafted selection. Deep green needles with contrasting brown candles in winter make it very attractive. This is the ultimate in dwarf mugos, growing less than 1" per year. Excellent for the rock garden. 6-12" $16.95

NEW 61105 Pinus mugo ‘Moppet’ — MINIATURE. This recent introduction from Iseli Nursery is a witches broom off of the always popular Mugo Pine ‘Mops’. It is uniform and slow growing at a rate of about 1" a year. Very cute, but put something near it so it will be noticed. 6-12" $16.95, 1-2’ $32.95

NEW 60443 Pinus mugo ‘Mops’ — MINIATURE. A slow-growing cultivar with dense, dark green foliage, to nearly 2" long, attractively offset by brown growth candles. This globose bush will achieve both a height and width of 3’ at maturity. 6-12" $15.95

NEW 61106 Pinus mugo ‘Mountain Muffin’ — We couldn’t resist the name and now we don’t know anything about it. We will let you know. 6-12" $15.95

60241 Pinus mugo var. pumilio — A form which is widely distributed in the mountains of central Europe. A superb variety for the landscape, it is often used as a ground cover. Can be pruned to keep it very low, as it grows only 1-3" a year. Very adaptable and excellent to use in mass planting or as a single plant in the garden. 1-2’ $24.95

60064 Pinus mugo ‘Sherwood Compact’ — DWARF. This plant has a dense habit and rounded, upright shape. Needles are a nice, mid-green. Same as ‘Teeny’. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61125 Pinus mugo ‘Teeny’ — DWARF. This mugo sports tiny, uniformly straight, rich green needles, a very neat habit and extremely slow growth. Needles are held radially, spreading out from the center on each of many, short, well-clothed branches. Terminal buds are very showy, and the tight globose plant will not outgrow even the smallest garden space. 6-12" $32.95

60101 Pinus mugo ‘Valley Cushion’ — MINIATURE. This is another plant from the Oregon State University selection program. It is exceptional for its tight, low growth and deep green needles which cover the plant so tightly, it looks like a cushion. Very special! 6-12" $41.95

Pinus nigra - Austrian or Black Pine — (-30°F, USDA Zones 4-8) This impressive tree originated in the forests of Austria and extends as far south as Turkey. Very rough, dark brown and deeply cut bark along with shining dark green needles make for an unforgettable show. This is an excellent background tree which is very dark green, viewed from a distance. Mature height generally reaches to about 50’, sometimes greater.

60601 Pinus nigra ‘Black Prince’ — DWARF. Possibly a hybrid of P. thunbergii, this P. nigra is a very compact form. Short, dense whorls of mid-green needles seem almost like daisies looking up at you. It is also a slow grower. 6-12" $15.95, 1-2’ $49.95

61018 Pinus nigra ‘Frank’ — DWARF. A tight columnar plant. Leaves green. Nice fastigiata form. Should be in trade more. Grows 8 inches a year. 1-2’ $49.95

61065 Pinus nigra ‘Helms Narrow’ — We aren’t sure of the name of this good looking conifer. Since there are so many applications for narrow conifers and relatively few of them, we thought w should bring this to you regardless of the name. 3-4’ $41.95

NEW 60789 Pinus nigra ‘Oregon Green’— Slow growing Austrian Black Pine, mature size 8’x 6’. Plant has dark green stiff needles, more numerous than the species. 1-2’ $19.95, 2-3’ $39.95

60686 Pinus nigra ‘Pierrick Bregeon’ — DWARF. Very unique, compact, mounding form, closely resembling Pinus mugo var. pumilo but with a faster growth rate. Dark green needles are long when the plant is young and as it matures, the new needles are reduced to ½ the normal length. Grows 3’ x 5’ with no shearing required. An outstanding dwarf. 2-3’ $79.95

60581 Pinus nigra ‘Wurstle’ — DWARF. This variety has small needles growing in tufts that come on later in the year. With age, it appears more rounded. 6-12" $26.95

Pinus parviflora - Japanese White Pine — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-9) A mature specimen will have wide spreading branches and a flat topped head. As a young tree it will have a dense, conical almost pyramidal habit.

60090 Pinus parviflora ‘Adcock’s Dwarf’  — DWARF. Another excellent selection for a small garden, this has a slow growing habit (1-3" a year) and is very dense with short needles. 3-6" $24.95, 6-12" $32.95

NEW 60888 Pinus parviflora ‘Al Fordham’ — MINIATURE. This grows somewhat like ‘Adcock’s Dwarf’ in growth pattern. Needles slightly different in size and compression and this cultivar will reach 2’ by 1’ in 10 years. We think this is going to be a very popular miniature. 6-12" $24.95

NEW 60661 Pinus parviflora ‘Aoba jo’ — This well branched tree is narrow and upright. The bright blue needles are short and curly. 6-12" $49.95

60728 Pinus parviflora ’Aoi’ — DWARF. This is a narrow, upright plant, with short, blue needles. Slow-growing; about 8 inches a year. 6-12" $49.95

60437 Pinus parviflora ‘Ara-kawa’ — A slow, upright growing pine with a conical, semidwarf habit. The straight, thin dark-green needles are gracefully held in dense clusters of 5 needles. The rough, textured bark of this variety tends to exfoliate in thin scales, creating a rugged appearance. 6-12" $24.95, 1-2’ $39.95

60760 Pinus parviflora ‘Azuma-goyo’ — DWARF. A slow growing small pine with needles about 1 1/4" long and thick. The blue color and dense growth make this a very pleasing plant that is just going to develop more character as it matures in the garden. 3-6" $29.95, 6-12" $35.95

60118 Pinus parviflora ‘Brevifolia’ — A very desirable short needled, slow growing pine (6-12" per year) with an upright habit. A 5 needled pine, each needle bluish with contrasting white on one side. It is a neat looking plant, excellent for rock gardens or wherever you need a small plant with pleasing color and habit. 6-12" $32.95

60704 Pinus parviflora ‘Burke’s Bonsai’ — This is one of the selections made by Joe Burke as suitable for Bonsai. It is an upright grower with short twisted blue-gray needles. 3-6" $29.95

60996 Pinus parviflora ‘El-ko-nishiki’ — Almost prostrate, irregular, deep green form. The branch ends turn up, giving it a happy aspect. As it matures, it develops a corky bark giving it even more interest. 6-12" $32.95

60188 Pinus parviflora ‘Fuku-zu-mi’ — MINIATURE. Bun shaped extremely slow growing (2-4" a year) conifer that is perfect for rock or small gardens. 6-12" $41.95

60889 Pinus parviflora ‘Giborn’s Pyramid’ — A broad compact semidwarf upright with blue-green needles in spring. Branches are very densely arranged and it will reach 10’ by 6’. A very nice size for our smaller gardens. 1-2’ $32.95, 2-3’ $39.95

NEW 60492 Pinus parviflora ‘Glauca’ — An attractive five-needled pine with annual growth around 5", reaching an ultimate height of 40-60’. Its bluish effect comes from blue-white bands on the inner sides of the needles. A beautiful plant that holds its color through winter. 1-2’ $24.95, 2-3’ $35.95

60489 Pinus parviflora ‘Goldilocks’ — Dramatic color of blue brushed with a creamy yellow. We believe that it will grow in an upright habit to be a nice semi-dwarf that will find a place in almost any landscape. 6-12" $39.95

NEW 61149 Pinus parviflora ‘Gyo-ku-sen’ — DWARF. Short, thick, slightly recurving blue-grey needles. One can never have too many small Pinus parvifloras. They just seem to highlight any area where they are planted. 3-6" $29.95

60489 Pinus parviflora ‘Hagoromo’ — MINIATURE. This lovely plant is one of the best of the parviflora. It is a small bun, growing only ½-1" a year, of beautiful sea blue-green foliage. 3-6" $29.95, 6-12" $41.95

v60928 Pinus parviflora ‘Hatsumari Goyo’ — A medium size to large upright with 1" long blue needles. Male sex parts are lavender in spring! A conversation piece in almost any gathering. Grows 1’ a year. 3-6" $19.95

61126 Pinus parviflora ‘Himeko-ja-nome’ — DWARF. A slow-N growing, dense evergreen conifer which will eventually form an upright tree. Blue-green needles are wildly variegated with bright gold. More colorful than ‘Ogon janome’. Prefers sun/partial shade (but less color in shade) in well-drained soil. 3’ tall x 2.5’ wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20 degrees. 6-12" $49.95

NEW 60421 Pinus parviflora ‘Ibo-Can’ — This nice plant has an irregular upright habit that gives it a bushy look. Adds 6-12" per year. Twisted blue needles adorn the compact branches, which end in a long bud. 6-12" $37.95

60997 Pinus parviflora ‘Kobe’ — DWARF. Slow growing to about 8’ with a conical habit. Short yellow-green needles. Grows about 4" a year. 6-12" $39.95

60580 Pinus parviflora ‘Miyajima’ — DWARF. Very similar to ‘Brevifolia’, slow growing, blue needled with a white accent. This variety will evoke the shrines of its namesake, Miyajima, Japan. One of the best P. parvifloras, and that is saying a lot!! Truly a treasure. 1-2’ $66.95

60310 Pinus parviflora ‘Ogon Janome’ — This is a variegated form of P. parviflora and extremely rare in this country. Grows 3-6" a year. 3-6" $19.95

NEW 61031 Pinus parviflora ‘Pentaphylla Kanrico’ — A dwarf, dense form of Japanese White Pine. Plant upright with horizontal branches. Leaves green-blue with fruiting bodies every year. Cones start out pink-red with stamens yellow. Leaves are about one inch in length. Mature at 8 ft.. Used in Bonsai! 6-12" $24.95

NEW 60762 Pinus parviflora ‘Shi-ko-ken’— Full sun gives this variegated pine its best color. Pine green needles ringed with strong yellow has more contrast than most variegated pines. Grows 8-12" per year. 6-12" $49.95

60052 Pinus parviflora ‘Tani-mano-uki’ — This is a semidwarf form, pyramidal with white variegated needles and pink tipped candles in the spring. 3-6" $45.95

60494 Pinus pinea — (0°F, USDA Zone 7-9) A large growing Italian Stone Pine, it has long, dark green needles on a good looking large tree. A rounded form when young, it is more of an umbrella shape as it matures. 4-5’ $55.95

60309 Pinus ponderosa - Ponderosa Pine — (-30°F, USDA Zones 4-9) A straight trunked and well branched tree, this pine will grow to 50-60’ in 50 years. It has beautiful plated bark; glossy, dark green, very long needles and 3-5" light red-brown cones. An attractive and hardy tree. 4-5’ $32.95

Pinus pumila - Japanese Stone Pine — DWARF. (-30°F, USDA Zones 4-8) This is also called a Dwarf Siberian Pine. A form growing to only 3 to 5’. This shrub has great beauty. The blue-green foliage is accentuated by red cones. Grows 3-6" per year and occasionally prostrate in growth.

60429 Pinus pumila -‘Dwarf Blue’ — DWARF. This form grows from 2-4" per year. Its spreading habits makes an interesting form that will grow wider that it is tall. Adding to that its pronounced blue coloration makes it an outstanding selection. 6-12" $41.95, 1-2’ $49.95

61043 Pinus pumila -‘Jeddeloh’ — A spreading flat variety introduced by the Jedeloh Nursery in Germany. Leaves blue and more needles per stem than usual. Plant grows 4-6 inches a year. Leaves are about 1 ½ inches long. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61127 Pinus pumila ‘Nana’ — An upright globe. Very nice compact form. Leaves are blue with red cones on stems with age. All branches turn up and bend around plant. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 60924 Pinus pumila ‘Pygmaea’ — Welsh describes this fom as "an irregular, picturesque, more or less flat-topped bush to 5’." Sometimes listed as Pinus cembra ‘Pygmea’. As it holds its’ needles for three years it always looks full. Rarely seen, we are glad to have this cultivar. 1-2’ $39.95

NEW 60189 Pinus resinosa ‘Don Smith’ — (-50°F, USDA Zone 2-8) Rather heavy in appearance with broad, conical branches. Medium to dark green needles, 5-6" long, the ultimate height is 50-60’. It has a short trunk with a heavily branched crown. The slow growing tree is highlighted by resinous buds. 2-3’ $39.95

Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine — (-40°F, USDA Zones 3-8) Growing to 80’ by 20’, this conifer is very fast-growing. Very beautiful for color and texture, the bark will become deeply furrowed and ridged. Mature trees are plume like in outline and composed of several horizontal and ascending branches. Grows best in fertile, moist, well drained soils. Really likes sunny locations.

60868 Pinus strobus ‘Beran’ — MINIATURE. This cultivar grows 1’’ per year, the small needles are lime green when new and deepen to blue-green with age. A lovely little bun-shaped conifer perfect amidst other conifers or perennials. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61128 Pinus strobus ‘Billaw’ — DWARF. Dense, low globe with blue-green needles. 6-12" $49.95

NEW 61129 Pinus strobus ‘Bloomer’s Dark Globe’ — A slow-growing shrub with ascending branches forming an round habit. Excellent texture with dark green foliage. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61134 Pinus strobus ‘Brevifolia’ — DWARF. After a century in cultivation, this intriguing dwarf White Pine is still quite rare and relatively unknown, a curious fact given its many desirable features. The densely-branched plant has an irregular shape in youth, but develops a tight, upright form with long, elegant, smoky-blue needles as it slowly matures. Hardy, rugged and stylish, it stays small enough to fit in a courtyard garden or container. 6-12" $49.95

NEW 61032 Pinus strobus ‘Elkins Dwarf’ — Its short green needles and its slow growth make it a good canidate for a bonsai. It will grow to about 2’ high and 18" wide. A treasure. 6-12" $15.95

NEW 60348 Pinus strobus ‘Fastigiata’ — Erect branches on an erect tree tapering to a pointed top. The needles are even straight. Eventually it will grow to 40’ while being only 10’ wide. An excellent form of the Eastern White Pine. 1-2’ $19.95

60930 Pinus strobus ‘Gold Painted’ — Large tree with green needles with splashes of yellow throughout the plant. Grows 2’ an year to 14’ by 8’ in 10 years. Unusual. 1-2’ $39.95

NEW 60559 Pinus strobus ‘Hershey’ — DWARF. A flat-globe shape with very blue leaves. This plant is kind of stiff looking. Grows 4" per year. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61130 Pinus strobus ‘Hillside Gem’ — A pyramidal, tight dwarf plant with all branches headed upward. Leaves are a blue-grey. Leaves are very wiry and delicate. Grows about 2 inches a year. - Zone:3. 6-12" $32.95

60932 Pinus strobus ‘Horsford Dwarf’ — DWARF. A very N compact bun shaped plant with new growth a lighter green setting off the dark green older needles. Grows half as large as ‘Glauca Nana’. Found by Horsford, named by Greg Williams in Vermont. 1 1/2’ by 2’ in 10 years. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61131 Pinus strobus ‘Macropin’ — DWARF. A round flat globe. Leaves are blue-green. Plant grows 5 inches a year. Nice form and good color. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 61132 Pinus strobus ‘Merimack’ — A dwarf evergreen conifer with a dense flat-globe form. Soft needles are silvery blue-green. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 2’ tall x 3’ wide in 10 years. Hardy to -40 degrees. 6-12" $49.95

60491 Pinus strobus ‘Minuta’ — DWARF. A very compact, globose plant with short, dark green-blue needles. 6-12" $32.95

60863 Pinus strobus ‘Northway’ — This pine dwarf is round and slow growing to 8-10’. Love this soft grey green foliage in a formal or natural setting! 1-2’ $39.95

60438 Pinus strobus ‘Sea Urchin’ — MINIATURE. This variety grows only 1-2" a year, holding a tight, dense, globose shape. Its needles are short, bluish-green and turn markedly more silver when in some shade. 6-12" $32.95, 1-2’ $49.95

60290 Pinus sylvestris - Scotch Pine — (-50°F, USDA Zones 3-7) A statuesque tree at maturity, it develops a spreading head with a sparsely branched trunk, effective for noticing the elegant, red-brown, papery bark. In transition to this stage, a fast growing, conical tree with a spread of half its height will grace your view. Grows to 60’ tall and 40’ wide. At every developmental stage, this tree is blanketed with twisted, blue-green needles set in pairs. Trouble free growth, adaptable to poor soil.

NEW 60687 Pinus sylvestris ‘Doone Valley’ — DWARF. An irregularly conical shaped pine with short, blue needles. A very old plant will only reach 2 to 3’ tall. A wonderful little rock garden specimen! 3-6" $32.95

60091 Pinus sylvestris ‘Glauca Nana’ — DWARF. A superb blue form of the fine Scotch Pine. A plant that will be very special in your garden. 2-3’ $45.95

NEW 60751 Pinus thunbergii ‘Ogon’ — Foliage is bright yellow in summer. Give full sun for the best color. Its nice to have a summer yellow, most of the yellows are fall and winter. 6-12" $32.95, 1-2’ $35.95

60501 Pinus thunbergii ‘Thunderhead’ — DWARF. This delightful plant is named for its white buds on this very nice green plant. It grows to about 4’ high to 5’ wide in about 10 years. 6-12" $19.95

60422 Pinus virginiana ‘Wate’s Golden’ - Virginia Pine — (-20°F, USDA Zones 4-8) Needles in twos are an amazing lemon-lime in summer and rich yellow in the winter. Will grow 12-24" a year, to a height of 20-30’ with less spread, and it is excellent for use in heavy, dry, neutral to acid soils. 6-12" $19.95, 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $45.95


60734 Podocarpus alpinus ‘Blue Gem’ — DWARF. ( 0°F USDA Zone 7-9) A spreading plant with pink or red young foliage turning to blue. This Tasmanian plant is considered as one of the most suitable for colder climates. Plant in sun or light shade. 6-12" $19.95

60879 Podocarpus alpinus ‘Red Tip’ — DWARF. A low spreading plant more green than blue foliage and red new growth in spring. It will grow 4-6 inches a year to about 1’ high and 3’ wide in 10 years. Nice for a different texture in the garden. 1-2’ $29.95


60439 Pseudotsuga menziesii — (-30°F, USDA Zone 4-9) When young the crown of this fir is conical, becoming broad and flat as it matures. The needles have a mild smell of apple when they are crushed. It has a mature height of 50-100’. An Oregon native. 5-6’ $69.95, 6-7’ $79.95

60073 Pseudotsuga menziesii ‘Pendula’ — This is an upright weeper with pendulous branches that are slightly contorted. 3-4’ $49.95

60935 Pseudotsuga menziesii‘ Weep Willie’ — No shrinking violet this! This weeper from The Jerry Morris Rocky Mountain Collection will get an incredible 12’ by 8’ in 10 years. Please don’t plant it in the 3’ parking strips.... One or two of these would certainly solve large bare spots. 1-2’ $49.95

60836 Pseudotsuga menziesii ‘Wycoff’s Big Blue’ — Moderate growing variety of douglas fir, it is touted as the best upright form. First seen by our supplier in from Chub Harper’s Michigan Collection. 2-3’ $59.95


60159 Sciadopitys verticillata — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-8) Not really a pine at all, this is the only species within its genus. A unique and interesting plant of pyramidal shape. The name comes from leaves that look like pine needles whorled around the stems like the ribs of an umbrella. Very slow growing. At a young age it could be used as a dwarf. It eventually grows 6-12" a year to make an attractive specimen of medium conical size. Does not tolerate lime soil conditions. This unusual plant is one of the most sought after that has come from Japan. We are sure you will want this terrific specimen; it will be one of your most prized possessions. Will eventually reach heights of 60’ or more. 3-6" $29.95, 6-12" $29.95, 2-3’ $69.95, 4-5’ $169.95, 5-6’ $179.95


60095 Sequoia sempervirens - Coast Redwood — (0°F, USDA Zones 7-9) This is the famous giant redwood from the northern California coastal area. It won’t grow this large in your garden, but in the wild, it can grow to more than 200’. An interesting tree that is not often offered for sale. 7-8’ $135.95

60155 Sequoia sempervirens ‘Albospica’ — This is a flat growing form of the coast redwood with white tips on the foliage. Occasionally an upright growing shoot will appear which should be trimmed off to keep the flat plant habit. 6-7’ $99.95

60665 Sequoia sempervirens ‘Emily Brown’ — A very erect form of Coast Redwood with bright green foliage. Very fast growing, 3-6’ per year. 5-6’ $89.95

60169 Sequoia sempervirens ‘Soquel’ — A named variety of the coast redwood that is native to Oregon and California. The foliage has a fine texture and is somewhat blue-green with a tinge of gray underneath. The bark is reddish brown and strong. Overall the tree is a good looking fragrant specimen. We suggest you keep the plant staked as they are often crooked when young. Fast growing in the West, of medium growth rate in the East, this tree will soon resemble the beautiful redwoods of our national park. 3-4’ $44.95, 5-6’ $79.95


60278 Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant Redwood or Sierra Redwood — (-10°F, USDA Zones 6-9) Gigantic is the word! The giant sequoia is the largest living thing in the world, yet as a young tree (under 1,000 years old) it maintains a conical habit with very attractive foliage. 2-3’ $39.95

60931 Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Bultinck Yellow’ — A giant Redwood with bright lemon yellow flush of new growth in spring. Habit much like the species except a little smaller growing. A beautiful tree in any garden. 6-12" $15.95, 1-2’ $32.95

60923 Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Greenpeace’ — Foliage is a bright lawn green on a large tree with a growth of 1-2’ a year. Very nice overall structure. 1-2’ $32.95

NEW 60922 Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Hazel Smith’ — A very broad, same size as species, but blue. First sent to Watnog Nursery in PA. in a seedling purchase from Andy Sherwood of Gresham, OR. Named after Hazel Smith of Watnog Nursery. 14’ by 10’ in 10 years. 6-12" $32.95

NEW 60303 Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pendulum’ — A most interesting pendulous plant which forms a tall narrow column and then cascades back down. The needles are bluish green. Unusual! 6-12" $15.95, 1-2’ $39.95

NEW 61107 Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Powder Blue’ — This full-size Giant Sequoia, among the largest of conifers, produces startling, powdery-blue foliage. The massive tree develops an open habit and wider girth than Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Glaucum’, with a main, upright leader and horizontal lower branches that become pendulous with age. Give the striking, mammoth tree, with awl-shaped, light-blue foliage, plenty of room to grow. 6-12" $13.95


Taxodium ascendens - Pond Bald Cypress — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-10 even 11) Naturally found around lakes, ponds and small rivers, this tree prefers wet or at the very least, moist soil that also has sun. Taking the time to pick the right spot, however, is time well spent as you will be rewarded with a tree unique in every season. This tree, which can reach 75’ in height, has a narrow crown of awl shaped green needles which in autumn turn an attractive red-brown. In winter, this deciduous tree drops its leaves exposing the irregular, outspread branching pattern along the light brown trunk which gradually thickens toward the base. It creates an impressive display.

NEW 60688 Taxodium ascendens ‘Debonair’ PPAF — (–30°F, USDA Zones 4-11) Hardier than the species, this variety has foliage resembling Arborvitae rather than Taxodium because of the fine texture. Vigorous, narrow form that can withstand wind and ice without breaking. Difficult to find, so get this beauty while you can. 2-3’ $35.95

61029 Taxodium ascendens ‘Prairie Sentinel’ — This is a columnar variety with dense horizontal branching. It is very symmetrical and straight growing making it adaptable for more restricted spaces. As its name suggests it needs a moist, or even wet, location. It grows rapidly to 20’ and then more slowly to 70’. 6-12" $15.95

60105 Taxodium distichum - Common Bald Cypress — (–30°F, USDA Zones 4-11) This deciduous conifer is perfect for that "wet spot" where few trees would survive. It has a reddish brown bark and branches that spread out and up. Its pretty foliage is very much like the yew, fresh green in spring, turning bronze before dropping in fall. This tree grows 2-4" a year and in 10 years it may reach 16’ high and 8’ wide. Very beautiful and distinctive. 3-4’ $39.95, 4-5’ $49.95, 5-6’ $59.95

60642 Taxodium distichum ‘Cascade Falls’ — This is one of the most unusual conifers to hit the market in years! Before it was officially released to the nursery industry, this rare weeping Bald Cypress was sold at auctions for as much as $275.00! A considerable amount has been invested for its development and patent by Cedar Lodge Nursery in Plymouth, New Zealand. The foliage is bright green and the plant gets its height from being staked. ‘Cascade Falls’ can even be used as a ground cover if not staked. Grows about 2’ a year. An excellent introduction! 1-2’ $29.95, 2-3’ $49.95, 5-6’ $69.95

60840 Taxodium distichum ‘Fastigiata’ — A columnar form, native of Southeast North America. Mature height is 150’, bark is thin and red-brown in color. In maturity the tree trunk will have the lovely buttress style growth. Foliage is light green and scale like. Great choice for those with the room and the time. 2-3’ $35.95

60915 Taxodium distichum ‘Peve Minaret’ — DWARF. This small Bald Cypress is dark green with a distinctive structure. Growing about 2’ a year to 4’ high and 3’ wide in about 10 years. Nice. 1-2’ $49.95, 2-3’ $55.95, 3-4’ $64.95


Taxus baccata - English Yew — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-9) A dense, slow growing, often multi-trunked Yew that forms a rounded, pyramidal shape, and can grow to 45’ tall and 20’ wide. Can, and usually is, pruned in cultivation to many different shapes. Leaves are glossy, dark green on top and dull, light green below. Grow in full sun or part shade.

60747 Taxus baccata ‘David’ — A hardy fastigiate selection with yellow-green leaves. 3-4’ $39.95

60768 Taxus baccata ‘Erecta’ — "The Fulham Yew" according to the World Conifer Checklist. Dark glossy green leaves clothe the branches that soon after leaving the trunk turn upwards to produce a upright growth habit for these plants. Great for hedging and backdrop in the formal garden. 3-4’ $39.95

60224 Taxus baccata ‘Fastigiata’ - Irish Yew — Syn, ‘Stricta’. This most prominent and distinguished form of the genus Taxus features young plants which are columnar while older plants become wider and more branched at the top. Leaves are radial, decurved, blackish green above and streaked with a narrow, slightly shining midrib beneath. Produces showy red berries. Grows to 30’ tall and half as wide in many, many, many years. Nice accent plant. 1-2’ $24.95

60698 Taxus baccata ‘Fastigiata Aurea’ — Syn. ‘Stricta Aurea’. This is the golden variety of Irish Yew. Slow-growing and columnar, probably growing no more than 6 to 8’. Wonderful golden foliage in full sun in summer. Grow against a dark backdrop for maximum effect. 1-2’ $19.95

60620 Taxus baccata ‘Standishi’ — Compact, slow growing, branches erect with bright, golden-yellow foliage. The most golden-yellow form of the golden fastigiate varieties. 1-2’ $19.95, 2-3’ $24.95

Taxus x media — (-30°F, USDA Zones 4-8) These trees can grow up to 20’ tall depending on the cultivar. Broadly pyramidal of spreading habit, at times with a central leader. Prefers moist, sandy, acid to neutral loam, but must be well drained. Can tolerate sun or shade.

60505 Taxus x media ‘Brownii’ — This yew is a semidwarf with a broad globose habit. Slow growing with deep olive-green foliage. Grows to 9’ by 12’ within 20 years. Easy to prune and maintain. 2-3’ $29.95

60849 Taxus x media ‘Giant’ — This new form grows into an upright pyramid. A fast grower it is a good selection for screening and hedging. Needles are dark green. 6-12" $15.95

60087 Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’ — This yew is used frequently for hedging. It has dense, columnar but compact habit with heavy berry production. Grows to 20’ in 20 years. 2-3’ $29.95, 3-4’ $34.95

60793 Taxus x media ‘Wardii’ — Mature height 6-10’ on this broadly spreading yew. Growing less than 8’’ a year this is a good plant for hedges or screens. Will grow in any light conditions with well-drained soil. 2-3’ $34.95, 3-4’ $39.95


Thuja occidentalis - Eastern or American Arborvitae — (-50°F, USDA Zones 2-8) These conifers can grow to 60’ tall, about 15’ wide. They are dense, broadly pyramidal trees with branching to the ground. Slow growing, the bark is grayish to reddish brown. Grow in deep, well drained soils with full sun. Can take heat and drought once established.

60575 Thuja occidentalis ‘Danica’ — DWARF Rounded form and tight growth on this plant make it perfect for a hedge or even focal plantings in a formal garden. Its size, 2-3’, and shape are also good for flanking a driveway entrance or foundation plantings. 2-3’ $34.95

60107 Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’ — In Denmark this cultivar is known as ‘Smaragd’ and in France as ‘Emeraude’. It is similar to the well known ‘Pyramidalis’ but is a brighter green which holds through winter. It is also slightly wider in growth and finer textured. Excellent for hedging. 2-3’ $11.95, 3-4’ $24.95, 4-5’ $34.95

60108 Thuja occidentalis ‘Hetz Midget’ — DWARF. This is a dense compact globe, gray-green foliage which bronzes slightly in winter. A very attractive plant that should be used more. 1-2’ $24.95

60690 Thuja occidentalis ‘Little Giant’ — DWARF. This is a slow growing plant with a very dense, globose form. This mighty little guy grows to 2’ tall and wide, and has lovely rich green foliage. 1-2’ $24.95, 2-3’ $35.95

60191 Thuja occidentalis ‘Pyramidalis’ — A narrow, tall, dense conifer good for hedges and screens. This is an often used plant which is very valuable in the landscape. There are few plants that are as well suited to provide a narrow and fast growing hedge. This is much nicer than many artificial fences or screens. Plant 24" to 30" apart for good coverage. It can grow to 25’ or be kept to any desired height by topping. These are heavy plants, value priced but expensive to ship! 6-7’ $69.95

60671 Thuja occidentalis ‘Yellow Ribbon’ — A neat, slim plant with bright yellow foliage. This plant grows 1’ a year, and will reach about 10’ in 10 years. 3-4’ $35.95

Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-8) An important timber tree in the Northwest, this is also a very desirable and fast growing tree for the larger yard or where a tall hedge is needed. It has broad, flattened, deep green foliage with scale like needles. The foliage is fragrant and useful in wreaths. It grows in a conical upright form which, as it matures, will have somewhat weeping branches. An attractive evergreen. Can grow 2’ or more each year when established.

NEW 60115 Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’ — One of the best of the large, pyramidal arborvitae types, this tree has beautiful, shining dark green foliage, and is excellent for a tall hedge. Often used in France and Italy for just such a purpose. Also makes a great solitary tree. 5-6’ $55.95, 6-7’ $69.95

60440 Thuja plicata ‘Rogers Aurea Sport’ — An exciting introduction! Foliage is unique to the species, compact and delicate with a bright golden-yellow color. The slow growing, irregular habit is then shaded with a bronzy hue at the end of the season. A colorful, cheery dwarf that can add interest to any area. 5-6’ $59.95

NEW 60674 Thuja plicata ’Sunshine’ — A beautiful, fast growing, yellow variety of the Western Red Cedar that does not burn in full sun. Upright and loose in habit, growing 16" a year. This tree stands out in the landscape like a ray of sunshine! 1-2’ $22.95

60244 Thuja plicata ‘Zebrina’ An exceptional conifer with intriguing, bright yellow variegation. Some plants are zebra striped, while others display a gradual blending of colors. For those of you interested in using conifer greens to make arrangements and wreaths, this foliage is beyond compare. In winter, the green takes on a bronze appearance which blends very nicely with the gold. Great for a tall, fast growing hedge or as a specimen. Will reach 40’ at maturity. 4-5’ $59.95, 5-6’ $65.95, 6-7’ $69.95


Thujopsis dolabrata - False Arborvitae — (-10°F, USDA Zones 6-8) An impressive, slow growing pyramidal tree. This unique Japanese native resembles the common Thuja; however, it is distinguished by its broader, flatter, fan like branchlets. The soft foliage is arranged in haphazard whorls, displaying the glossy green surface and the distinct white underside markings simultaneously across the plant. The bark is thin and reddish-brown, flaking in papery layers. Providing adequate moisture and fertile soil will ensure a display of dense foliage that can highlight any area.

60774 Thujopsis dolabrata ‘Aurea’— We’ve all appreciated ‘variegata’ for the striking brush marks on the foliage. Well here you go a golden thujopsis! 2-3’ $35.95

NEW 61155 Thujopsis dolabrata ‘Cristata’ — Fast growing small tree with twisted branchlets and foliage. 1-2’ $39.95

60076 Thujopsis dolabrata ‘Nana’ — DWARF. This small shrub forms a dense, broad flat bush, with scale like overlapping foliage. Very unique! 1-2’ $14.95

60136 Thujopsis dolabrata ‘Variegata’ — This has the same unusual foliage shape as the species but is a strong growing shrub with scattered patches of creamy-white to yellow foliage intermixed with a rich dark green. 2-3’ $39.95, 3-4’ $45.95


60441 Tsuga canadensis - Eastern or Canadian Hemlock — (-40°F, USDA Zones 3-7) The "granddaddy" to over 200 cultivars, the Canadian hemlock is a tried and true choice. This slender, upright growing tree has young, yellow-green foliage that matures to gray-brown. Grows to 70’ in height and about half as wide. Characteristic of all the cultivars, it prefers a moist, ventilated area with acidic soil, receiving either full sun or partial shade. 3-4’ $35.95, 5-6’ $89.95

60675 Tsuga canadensis ‘Bacon Cristate’ — MINIATURE. This slow growing plant (only 1" per year), has dark green leaves that grow in an unusual crested pattern. Upright in habit. 3-6" $16.95, 6-12" $19.95

60518 Tsuga canadensis ‘Bennett’ — A spreading form that stays low and compact and is much broader than high. The branches are more or less arching and end in pendulous tips. Also known as ‘Bennett’s Minima’. 6-12" $15.95

NEW 60903 Tsuga canadensis ‘Coffin’ — MINIATURE. Foliage is very small and quite congested, green and very lightly shaded. Plant grows about 1’ a year and at 10 years is 1’ by 1’. Introduced by Eastern Nurseries in Holliston MA. 3-6" $14.95

NEW  61045 Tsuga canadensis ‘Dwarf Upright’ — A dwarf, upright variety of Canadian Hemlock. Small, dark green leaves on thin upright branches. Grows 4-6 inches a year. Plant was cultivar sold in the 1970’s by John Mitsch Nursery, Aurora, Oregon. 6-12" $19.95

60120 Tsuga canadensis ‘Geneva’ — An attractive, slow-growing conical form. Young plants are upright growing with open branching patterns, which effectively display the flat sprays of rounded foliage. The narrow habit is useful as a specimen plant or grouped together as a screen. 6-12" $32.95, 1-2’ $35.95

60121 Tsuga canadensis ‘Gentsch White’ or ‘Variegated’ — Canadian hemlocks are special plants for the garden, but this one is exceptionally delightful. This lacy, round, mounding grows easily but not too fast. In spring the foliage is a true green, tipped silvery-white for a special touch. Then, as the season progresses, the tips becomes more predominant, giving the foliage a frosted look. It is like a mound of green kissed with a sparkling touch of snow. 6-12" $25.95, 1-2’ $35.95

NEW 61135 Tsuga canadensis ‘Horsford Dwarf’ — DWARF. Alpine plants tend to hunker down and stay small as a defense against the forces of winter. This mini-conifer demonstrates such characteristics, with a dense, irregular growth habit and a miniature scale. Foliage has a variety of looks, from congested to more open, which adds to the small plant’s alpine charm. Enjoy it in rock garden, trough or container. 6-12" $49.95

60124 Tsuga canadensis ‘Jeddeloh’ — DWARF. This recent introduction may just become one of the more popular dwarfs. It is similar to ‘Pendula’ but is more dense and has a depression in the center like a bird’s nest. Its light color is especially accentuated in the spring. 6-12" $32.95

60170 Tsuga canadensis ‘Jervis’ — MINIATURE. A very slow growing hemlock (1-3" a year) that forms a compact, irregular little bush. One 25 year old specimen is no more than 14" high. 3-6" $16.95, 1-2’ $24.95

60194 Tsuga canadensis ‘Lewisii’ — DWARF. A rare, choice small hemlock, the plant grows a scant 1-3" a year, forming a very irregular pyramid. 6-12" $49.95

NEW 60270 Tsuga canadensis ‘Minuta’ — MINIATURE. Of the many forms of Canadian hemlock, this is one of the cutest. It grows very slowly with interesting angular needles and contrasting brown growth buds. Its growth rate is barely an inch a year, so you know it is minute. It grows wider than tall. How big will it get? Well multiply an inch by 200 years and you know how big it will be at that age, but will you be around to see it then? This is a must plant for the small garden. Personally, I’m going to put several in my rock garden. I bought these cute plants to sell, not to plant in my garden, but, oh, I want to keep at least one! 3-6" $16.95

NEW 60844 Tsuga canadensis ‘Molalla’ — MINIATURE. This forms a flat topped bun shape. It has small green needles. This cultivar comes from a series of hemlocks found by Ed Woods of Bonsai Village, each cultivar is named after an Oregon town. 3-6" $16.95

61136 Tsuga canadensis ‘Moll’ — A compact, bushy selection named after it’s finder, Peter Moll of Heisterbacherrot. 6-12" $32.95

60128 Tsuga canadensis ‘Pendula’ — This is the hemlock, noted for its sensational, weeping habit. It has an irregular, picturesque shape with pendulous branches of medium green needles, highlighted in spring with light new growth. This plant will reach 10’ but must be trained to keep fairly upright. A must for every garden. 6-12" $16.95

NEW 60126 Tsuga canadensis ‘Rugg’s Washington Dwarf’— DWARF. A slow growing form with an irregular, many branched and chunky shape. It steadily builds itself up in height in an attractive but haphazard manner, with cinnamon tipped new growth. This extremely slow grower, adding less than 1" a year, achieves a height of 30" in ten years. Previously known as ‘Nana’. 6-12" $32.95

60577 Tsuga canadensis ‘Sargentii’ — Said to be one of the most famous weeping Canadian hemlocks. The leaves are a nice green. Grows about 1’ per year with a very pendulous habit. Stake for height. 2-3’ $44.95

60520 Tsuga canadensis ‘Sherwood Compact’ — A tight growing compact form which is extra special in the small garden. With its beautiful deep green needled and charming habit, it must be an outstanding plant for your garden. 6-12" $16.95

NEW 60442 Tsuga canadensis ‘Starker’s Dwarf’ — MINIATURE. A weeping form that doesn’t get over 6" high and grows about 6" a year. Nice for its’ draping qualities. Found by Carl Starker, who was an Oregon plantsman and one of the first to collect and propagate dwarf conifers. His interest inspired many of us to enthusiastically embrace dwarf conifers as a central feature in our gardens and hearts. 6-12" $24.95

NEW 60195 Tsuga canadensis 'Stockman’s Dwarf’ — A very nice semidwarf with pendulous tips. Very graceful in the landscape. 6-12" $49.95

60523 Tsuga canadensis ‘Vermeulen Wintergold’ — This plant is so new we don’t yet have all the information about it. It is an columnar plant that grows 6" a year, and it has yellow foliage. 2-3’ $24.95

60641 Tsuga heterophylla - Western Hemlock — (-10°F, USDA Zones 6-8) Pacific Northwest native from southern Alaska to northern California. Narrowly conical tree with cracked, purple-brown bark and horizontal branches that have a pendulous habit. This magnificent tree grows 70-130’ tall (although specimens have been found upwards of 200’), and 20-30’ wide. Grow in moist but well drained, acidic soil. Very shade tolerant; requires shelter from heavy winds. 3-4’ $34.95, 5-6’ $69.95

60130 Tsuga mertensiana - Mountain Hemlock — (-20°F, USDA Zones 5-9) Native to the highlands of western North America. A noteworthy feature is a well defined leader; though in small plants, it may take some years for the leader to become established. Closely spaced, slightly ascending branches have grayish needles spirally arranged on the stems. One of the finest alpine conifers you’ll find! It’s a slow grower and makes a good bonsai subject. 1-2’ $16.95, 2-3’ $19.95

60995 Tsuga mertensiana ‘Elizabeth’ — This is an interesting variety that is twice as wide as it is tall with a nice blue-gray color. It was initially collected on Mt. Rainier in Washington state by Elsie Frye in about 1940. 3-6" $15.95


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